Washing machine under the sink in the bathroom - interesting

An excellent solution for a small bathroom is the assembly of the sink over the washing machine. So you can save space in the room, because it will combine the two most important components.


Table of contents of the article:

  • disadvantages
  • Height of elements
  • Selecting a sink
  • The appearance of the lily shells.
  • Assembly of the sink over the washing machine
  • How to make a sink over the styralka.
  • Conditions for installing a water lily siphon.
  • Photo of the washing machine under the sink


1) Small bathrooms are the main disadvantage of Russian apartments. But you do not need to rearrange this element in another room. This task is easy to solve. You just need to put the "washer" under a special shell, which is created for such use;


2) A peculiar siphon. In a complex with plumbing it is not delivered;

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3) The unique structure of the plum. It is located horizontally and according to purpose to the wall. This will lead to clogging. There is a possibility that after installation, it will begin to hinder a little. Opening the hatch, you need a little room.


Positive moments of the sink over the washing machine:

1) The economy of the square.

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2) Making the individual. Special shells can be ordered in any color and shape.


Height of elements

The height should be selected, focusing on the growth of a person. The perfect level of height is 80 cm. The height of the "washers" is mostly 65 cm. At the same time it is worth making a small "stock", because the element called "shell" will not adjoin tightly.

________ sink-over-washing machine-successfully-fit-in-interior-small-room

Selecting a sink

This is not suitable for conventional species with a concave bottom, t. the structure is very high, unattractive, and the structure of the sink will not allow to cross two elements correctly. For this, there is a special section of the shells of the "water lily". This shell is almost flat, its depth is less than 20 cm. There are manufacturers who will make everything to order. You can also put the cabinet under the washing machine with a sink, this also needs to be taken into account before installation. Small bathroom 3 m²: 70 photos, ideas for lay-out and design


The main thing when installing is a drain, it can be placed horizontally or vertically to the wall. The drain must not have contact with the "stiralku", as it will lead to electric shocks. Putting a shell-lily, draining it should be placed in a horizontal position, going to the wall.


The appearance of the lily shells.

They can vary in shape. There are shells-water lilies orthogonal, square, semicircular, with a side tabletop under the sink and a washing machine. The worktop under the sink and the "stylalko" perfectly fits into the design.


Semicircular help to save space, because Round corners make more space their visualization. Sinks with a counter top under the washing machine have a lot of hygiene supplies.

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Assembly of the sink over the washing machine

There are 3 important rules:

1) parts of the sink and draining pipe do not have contact with the second element. And then there will be a short circuit and a strong vibration.

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2) A shell is forced to push forward slightly above the "stick". It is less likely that the water will fly to the second element.

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3) The cords should always be in safe insulation.

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How to make a sink over the styralka.

Everything can be done without the help of specialists and myself. First, brackets are attached to the wall, which will hold the sink.

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Before drilling into the wall, you need to calculate everything to the nearest centimeter. Next, you need to start fixing the brackets by placing a sink on them and also fixing it with a special hook that goes with the sink. The shell side, adjacent to the wall, must be sealed.


Conditions for installing a water lily siphon.

The siphon is fixed to the fixed sink. The elastic drain tube will be attached to the siphon of the washing machine, and at the top everything will be strengthened by the "clamp". Bathroom decoration with plastic panels - 70 photo ideas for bathroom design


The shell shares should not have contact with the "stylalki", tk. If there is vibration, the strength of the joints will be disturbed. After installation, you need to check whether everything is well fixed.

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Photo of the washing machine under the sink

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