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Bathroom design with window

The bathroom window is a modern trendy trend, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views while taking a bath. Allow themselves such luxury can only owners of their own country cottages or apartments of improved planning.

  1. Possibility of additional ventilation. If the window faces the street, additional ventilation during the reception of a hot bath or shower will greatly improve the comfort for the bathing. The air from the street will ventilate the bathroom from excess moisture and enrich it with freshness and oxygen. However, the window that opens into the kitchen, if you change the original dull wooden to the plastic opening, will also help create an additional air exchange.
  2. Increase in illumination. With a large window, you can practice hygiene in the morning and afternoon in natural light. Not only can it save a lot of energy in this way, the relaxing effect of the bath in natural light is much more pronounced than with a sharp electric light. In small bathrooms 3,5-4 sq.m. (there are even such), even a small window to the kitchen plays a big role in natural light.
  3. The increase in the space of the room is no secret that the better the room is lit, the more spacious it seems, which is especially important for bathrooms that are combined with a toilet.
  4. On the windowsill, you can arrange multi-level ornamental plants, which require high humidity for growth.
  5. A special design of the window in the bathroom will help create a unique style of design.

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Forms and sizes

The location of the windows in the bathroom of a suburban private house depends only on your taste and desires. It is necessary to plan everything during the design and laying of the foundation.

From the location of the window depends on the performance of the main functions - ventilation and lighting. Effective ventilation of the premises will provide only a window located at a height of not less than 1.7 meters. Thanks to this arrangement, the ceiling will effectively be blown, which will exclude the appearance of mold.

The window in the bathroom can be of different shapes:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • narrow lancet (as a rule, these windows are made two or three in a row);
  • oval;
  • arched type.
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Particularly impressive are large rectangular windows from floor to ceiling. Of course, you can realize such a project only in your own house or in elite urban apartments of a large area. The bathroom in such apartments can reach 10 and more square meters. If the window faces a crowded street, and the accommodation itself is located either on low floors, or practically opposite another residential building, then a small window should be preferred.

Round and arched windows will look good in bathrooms in classic style or in small rooms. Rounded smooth firms will help to create a cosiness in the rooms or in the marine styles of decoration will play the role of a porthole.

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Plumbing Location

Separately, it is worth mentioning the choice of plumbing in the presence of a window in the bathroom. It's no secret that today you can choose the most diverse in form and design of plumbing. A successful solution will be the coincidence of the geometric shapes of the bathroom, shower and other plumbing with a window. Rectangular, oval, round baths will look harmonious in combination with similar lines of windows, forming a perfect space.

Particular attention in the presence of a window in the bathroom should be given to the location of sanitary ware. The bath should be some distance from the possible draft. In addition, you need to leave a free passage to the window, so it is easier to manage it and carry out its care. If you put a bath near the window, a decorative screen can protect the glass from splashing.

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At the window you can place a washbasin - it does not interfere with access, and brushing your teeth, looking at urban or rural landscapes is twice as pleasant. A good option is to cut the sink into the sill. Under one tabletop, you can place a cabinet and washing machine, and on top place a desk mirror and makeup. Thanks to this arrangement, cosmetics can be applied in daylight.

Cozy bathroom in a light decor

Choice of colors

If initially the window was set to transparent, and the decision to cover the visibility came during operation, you can cover the bottom of the window yourself with a variety of toning films. There are films that just lightly protect the room from light, and there is a mirror effect that completely hide the indoors from extraneous views, yet providing an excellent view from the inside.

Small window in the bathroom White tile in the bathroom  Round bathroom in the room with window  White shutters in the bathroom  Corner bathroom  Luxury curtains in the bathroom

Toning films are offered in different colors today: yellow, red, blue, so it's easy to find the one you like.

Glass decoration

An important task is to decorate the glass. Often it pursues two goals - stylistic design and ensuring proper privacy. Of course, if you are sure that no one will disturb your privacy, you can leave the window completely transparent. The decor will not prevent the sun from entering the bathroom and will not close the view of the surrounding view.

In other cases, the choice of decor options is large enough. Original and effective will look like a window with multi-colored stained glass in the Art Nouveau style. The disadvantage of this design is that the colored glass will prevent the penetration of sunlight.

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Roman curtains on the window in the bathroom Bathroom in Art Nouveau style  Bathroom layout with window  Combined bathroom with window  Stylish design of the bathroom  Decor bath with a tree

Many choose the matting of the window glass to a height of about a meter - one and a half from the floor. Such a height of matting will help to protect the receiving bath from the views of casual passers-by, will not interfere with the arrival of sunlight, but will slightly restrict the view from the window, leaving an excellent opportunity to admire the beautiful sky.

For glazing the bathroom you can use sandblasted and tinted glass or glass with a corrugated surface. Panoramic windows can be divided by bindings for the design of the opening in the Baroque, Gothic, Art Nouveau styles. For such decor, you can use special decorative patches on the glass, simulating the usual window frames.

Window above the bathroom Window unbuttoned in the bathroom  Brown Blinds in the Bathroom  Bright bathroom with window  Beautiful furniture in the bathroom  Original bathroom decor with window

Window decoration, going to the toilet or kitchen

Happy owners of the window leaving the bath in the kitchen do not have to immediately put it, but you can leave it just as a highlight of the interior. To do this, you can contact the company for the production of windows and order the size of the window opening of PVC dull or opening. A small window in the bathroom can be beaten as a window in the cabin of the ship or simply beat in the process of subsequent decoration, using a small decorative window sill under the ceiling for trinkets with marine themes: large shells, dried sea stars,

Bright lighting in the bathroom with window

Many decide to lay this window to create an additional niche in the bathroom for the storage of bathing accessories. To make out the back panel of a niche it is possible by means of photoobes or simply to lay tile in a tone of a premise. However, it is possible simply to carry out a capital repair such a window with a brick on the entire width of the niche so that it does not interfere with the facing of the room with tiles or panels.

Bathroom in the attic in a private house Sink at the window in the bathroom  Stylish round window in the bathroom  Panoramic view from the bathroom  Green textiles in the bathroom  Curtains in the bathroom with window

Tips for decorating a window overlooking the street

There are several options for functional window decoration:

Roll or Roman blindsSuch curtains-blinds are easy to install, they are easy to use and easy to match in accordance with style preferences.
Fabric curtainsIt is necessary to give preference to materials treated with moisture-repellent impregnation.
Blinds of different materialsImpregnated fabrics made of bamboo, plastic, metal. Blinds are harmoniously combined with many modern styles of interior, allow you to adjust the degree of transmitted sunlight, convenient to operate.
Wooden shuttersTreated moisture-repellent impregnation, create a feeling of security in the bathroom and block the way to bright sunlight, keeping the ventilation.

Bathroom in a classic style

Stylistic bath solutions with window

You can decorate almost any style of interior:

  1. For a classical bath, rounded windows with curtains in classical style will do.
  2. For minimalism, traditionally used white blinds or laconic rolls, Roman blinds
  3. For baths in a luxurious oriental style and in an unusual art nouveau, the interior of the mosaic and stained glass windows will fit nicely.
  4. If the bath is framed in the usual modern style of the type of Contemporary, the windows with roller blinds will perfectly fit here.
  5. For Chinese-style bathtubs or simply with wooden furniture, wooden shutters are suitable.
  6. For the village styles, the ideal solution is to decorate the windows with green decorative plants of different heights.
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Do not forget that the design of windows should be combined with the color of the flooring or walls, furniture or sanitary ware.

Features of the bathroom in Khrushchev

The windows in the apartments of the Soviet period of construction - not only in the Khrushchev, but also in stalinkas and kirovki, were designed to increase the degree of illumination in the bathroom during the day. The bath in the Khrushchev could be only 3 sq. M. In size, and in the early stalins - the kirovki and the bath was not installed at all, and there was only a washbasin and toilet in the room. In new apartments such an element of design is no longer met and its functionality - a controversial issue. Typically, such windows people pawned in the 80-90's. But if you entered the apartment and there is such a window, it can be improved by something.

Small window in the bathroom

Economical option with window sewing and creating a niche we reviewed above. But some craftsmen go further - they on the contrary expand this window and insert stained glass into it, while decorating both the interior of the kitchen and the bath. If the septum material allows, the window opening can be expanded considerably to a quarter of the wall and insert a window of glass blocks - thus increasing the illumination of the bathroom and preserving the necessary privacy.

Modern bathroom with a square window Yellow tile in the bathroom with window  Black tile in the bathroom with window  Oriental bathroom decor  Large bathroom with window  Bathroom in the style of a chic chic

Falsh window

The creation of a false window (imitation of the present) will make it possible to change the interior unrecognizably. The most common ways to create a simulation are:

  • Wall-papers;
  • mirror glass;
  • frosted glass with illumination;
  • stained glass or fusing.

Harmoniously in the bathroom will look a round false window window. If you install a backlight behind the false glass, the bathtub will look more comfortable. Wall-paper - the most budgetary, but impractical variant: in due course they can be peeled off from differences of temperature and humidity.

Bathroom interior in baroque style Compact bathroom in the house  Spacious bathroom in the house  Corner window in the bathroom  Bathroom in vintage style  Shower room with large window

Change the purpose of the window

From the window you can make just a convenient functional area:

  1. In the created niche, you can put glass shelves with lighting, and if you extend it to the floor, then you can place a bidet or installation for a hanging toilet.
  2. If you are not an advocate of open storage, you can cover the niche with hinged doors, so you get a locker for storage.
  3. Effectively in the niche will look a mirror with a backlight, under which you can put a sink.
  4. If you plan to install a warm floor, then in a niche you can place a collector cabinet. However, this place is suitable for placing meters and decoupling pipes.
  5. In principle, a niche can simply be decorated with decorative purposes: a panel with a painting or three-dimensional panels will help create a special mood in the bathroom.

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The window in the bathroom is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for people creative, creative, loving non-standard ideas and their solutions. You can beat in the design a window of any shape and any size and even a corner, wherever it goes - to the street or to the kitchen.