Bathroom faucets - a variety of models and advice on

The choice of beautiful and reliable plumbing can be an interesting quest for the average person. Bathroom mixers, presented in store windows, can have the most exquisite design, but not be of high quality. In this article, we will look at the types of modern mixers, and also recommend reliable manufacturers. In the photo in the article we placed the variations of mixers that are in demand. This material should help you make a good choice.

Bathroom Faucets: choose a reliable mixer

The most durable are brass faucets for the bathroom. In order to avoid corrosion, the surface is covered with chrome, nickel or enamel.

Quite good is the sanitary ware of stainless steel, which can last up to half a century. But, most likely, during this time its design will become obsolete. In the manufacture of design models, materials such as cermets, glass, crystal and even wood can be used.

Bathroom fittings, photo 1Bathtub faucet with shower, Picture 2bath mixer tap, photo 3bath mixer device, photo 4

Bronze occupies a separate niche in plumbing equipment. Bathroom faucets made of bronze have high strength and golden shade, which harmoniously look in interiors made in classical or retro styles.

Bathroom fittings, bronze, photo 5Bathroom fittings, bronze, photo 6

Aluminum-silicone and plastic bathroom mixers are a cheaper option with low strength characteristics.

Types of mixer designs for the bathroom

By their design features, all faucets are divided into four main types. In order to make the right choice, we will acquaint ourselves with their basic characteristics.

Single lever bath mixer

Bath mixers, photos of which are presented in the article can have as a control mechanism one lever. Single lever bathroom faucets with a lever have a shower switching system, which is provided by the built-in button. The peculiarity of the device of this type is the presence in the internal equipment of the cartridge, which can be ceramic or ball.

The disadvantage of this design is the high demands on water quality. If the filtration of water is insufficient, the cartridge will clog and require cleaning or replacement.

good bathroom faucet, photo 7best bathroom faucets, photo 8

Bathroom faucet with two valves

Such cranes are familiar to everyone from childhood, but, nevertheless, they do not lose their popularity. In some cases, for example, when decorating a bathroom in neo-classical or retro styles, twin-tilt faucets, as shown in the photo, become one of the main figures. Inside it there is a small camera where, actually, mixing of water takes place.

bathroom faucets photo, photo 9Bathroom Faucet, Picture 10

Mixers with bath thermostat

In apartment buildings, there are often situations when, during the adoption of water procedures, there is a sharp decrease or increase in the pressure of water, which entails a change in the flow temperature. This causes discomfort and inconvenience, as it is necessary to regulate it anew. Mixers with bath thermostat cope with this problem. Such devices help to achieve a water supply of the same temperature as it was set, despite the pressure. Settings can be made once, while all settings are saved in the device.

Externally, thermostatic faucets for the bathroom, in practice, do not differ from the usual ones. The whole secret in the internal structure, namely, the presence of a valve with integrated plates, reacting to temperature changes.

taps with bath thermostat, photo 11taps with bath thermostat, photo 12

Bathroom faucets, non-contact

These mixers include infrared and sensory models. This, in a way, "electronic cranes", requiring power from the outlet, battery or battery. Non-contact bathroom faucets have sensors that respond to the presentation of hands under the spout. Special mechanisms bring the mixer into operation, and automatic water supply starts. Some models have a visible electronic display that displays the specified parameters. The non-contact bath mixer (photo of various models is in our catalog) has a rather beautiful aesthetic appearance, it is comfortable and convenient to use. In addition, compared to other types of mixers, consumes much less water.

Bathroom fittings, photo 13Bath mixer with shower, photo 14

Bathtub faucet: spout types

The outflows of mixers have different sizes and shapes, each of which has its own peculiarities. There are stationary and rotary structures, as well as design options that can bring to the interior a touch of elegance and originality.

Bath mixer with long spout

The most convenient model is a structure having a long spout, since such models can serve both the bath and the sink located near it. Thus, much money is saved for the purchase of a second mixer and the organization of pipes for it.

bath mixer with long spout, photo 15

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Bath mixer with short spout

The shape of a small spout is significantly "younger" than the previous model. It can be located above a small sink with narrow sides or a bath. Due to its design, such a bath mixer can create a strong water jet with minimal splashing. Often mixers of this form are mounted, directly, on the side of the bowl of the shell and bath.

bath mixer with a short spout, photo 16bath mixer with a short spout, photo 17

Bath mixer with cascade spout

The original design mixer is still unusual for us, the shape can give the interior a completely unique look. The main difference between cascade models is the presence of a wide and flat spout. Beauty is the main advantage of a bath mixer with a cascade spout, which is why it enjoys great sympathy among interior designers and people who value style and elegance.

Bathroom fittings, photo 18Bath mixer with shower, photo 19

Bath mixer with swivel spout: main advantages

The greatest functionality has a bathroom faucet, equipped with a crane, capable of turning. It can easily be directed to one side or the other, for example, to feed water into the bowl of the neighboring shell. It is quite aesthetic and at the same time convenient.

bath mixer with swivel spout, photo 20

Models of mixers by installation method

For bathroom equipment, as well as the embodiment of unusual design solutions in the placement of plumbing, there are various mounting methods that determine the type of mixer.

Wall mounted bathroom faucets

This is the most usual option for us, when the mixer is installed on the surface of the wall above the bathroom or sink. Here it is important to choose the correct length of the spout, so that the falling stream of water does not fall on the edges.

Bathroom fittings, photo 21

Mortise mixers for bathtubs

This type of fastening implies the installation of a mixer directly on the side of the bath or sink, which have already prepared holes (they can also be made independently).

mortise mixers for a bath, photo 22mortise mixers for a bath, photo 23

Bathroom Floor Mixers

This installation is used, mainly in design projects, when the bath itself is far from the wall. Installation requires significant financial costs.

Bathroom fittings, photo 24Bathtub faucet with shower, Picture 25

Bath mixer with shower

Bath mixer with shower снабжен специальным переключателем, направляющим воду на душевой шланг и обратно. Роль переключателя выполняет рычаг или кнопка. Довольно часто можно встретить смеситель для ванны с душем, оснащенный специальными держателями для рукоятки душевой лейки.

To date, the market offers a wide range of this plumbing products. Shower showers have a beautiful design. Also in shower watering cans there are various nozzles simulating natural phenomena ("rain of rain", jets of a waterfall, etc.).

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Summarizing all of the above, I would like to say that the development of sanitary equipment does not stand still, and, together with it, bathroom faucets are also improved. Their model range is very large and we hope that the recommendations of our article will help to make the right choice.