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There are many options in which style to design a dwelling. Some designers believe that you need to adhere to the shades of one color, others - with both hands advocate for zoning and for the use of several colors.


The second option is now more popular and is available for implementation even without the involvement of a professional. It is important to take into account the nuances.


Zoning is a saving circle for one-room apartments, small rooms, which need to meet several needs. To select the colors for the decor of the bedroom you need to approach carefully.


If one part of the room will serve as an office, and the other bedroom, use two adjacent tones of the same color will be inappropriate. Zoning will go unnoticed. But the main purpose of it is to divide one space into two parts.


Do not choose too bright colors to decorate the bedroom. The leading link in decorating a bedroom in two colors should be served by neutral shades. After all, if you want, you can supplement them with bright elements.


Even if one half of the room serves as a working area, bright yellow, orange, green colors banal will not let you fall asleep. Fall asleep in a bright red, vigorous pink or purple room can be dangerous for the psyche.


It is better to leave these shades for the bathroom, which serves as the "alarm clock" of the body. And in the bedroom orange can be a decorative pillow or blanket.


If the children's bedroom is decorated, then the use of yellow, green, blue is entirely acceptable, but their shades should be muffled, not acidic. Bright colors are appropriate in the work area.


An excellent addition to the design of the walls, will be the decoration of the ceiling. Stretch ceilings are now in great demand, they are durable, beautiful, capable of giving anybody the most boring interior of colors and festivity. You can choose a drawing by yourself, but you must entrust the stretch of the canvas to a professional.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Strength of color
  • Rules for combining drawings and invoices
  • Bedroom interior in two colors

Strength of color

In general, each color has its effect of impact, both on the room and on the human psyche. When choosing a color solution, start from the size of the room, its shape, the number of light sources, the quality of the wall covering.


If the room is small, it needs to be visually enlarged. This will help gray, white, pale pink, pistachio, beige, coffee with milk, peach. Well combined with these colors are natural green, fuchsia, blue, black, brown.

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Two colors in the interior of the bedroom will look organically, if you approach their combination with the mind. It is important to understand that you need to combine a soft tone with a brighter tone, giving preference to the first. In the reverse situation, there is a risk to create a room of torture for your consciousness and narrow the room.


Considering the light sources, evaluate also the cold light or warm. Do not use too light colors if the window in the room looks out on the sunny side or there is an excess of cold artificial light. The effect of the hospital room in the living room is useless.


Dark colors, on the contrary, should not be chosen if there is no light or if it is warm, yellow. In such a room you will have to constantly blink, your eyes will not close with brightness, but with fatigue.

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Using a combination of two different types of wallpaper, you can achieve a visual increase in space in a small bedroom.


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Rules for combining drawings and invoices

If one color for the decor is already selected, and the second one has problems, then consider the color combinations on examples of specific styles. Browse the photos available in the web or in the catalogs of the bedrooms in two colors.


The presence of two colors in the bedroom design will make it possible to achieve a unique interior, but the basic combinations remain unchanged with all the variations of the shades. Knowing this, you will be able to determine the material used, its texture, pattern. And it will greatly facilitate the task when choosing the material in the store.


There are rules for combining two colors when decorating a bedroom.


Do not use a coating with a high-frequency pattern - small squares, circles, dots, peas or cucumbers. Eyes quickly get tired of this, the body starts to get annoyed, and escape from your own bedroom will not work.


If the walls in the room are uneven, it is better to use a cover with patterns or a repeating pattern. Select one cover with a picture, and leave the other one-colored. It can be a combination of two types of wallpaper or paint with a textured plaster in equal proportions. Also help 3D wallpaper. Their diversity is now large and accessible.


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Do not use two variants with pictures, this will lead to the effect of confusion.

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You can combine two shades of the same color, if they are not located next door in the color scheme. But adding a third shade of the same color can spoil the result.


It is not necessary to use a light, one-color performance on uneven walls around the perimeter of the room. The light will dissipate unevenly, clinging to all the holes and tubercles, so that it will be impossible to hide the flaws.


The wall with the head of the bed is best marked with a wallpaper of wallpaper with a pattern or molding. This accent wall will place everything in its place and emphasize its appearance that the main part of the room is a sleeping place.

Girl's pink bedroom in luxury suburban home

Pleasant and boring for perception will be coffee, beige, peach color, complemented by darker flowing patterns or flowers.


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If you follow all the rules, you will get:

  • unique combination of two colors within a single room,
  • create a bedroom in two colors, taking into account the needs of all household members,
  • hide flaws and uneven walls,
  • get aesthetic pleasure from the work done.


Competently approach the design of the bedroom, because it is there that a person spends a third of his life! The more pleasant it will be for you in the bedroom, the better will be your mood and well-being!


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