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Bathroom Design Project

Repair is a grandiose change for any apartment. If earlier it was possible to be limited to simple furnish and standard registration now to an interior began to concern much more demanding. To create a unique design, many hire professionals. When the budget does not allow it to be done, or it would be desirable to independently implement their ideas, they start to create the project independently.

Yellow backlight in the bathroom Design project of a small bathroom Bathroom Design Project комнаты с окном Bathroom in green colors Bathroom Design Project TV above the bathroom

Before starting to create a sketch plan for the future of the interior, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances:

  • Depending on the color palette, spatial perception will change. Do not recommend using dark shades in small rooms.
  • When decorating the bathroom is not advised to use natural wood. Material road and looks great in classic interiors, but chronically high humidity surfaces will rapidly deteriorate, and sometimes even lose its shape. If, however, it needs solid wood, it should be treated with a special compound that "clog" the pores and prevent the ingress of water into them for a while.
  • Optimal choice is the choice of stretch ceiling. Since the room is located in the "risk zone" of flooding by neighbors from the top, with a similar catastrophe the canvas simply bends, but does not let water pass, which will save the finish.
  • If the room is very small, then choose a bath "corner." So it will be possible to save scarce space.
  • When finishing the bath with tiles, be sure to leave a small door that will give access to the "internals" of the unit when it breaks down.
  • Do not place the heated towel rail directly behind the door.
  • The height of the shell is selected in accordance with the growth of each member of the family. If the house has kids, then specially for them you can provide a room with a stand.

Round mirror above the sink

Acrylic baths due to their fragility must be further strengthened by a strong frame. As for tile, it is better to buy it with a margin. Regardless of the type of layout at the end of the rows, pieces will have to be filed. Perhaps the remaining fragments can be adapted to other places, but more often they remain unspent.

In very sad situations, when every centimeter on the account, the entrance doors to the room can be made sliding.

Bright bathroom Minimalism в дизайне ванной комнаты Bathroom with two washbasins Bathroom in turquoise colors Purple Bathroom Bathroom by the window

Zoning Space

The issue of zoning the room occurs in spacious rooms and in standard combined bathrooms. Toilet for hygienic and aesthetic purposes must be separated from the rest of the bathroom. In spacious rooms, the shower booth, that is, the area for quick washing, is also delimited from the bath or Jacuzzi, which is a relaxation zone. Also, with the help of competent zoning space can be visually increased. As the simplest delimiter is the curtain. This conditional obstruction is easily eliminated and does not add tightness in small rooms.

Bathroom with mirrors

As an option, you can use mobile screens (relevant for Japanese style and minimalism) or light partitions of plasterboard. In this case, it is impossible to install such false walls from the ceiling and to the floor, as they will crush the room. The optimum height is 1.3-1.5 m.

Design selection

The design of the room is a combination of decoration and interior filling in the form of furniture and decor. Of course, first of all, you need to decide on a stylistic decision. From the choice of direction depends on the type of materials, color palette, arrangement of furniture and decoration of the room. Bathroom can be a continuation of the overall stylistic concept, which is embodied in the whole apartment, or have an individual design design. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of your project, you need to visualize it. Fortunately, now do not have to suffer with sketches and drawings on paper, because there are special planners. These programs either are installed on a computer, or work online, while saving data in the cloud. Among the simplest visualizers that are suitable for beginners, celebrate 3D Studio MAX, Sweet Home 3D, Apartama and FloorPlan 3D.

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Design project of a small bathroom White color in bathroom design Yellow and white in the design of the bathroom White tile in the bathroom Bathroom in the center of the room  Black color in the design of the bathroom

Choice of sanitary engineering

When selecting plumbing, you need to take into account a number of generally accepted rules:

  • Sewer and water pipes are best hidden in the floor or outside the walls. Open communications will clutter up the space and will not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • If there is not enough space, and only the shower can not be limited, then the output will be a hydrobox. It is massive, but multifunctional.
  • Place your bet on compactness, so pay attention to the options with the angular arrangement of the sink and bath. Shower room is also recommended to install on the joint of two walls.
  • If there is no possibility to equip a full-fledged storage system, then you can use the useful space under the sink. More space will release the overhead model, which looks stylish and modern.

Style laxheri in the design of the bathroom

Of course, plumbing is not worth saving. The more quality the equipment will be, the less often it will be necessary to contact the master for breakdowns. By the way, material for a faucet, faucet, tub and shower legs is also selected for a stylistic concept. In the classical design use brass and bronze, and for high-tech steel is suitable.

Contrast coloring of the wall in the bathroom Bathroom, built in the floor  Decorating the bathroom with wallpapers The option of zoning space in the bathroom Modern стиль ванной комнаты

Lighting and mirrors

Mirror is a must for the bathroom. Traditionally it is placed above the sink. However, recently there has been a tendency to break stereotypes, so in addition to the standard option, the room can be equipped with mirror surfaces in the shower area or opposite the bath. Central ceiling lighting in the room is mandatory. To highlight the functional areas use local lamps, sconces and light bulbs. By the way, cartridges should be securely sealed, so you need to purchase appliances specifically designed for bathrooms with additional protection against moisture. The original solution will be mirrors with built-in lighting. With such an interior element, you do not need to install traditional paired sconces on the sides.

Black walls in the bathroom Plants in the bathroom interior  Green and white bathroom Bathroom in pink colors Lighting in the bathroom Purple bathroom in the center of the room

In continuation of the theme of the destruction of stereotypes, it is necessary to mention the creative variant - illumination without a mirror. In this case, the wall is decorated with a blank inside a dummy frame, along the perimeter of which there are built-in light bulbs.

Eco-friendly bathroom


"Wet" rooms are prohibited to increase at the expense of the residential area of ​​the apartment, but you can use the pantry or part of the corridor. The redevelopment of this room is rarely resorted to, since small bathrooms usually have small flats where there is no free space for their expansion. Much more often the bathrooms are combined and separate (bath + sink and toilet). In the housing legislation, such actions are not prohibited. If the owners do not want to start a full-scale restructuring, then you can do with decorative partitions. Coordination with the Housing Inspectorate for such actions is not required. The plasterboard wall will solve the zoning problem and at the same time it can be built in just one day.

Built-in shower with glass door Tan in the design of the bathroom Decorative tree in the bathroom Modern дизайн ванной комнаты с выходом на балкон Gray-white bathroom False in the bathroom

Color solutions and finishing methods

Traditionally, the floor and walls in the bathroom are tiled. This option is still optimal. The tile has strength, is not sensitive to mechanical damage, household chemicals and high humidity. The range of tiles allows you to choose any shade, print or pattern, and its smooth surface reflects light and visually increases the space, which is beneficial for small rooms. There are a lot of options for laying out the tile, which makes it possible to create a unique "pattern". In small rooms it is advised not to use large prints, but to dwell on a combination of two shades. The spacious bathrooms allow the use of complex mosaic patterns. As already mentioned above, the ceiling is better to choose tension. As for the color gamut, there is only one rule here: pastel colors are suitable for small spaces, and their combination with dark shades is optimal for large rooms.

Unusual bathroom design project Beige tones in the bathroom Blue shades in the bathroom design Blue in the design of the bathroom Marble in bathroom decoration Black washbasin in the bathroom

Bathroom design 4 sq. M. m

Bathroom area of ​​4 square meters. m is considered a tiny option, but it's not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of creating a comfortable and stylish interior. Unfortunately, such luxury, as a washing machine, will have to be hidden under the sink. This will deprive the owners of one place for storing things and household appliances. But do not despair, since you can install a system of narrow shelves on the sides of the doorway. From the bathtub is better to refuse and choose a compact shower. The smooth, rounded line of its facade will give the room "softness". To visually enlarge the room it is recommended to use a light tile in combination with mirror fragments.

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Horizontal stripes in the bathroom design Yellow and chocolate in bathroom design Small bathroom Blue in the bathroom interior  White plumbing in bathroom design Comfortable bathroom

Bathroom design 6 sq. M. m

6 sq. M. m - a small area of ​​the bathroom, which is often found in typical Khrushchev. Communication is recommended to be hidden behind a false panel, the top of which serves as a convenient shelf for bottles and bottles. A stylish overhead sink will save space and allow you to equip the storage system under the countertop. In this room you can use both a shower room and a full bath. The original solution will be decorative niches with narrow shelves right in the wall. In a small room the toilet is not recommended to be separated from the rest of the room, as zoning can visually reduce the space.

Luxury and simplicity in the design of the bathroom Red Bathroom  Rectangular mirror above the sink in the bathroom Paintings on the wall in the bathroom Decorative wall decoration in the bathroom in the form of honeycomb Bathroom Lighting Option

It is admissible to use an exclusively decorative partition of tempered glass, which will organically join minimalism and high-tech. A two-level ceiling with illumination around the perimeter will make the room more light and cozy.

Brown Bathroom Finishing of bathroom tiles for wood and marble Bathroom design in black with white floor Plum in the bathroom design Spacious bathroom in black and beige colors Cell in bathroom design

Design project of a bathroom with a shower cabin

Shower cabins have become a real salvation for owners of small bathrooms. This unit saves water, frees usable area, has an aesthetically attractive look and allows us to comfortably take water procedures with all sorts of curative effects (we are talking about a wide range of functions). Manufacturers try to create original shower enclosures that seamlessly flow into various stylistic compositions. By type of construction they are divided into open and closed. The first kind assumes constant wetting of a floor around the unit, therefore its additional isolation is required. Closed showers are a compact cabin with airtight doors. The variety of shapes (rectangle, triangle, quarter of a circle, pentagon, complex asymmetric variants) allows to choose the optimal unit that will fit into any part of the room. Of course, the presence of a shower does not exclude the installation of a bath, but such a design project is only suitable for spacious rooms that are usually found in private homes.

Bathroom with shower Shower room in bathroom design  The option of placing a shower in the bathroom Small bathroom с душевой кабинкой  Stool near the bathroom  Blue in the bathroom design

Choice of furniture, decor and accessories

The furniture should be compact and compact. In small rooms, it is recommended to use open storage systems if they are supposed to be placed above eye level. Furniture is recommended to choose from imitation wood, plastic with details of metal or stone. These materials with dignity carry features of "wet" rooms. Decorative elements in such premises are used little, and ornaments usually perform also a practical function. It is desirable that stands for cups with toothbrushes, soap dishes, holders for towels and paper, the shells of wall sconces were made of metal.

Red, white and black in the design of the bathroom Bordeaux in Design Bathroom with armchair Romantic lighting in the bathroom Suspended toilet bowl Bathroom furniture

Design projects in different styles

Stylistic diversity can turn a head to a beginner designer. When choosing you need to rely solely on your own taste preferences. The most popular destinations include ageless classics, versatile ethnicity, high-tech hi-tech, laconic minimalism and expensive, but natural eco-style. Let's talk in more detail about the concept of each option.

Bathroom of unusual shape Black-gray bathroom Pink tones in bathroom design Bathroom with a big mirror on the wall Black tile in the bathroom Bathroom in a private house


The bathroom in the classical style dazzles the gilded surfaces. This direction is characterized by the use of mirrors in massive frames, furniture from light wood shades and crystal chandeliers for several light bulbs. For finishing choose a large tile, imitating a marble pattern. It is combined with a tile, on the surface of which intricate patterns and floral ornaments are depicted. The basis of the color range is pastel shades and browns. The walls are additionally decorated with a series of classic paintings, landscapes, still lifes.

Bathroom in a classic style

Country Style

The bathroom in country style is finished with wood and stone. The second option is preferable, since the material is durable and less sensitive to increased humidity. Furniture is made of wood with rough surface treatment. It is desirable that the shade of wood coincides with the color of the window frame and the doorway. The original solution will be the installation of false beams on the ceiling. In the decor, forged elements and parts from brass prevail. Bath is better to choose a classic with elegant legs. Shower cabins can also be written in light country style, but it is desirable that they were made of glass, which will enter neutrally into the overall interior composition.

Bathroom in country style

Ethnic style

Ethnic style включает в себя целую группу направлений, которые географически привязаны к конкретной местности. К примеру, русский колорит можно передать с помощью грубо обработанного дерева или имитации бруса, как в традиционных банях. Поверхность керамической плитки украшают «расписные» узоры, а светлый пол застилают домотканым половичком. Этника классифицируется на три типа:

  1. Authentic. The interior is created as close as possible to a specific situation. A careful selection of parts and accessories is made.
  2. Mix Ethnic mixing is a potpourri from several interior concepts, characteristic for different countries. In this case, it is important that the individual parts are combined with each other.
  3. Accent ethnics. Stylistic features embody on a neutral background (minimalism, modern style).
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Optimal ethnic direction for those who love travel and exotic.

Bathroom in ethnic style


Modern стиль лаконичен и рационален. Это направление идеально для оформления маленьких ванных комнат. В основе цветовой гаммы всегда используется белый. Его комбинируют с нейтральными светлыми оттенками и тонами коричневого или серого. В целом палитра получается спокойной и слегка «стерильной». Чтобы подчеркнуть особенности интерьера на потолке обязательно устанавливают декоративное освещение из точечных светильников. Вышеупомянутые зеркала с подсветкой идеально вписываются в концепцию современного стиля. При этом освещение подбирается холодное. В отделке пола и стен используют кафель. Потолок устанавливают натяжного типа. Можно использовать наливной пол, который по прочности может поспорить с бетоном.

Finishing of the shower wall with mosaic

High tech

High tech во многом похож на современный стиль, но имеет ряд черт, характерных только для него. В цветовой гамме также превалирует белый, но с добавлением темных акцентов (черный, синий, красный, лиловый). Аксессуары поблескивают холодным «хромом». Оригинальным решением станет отделка акцентной стены (где зеркало и раковина) имитацией кирпичной кладки со стальной, зеркальной поверхностью. В этом стиле часто применяют предметы нестандартных, футуристичных форм. В просторных ванных комнатах пол отделывают плиткой черного цвета, которая будет контрастировать со светлыми стенами, мебелью и добавит ощущение «бездонности» в помещении.

Bathroom in high-tech style

A stylish decorative element in the room will be a vase with artificial twigs or exotic flowers on thin, long legs. The same decoration can be placed in a modern bathroom.

Wall bracket in the bathroom Golden Top Bathroom Bathroom in a modern apartment Gilding in bathroom design Blue tile in the bathroom Two mirrors on the wall in the bathroom


In the laconic bath use only a functional minimum. Large fragments of ceramic tiles of light shades (without drawings) alternate with a tile, the surface of which simulates a polished stone. The interior uses closed storage systems. The decor uses metal and tempered glass. Following the main principle of minimalism "nothing superfluous", you can visually enlarge the room. A stylish addition will be a vase with fresh flowers or a house plant in a pot. Greens bright spot will stand out on a neutral finish background. A washbasin, a bath and a toilet are chosen exclusively white.

Minimalism в дизайне ванной

Oriental styles

The bathroom in the oriental style is finished with a tile with a thematic pattern: floral ornament from complex interlacing. In the interior must combine different patterns. On the floor lay a "mat" of ceramic tiles. To emphasize the color of the East, instead of the usual shell, use a large bowl decorated with paintings. In the color scheme, pastel colors and light brown prevail. On their background, blue, blue, purple and gray are used in the patterns. If there is such a possibility, a decorative niche is built over the bathroom, the top of which has the form of a classical eastern arch (with an elongated tip in the center). For zoning use forged partitions.

Bathroom in oriental style

Eco style

Only natural materials are used in the eco-bath. Usually it is a stone in combination with wood, glass and metal. Eco-interiors have a special warmth, which they attach to plants. The original solution will be the planting of weaving lianas on either side of the mirror, which will create a solid green wall. The basis of the color composition is white, brown and green in accents. In this style, the use of a forest landscape on the surface of the shower curtain or on the accent wall is permissible. A sink is used out of a stone. Storage systems are made of wood. A stylish element will be the installation of a pile of stones or their imitation in one of the corners. Cobbles can also be placed in a glass vessel. A creative bath in the form of a hammock will complete the interior composition.

Wooden curbstone under the sink in the bathroom High tech в дизайне ванной комнаты The design variant of the bathroom design in orange tones Towel on the bathroom Stylish bathroom solution Bathroom in modern style


For those who feel it is too difficult to create a design project, there are special companies where professionals are ready to perform this work for a fee. Inspired by ready-made interiors can be on the Internet or on the pages of thematic magazines. Do not make repairs without having a clear plan and a specific goal. Of course, in the course of the process, many things can change, but a sketch with calculations on the consumption of materials must necessarily be ready by the time of dismantling the old plumbing.