Design one-room apartment 36 square meters. m - interior

Interior of a one-room apartment of 36 sq m

The usual, standard layout of a one-room apartment is rarely pleased with thoughtfulness and convenience, forcing new settlers from the first days to think about redevelopment, how to arrange furniture correctly, to have everything enough space, and the home was cozy and did not look too crowded. Make a small odnushku cozy nest is not easy, if you want to fit the bedroom and living room in one room. Sometimes it is just necessary to place an additional child room in the same room. That all inhabitants of the apartment comfortably settled on 36 square meters. m., it is worth thinking about the ways of zoning, the colors of the design of each of the parts, the options for visual expansion of the dwelling.

If you do not want to get rid of the dividing wall, you should pay attention to various variations in zoning, visual expansion of the area, choice of furniture, competent arrangement.

Clock on the wall Closet in the interior  Bedroom behind the partition  Workplace in the closet  Mirror above the table  Red curtains in the interior

Rules and zoning options

The methods of differentiation depend on which zones should be separated from each other. If the living room and bedroom are divided, the following options are suitable:

  • Separate the sleeping area with curtains;
  • Separate individual parts of the dwelling using a rack;
  • Zoning by a partition.

Zoning one-room apartment 36 sq m

When dividing the kitchen from the living room in the studio, the role of the delimiter will perfectly play a bar counter, a dining table or a sliding partition.

The combination of a gray sofa and a red wall  Living room with a working place  Yellow sofa in the interior  Partition between bedroom and living room  Orange accents in the gray interior

Bed behind the curtain

A simple and low-cost option for zoning a bedroom is to separate the bed with a curtain. It will only be necessary to buy special rails to which the curtains will be attached, and install them on the ceiling. The installation of rails is not possible on stretch ceilings, but there is another option for placing curtains: you will need to install the supports on which cornices are attached.

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A bed with a curtain in a one-room apartment of 36 sq m

Use of screens, shelves and small partitions

For the purposes of zonal division odnushki different objects are used - racks, screens, partitions. Partitions can be sliding, made of wood, metal or glass. One-room apartments of a small area, if necessary space division, the glass sliding partition with matt elements is the best. Such a decision turns a one-room dwelling into a two-piece house, and if you separate only the bedroom in this way, when you combine the living-room with the kitchen, you will get a little girl. If only formal separation is required, racks or low partitions, which can be made of any material - wood, plastic, brick, particle board, etc. - are ideal. This separation is convenient for the use of separating elements as an additional storage location.

Partition in a one-room apartment 36 sq m Photo wallpapers in the interior  Corner sofa in the interior  Workplace by the window  Table and sofa in front of the TV  Bedroom on the podium

Color palette for registration

It is desirable that the design of a one-room apartment of 36 square meters. m contained light, "not pressing" tones. The entire interior in one color scheme looks unnecessarily boring without the addition of color accents. Accents can be bright colored decorative cushions, pictures, family photos within, small items - indoor flowers, wall clocks. An excellent accent will be panoramic wallpapers. An example of the correct design can serve as a Scandinavian style - here there always prevails a white color and its shades, but such a design project does not look monotonous at all. From the same series of loft style - it can combine minimalism with modern style of decoration. Although usually the loft is accompanied by interior decoration of gray or orange bricks, in modern houses, when decorating residential areas with a small footage of the wall, they are often decorated with light decorative panels that mimic bricks.

One bedroom apartment of 36 sq m in light colors Pendant lamps near the bed  Shelf on the wall above the couch  Interior with a partition of shelves  Lamp in the headboard  Bright shutters on the window

Using the space of the balcony

The area of ​​the balconies is rather modest, often does not exceed 4 square meters. m, but in a small one-bedroom apartment every meter on the account. The balcony can be glazed, after having arranged on it an additional storage place - to establish cabinets, shelves, in which everything that was not found in the apartment would be stored. If you insulate the balcony and demolish the partition, additional residential meters will appear, on which you can arrange an additional place for rest, putting a sofa or a pair of armchairs with a coffee table, or you can organize a study in the new square. Do not necessarily demolish the entire wall - it is enough to remove the balcony doors with windows, in this case there is a low dividing wall. At the same time, it is an additional storage place, which will perfectly look pots with fresh flowers or books. If the family has a child, a student, it will perfectly accommodate the workplace for him.

Studio apartment 36 sq m with balcony Chain on chain  Wood on the walls  Flowers on the shelves  Shelves above the desk  Cabinet on the balcony

Selection of folding and modular furniture

Interior designers have long used this method of saving space as folding or modular furniture. An example is a folding sofa: in the afternoon it is an ordinary piece of furniture in the living room, and at night, becoming a bed, becomes a bed, transforming the room into a bedroom. For those who do not want to lay out / fold the sofa daily, they come up with folding beds. In the daytime it is a simple closet, and after sunset its doors open and a bed appears. There are folding bunk beds - a great option to save square meters and the organization of beds for two people. Mechanisms of folding beds are convenient in use: they allow you to turn the living room into a bedroom in a matter of seconds, without having to move furniture.

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Modular furniture in an apartment of 36 sq m Searchlights on the wall  Photo on the wall in the living room  Vase with a dry flower on the floor  Watch over the chest of drawers  Lockers along the wall

"Destructive" way - re-planning in an apartment studio

The demolition of the wall between the hall and the kitchen is the simplest and at the same time the most difficult way of expanding the space of the 36-meter long odnushki. Simplicity consists in the absence of the need to invent variations to fit everything in one small room, and the complexity - in the design of documents (re-planning must be made in the BTI). Demolition of the wall will not add square meters (if it is not a carrier, then it is thin enough), but it will make it easier to place furniture, then there will be more places visually. This method is suitable for young childless couples or a non-family person, after re-planning the apartment becomes a studio. Studio apartment is stylish, practical and modern.

Studio apartment 36 sq m Bronze chandeliers in a light interior  Light furniture in the kitchen  Gray sofa in white interior  Wood in the interior of the living room  The combination of a dark apron and white furniture

Methods for visual expansion of space

The most famous options for visual expansion of the room:

  1. Bright hues. The room with dark wallpaper and the floor always looks smaller than a room of the same size in light colors. Dark colors "press" psychologically, compress space. By rule, the walls should be much lighter than the floor, but a little lighter than the ceiling. So the walls "expand", the ceiling will visually be higher. You can not allow a combination of dark walls with a lighter floor and ceiling.
  2. In a small room it is undesirable to use more than 3 primary colors. If a lot of basic colors are used in small-footage apartments, the interior will be disjointed and will not be able to "form" organically into one whole. It is not recommended to use a wallpaper with a large pattern that visually reduces the size of the room.
  3. With a small area you can not use large decor elements (floor vases, figurines, etc.), it is better to fill the square meters with furniture, and as a decor use small items placed on shelves or wall paintings.
  4. Mirror will help visually make the apartment more, you just need to place it correctly. It is recommended to install the mirror in such a way that it reflects only the rest area, but not the working part of the dwelling.
  5. The doors-coupe or the accordion just fit perfectly into the design of the apartment in thirty-six square meters. You can buy glass, fully transparent or translucent doors.

Visual expansion of the space of a one-room apartment of 36 sq m Orange wall in the interior  Bright chair by the table  Lamps over the sofa  Contrast picture on a beige wall  TV in the niche

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Effective arrangement of the kitchen area

A small kitchen of 5-6 square meters does not allow to accommodate a full-fledged dining group, so many homeowners unite it with a living room. Although such a move will not allow you to fit a full dining table without harming the rest of the zones, when you join the kitchen and the living room, there are more opportunities for organizing space. Having installed a bar counter, the owner of the house catches two birds with one stone: the stand separates the kitchen from the hall, serves as a place for a meal and a working surface at the same time. After installing a small vertical cabinet under the counter, there will be an additional storage space.

Kitchen area in one-room apartment 36 sq m

In 5 squares it is possible to equip almost high-grade kitchen. In order to provide sufficient space for storing food, dishes and various small kitchen appliances, it is best to make a kitchen set to order, you can design your headset yourself, based on personal preferences. With a competent approach, the entire small area is optimized, becoming comfortable for cooking and eating. A large table in such a square can not accommodate, but it will perfectly fit a folding or folding table that folds during cooking and decomposes to a meal. Stacking stools can be purchased instead of chairs. They can easily be stacked on top of each other, so they will take up only one stool instead of 4 or 6.

Loft style interior Pots of flowers on the wall  Refrigerator by the window  Glass table by the couch  Beams on the ceiling  Orchid on the table

The second tier in a small apartment is a rational solution

In apartments with high ceilings, it is possible to take a part of the residential area to the second level. Usually there is a berth at the top, but if desired, you can arrange a dressing room or any other functional part on the upper level.

The second level in a one-room apartment of 36 sq m

Have a second tier, usually above the working area. To get to the top, the usual staircase is used. It is not necessary to take a sleeper to the "second floor", to save the "squares" it is enough to raise the bed on the "podium", under which the boxes for storing things will be placed.

Armchair by the window Bedroom above the kitchen  Candlestick on the floor  Dining room under the bedroom  White floor mat  Bedroom on the second level


Bathrooms rarely have a large square, and often the bathroom is combined, and there is not a free centimeter, even to install a washing machine. To help come a few interesting tricks:

  1. Place the sink over the washing machine. A washing machine should be chosen so that it is comfortable to use the sink.
  2. A tall narrow cabinet will occupy a minimum of space, while it will accommodate all shampoos and shower gels, and on the lower shelves you can store household chemicals.
  3. Light colors, mirrors and gloss will help to make the bathroom visually more spacious.

Bathroom в однокомнатной квартире 36 кв м Our backlit wall  Towel dryer on the wall  Washing machine next to the shower  Mirror over the sink  Mosaic on the walls


As it turned out, to place all necessary (and even more) in the apartment of 36 "squares" is quite possible. A competent approach and attention to detail will turn any room into a comfortable, cozy, subdivided into zones housing. Examples of organization and optimization of space - a large number, you just need to choose the right one.

Apron of blue tiles in the kitchen  Table with a laptop on the wall  Rug in the form of a skin by the bed  Aquarium in the interior  Gray kitchen with black apron