Bathroom in classic style: interior design

Bathroom design in classic style

As time passed, the epochs changed, and the classics staunchly sustained yet another blow from the rapidly emerging directions. Most of them were experimental in nature and passed into oblivion, unable to withstand competition. The classics stayed and occupied a special niche in stylistic diversity. Conservative by nature direction, did not adapt to the fashion, but survived and retained relevance. Even in the age of technical progress, the classical style is still used in interiors and does not give up position. His principles are embodied in any rooms. The design of the bathroom in the classical style requires a spacious room. This direction is difficult to implement in close rooms, while not losing its characteristic charm and elegance. For this reason, the premises of private houses are more suitable than the limited spaces of standard apartments. Let's talk about how to create an interior of a bathroom in a classical style on your own, what nuances you should pay attention to when designing and what mistakes you should avoid.

If the quadrature allows, then the bathroom is decorated with columns, pilasters and arch vaults.

Classics are suitable for fans of heavy luxury. If the owners of the apartment or house prefer compromises, then the modernist style will be an excellent option. It combines the features of modern trends with classical frames. A simpler and easier option would be Provence. In fact, it can be called a rustic classics that preserved elegance.

Glass fencing in the bathtub  Sink на ножках в ванной  Ceiling с подсветкой в интерьере  Candlesticks on the wall  Fresco in the interior

Color Solutions

As mentioned above, warm tones prevail in classical baths. White is considered the "favorite" of the direction. It is used in any premises, practically in unlimited quantities. And it's not just about sterile white, but creamy, pearl, ivory. Stylishly look combinations of pastel tones with gray, beige, muted ocher, olive and nutty shades. In a white bathroom, the accents are performed in gold or dark gray. The rooms with dark marble shells with divorces in combination with a gilded mirror and a mixer look original. In small rooms the emphasis is made on light shades. Ideal is the combination of coffee and milk in the background and a deep chocolate tone in the decor. Laconic will be a combination of a completely white finish of the room with gold accents in the form of stucco and ornate patterns along the perimeter.

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Light colors in the interior of the bathroom in a classic style Stained glass on the window  Large mirror in the interior  Flowers in a niche  Lamps in the interior  Coins in the framework on the wall


In the classical style, the decoration usually contains an ornament on the surface, is complemented by stucco and differs elegantly in complexity. When it comes to the bathroom, many materials will have to be abandoned. The reason for this was the aggressive microclimate of the room. To withstand constant temperature changes and chronically high humidity many materials simply will not be able to. Adored by a classic wood, even after impregnation with special compounds, it can not last long and quickly turn into a hotbed of rot and mold. Fabric wallpaper, which give any room a stylish color, also fall under the taboo, as completely unsuitable for bathroom material. For these reasons, the choice of surfaces for the premises should be handled responsibly, since mistakes can be costly to the owners, up to a new repair.

Finish керамической плиткой ванной в классическом стиле Floorочки на стене у раковины  Panels on the walls  Orchid on the sink  Торшер в зеркала  Floorки на стене в ванной


You can make walls in several ways:

  • To paint. The method is simple, but the one-color paint is necessarily complemented by an abundance of decor, which compensates for the "boring" background.
  • Plastered. For the bathroom use a special, moisture-resistant look of the finishing material.
  • Облицевать мрамором. Finish из натурального камня обойдется недешево. Декорировать им все стены не рекомендуют, так как интерьер получится слишком однообразным. Мрамором отделывают только акцентные зоны.
  • To tile with a tile. Ceramic tiles are perfectly integrated in a classic bathroom. Its surface can be monophonic or have plant patterns. It is recommended to combine the options in the general wall decoration and in the corner where the bath is located.
  • To lacquer wood. As already mentioned above, this material is rarely used. An exception can only become larch, which moisture makes stronger. Unfortunately, the array of trees can not be attributed to budgetary options, and its replacement (MDF) in classical interiors is not used.

Light walls in the bathroom in classic style

Also sometimes glue special moisture-resistant wallpaper. They are more like a dense oilcloth, the top layer of which is decorated with patterns. Will serve such a coating long enough.

Two sinks in the interior  Mosaic in the bathroom  Chandelier with candles in the interior  Columns in the bathroom  Pot with a flower on a stand in the interior


Floor в классической ванной облицовывают плиткой. Этот вариант сочетает в себе простоту и особую эстетику. Кафель долговечен, прочен, выдержит любые испытания, не чувствителен к бытовой химии и легко моется. Ассортимент керамической плитки позволит подобрать оригинальную расцветку и узор, соответствующий концепции стиля. Хотя классическое направление к традициям относится бережно, технику укладки кафеля можно выбрать из многообразия современных вариантов. Дерево замечательно смотрится в отделке других комнат, но никак не в ванной. Конкуренцию кафелю может составить только наливной пол с роскошным блеском глянцевой поверхности. Материал дорогостоящий, долговечный и сверхпрочный. По желанию заказчика его поверхность украшают объемными рисунками, но в рамках классики это будет лишним.

Chess floor in the bathroom in a classic style Podium with illumination in the interior  Bath необычной формы в интерьере  The combination of gray walls and light furniture  Fixtures in the form of candles above the bathroom  Glass door in the interior


The ceilings in the bathroom are plastered or painted. On the perimeter they are decorated with stucco molding, which makes the decoration more refined. However, to abandon the modern options for finishing is still not worth it. Stretched ceiling fits into the concept of style, if its surface is monochrome and glossy. Complex designs from gypsum cardboard also decorate themselves with a classic bathroom. Organic look options when the central chandelier is placed in a decorative "niche", and places of level changes are made step-by-step with imitation of the relief of the baguette.

Multi-level ceiling in the bathroom in a classic style Bath у окна  Marble sink in the interior  Bathя в бежевом цвете  Patterns on the floor  Bath в форме морской раковины в интерьере

Choice of sanitary engineering

Choice of sanitary engineering зависит от габаритов и типа ванной:

  • The variant combined with a bathroom;
  • Small room with shower;
  • The room with a full bath and washing machine.
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Plumbing in the bathroom in a classic style

In the design project include three main "center" of the room: a washbasin, a bath (shower), a toilet. All these zones should be organically integrated into the stylistic interior solution and at the same time be located at a certain distance from each other.

Niche in the wall  Room tree in the corner  Towel holders on the wall  Bath на ножках в интерьере  Locker in the corner


Traditionally in the classical style baths of oval forms with slightly overstated backs are used. Fashionable barrels or rectangular models for such an interior do not fit categorically. Complement the bath with brass or gold-plated curved legs. They can have an elegant form or be made in the form of sitting lions, tigers, flowers, shells, miniature figurines, supporting the "cup" on the shoulders. If the area of ​​the room allows (more than 12 sq.m.), then the bath is located in the center. The original solution will allow owners to feel themselves as individuals of blue blood, who have at their disposal a truly royal apartment for hygienic procedures. By the way, a stylish addition will be an elegant jug that performs a more decorative function. Also, the bath is decorated with mosaic. Of course, for decoration do not use pieces of colored glass. In the course is a modern ceramic tile, which is laid in mosaic technique.

Interior in a classic style with a bathroom by the window Blue walls in the interior  Bath между перегородками  Decorative fireplace in the interior  A picture above the fireplace  Bath на подиуме


The classic shell, like the bath, has an oval shape. Popular "tulips" in the framework of style will not fit, but the trendy "overhead" cups look very harmonious. The worktop is chosen from marble. It will emphasize the high cost of the environment and will organically enter the interior. "Chalice" choose a simple, white color. With the options of a single piece of stone is better not to experiment. Complement the sink with a mixer with gold leaf.

Sink на ножке в ванной в классическом стиле

In spacious rooms are increasingly located paired sinks, which allow two people simultaneously to carry out hygiene procedures. Actual option, when they are installed along the wall-delimiter. The decorative barrier separates the bath zone from the rest of the room. Thus, two rabbits are killed at once: they perform zoning and have an opportunity to brush their teeth and do not interfere with the one who is washing.

Lilac mat on the light floor

Shower cabin

Do not make a mistake about the compatibility of the shower cabin and the classic direction. It will be suitable for a luxurious interior, if it itself will be made expensive. The main attention is paid to the walls of the shower room. They are placed in a "gold" frame, and the surface is decorated with ornaments. The shower booth is usually used in small rooms, where the location of the bath will greatly impede movement around the room and will emphasize all the shortcomings of space. In this situation, it takes the role of the main place for hygienic procedures. Complement the bathroom with a shower stall as an alternative to a "quick" wash. In these cases, it is installed in a corner in such a way that this piece of interior does not fall into the eye.

Shower cabin в ванной в классическом стиле Glass partition in the shower  Bath и душ в одной комнате  Mirror cabinet in the interior  Marble tiles on the floor and walls  Painting in the interior

Choosing furniture

In a classic bathroom can even be placed upholstered furniture, which does not allow any modern style. A similar variant is embodied in large-scale rooms, where there is room for scope. As a rule, the bathroom is supplemented with a full-fledged recreation area, in which a fireplace is sometimes placed. At first glance, it may seem that it is completely inappropriate in this type of premises, but the combination of the two "polar" elements (water and fire) truly fascinates. The standard furniture set of the classic bathroom includes a chest of drawers, a pair of high chairs, a narrow cupboard, a shelves of closed type. Lack of storage facilities should not be, because household chemicals and equipment can not be flaunted, because the interior is not used hi-tech. It is allowed to deviate from the canons of style and install hinged chests of drawers. However, graceful, curved legs will have something in common with similar bath elements, so do not rush to abandon them.

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Light furniture in the bathroom in a classic style

Lighting system

Классический стиль предполагает использование тяжелых, громоздких люстр с лампочками, располагающимися на нескольких уровнях. Bathя комната в данном случае не становится исключением. Центральное освещение располагают строго на середине потолка. При этом не имеет значения, на какую из зон света попадает больше. Его дефицит при необходимости компенсируется локальными бра или даже напольными светильниками. Конечно обязательно располагают дополнительные парные источники света у зеркала и точечные — внутри душевых кабин.

Lighting in the bathroom in a classic style Towel dryer on the wall  LED lighting and ceiling in the interior  Round floor mats  Semi-laminate  Partition in the interior

Window decoration

The windows in the bathroom for residents of urban apartments are classified as luxury. This room is usually deaf and does not have access to a natural light source. However, in private houses, a room is often equipped with a window. It is decorated with a thin tulle and curtains made of heavy fabrics, which neatly fold down to the floor itself. In the afternoon they are tied to the sides. If you need to close from the curious looks of neighbors, tight textiles will not let a drop of light out.

Window with curtains in the bathroom in a classic style Marble walls and floor in the interior  Bath в эркере  Smile  Yellow curtains in the interior  An ottoman at the bath

Use of textiles and accessories

To fence off the bathroom from the toilet and the sinks use decorative curtains. Of course it's better to stop the choice on an oilcloth. Textiles in this special room are not recommended for use, however the classic lives according to its own laws. On the windows hang curtains, and in spacious rooms set the furniture and soft upholstery. With the idea of ​​a systematic washing of all fabric surfaces will have to accept. Constant humidity will play a malicious joke with textiles, it will constantly "dampen". Touching in such a surface is not very pleasant. The way out of the situation will be high-quality ventilation and competent zoning, in which the site for hygienic procedures will be securely fenced off from the rest of the room. As for the accessories, they should not be lost on the background of rich decoration and decor. For this reason, the emphasis should not be on the quantity, but on the effectiveness of the elements. Harmoniously look triogie little tables, stands for jugs with water or pots with indoor plants. For mirrors, lavishly decorated frames are selected. One of the free walls is decorated with reproductions of paintings by masters of the Renaissance, located in a row. Chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps are decorated with crystal or stucco. As the central characters of the interior picture can act statues of cupids or graceful girls, boys in the nude.

Textile in the bathroom in a classic style

Живые цветы считаются обязательным атрибутом классического стиля. Они могут быть посажены в горшки или срезаны в саду и в виде букета красоваться в вазе. Использовать лучше розы, нарциссы, гладиолусы и азалии. Floorевые букетики оставьте для прованса.

Orchid by the window  Washing machine at the entrance  Bath в углублении со шторами  Blue carpet in the interior  A banquet at the window


If the design is done correctly, then in a classic bathroom it's always nice to be. No sense of "museum" luxury interior should not cause. He is calm, strict and elegant. With all this, the decor does not lose a little bit of home warmth and comfort. Soft, warm shades will allow you to relax, plunge into the specific atmosphere, which is created with the help of a number of unique design techniques. By the way, the classical style is easily combined with other directions and the transition from such a premise to a modernist hallway will not cause discomfort. The design of the bathroom plays an important role in the life of a person, because it is here that he finally wakes up from sleep in the morning and flushes his fatigue after a working day in the evening. The room should also have relaxation in a warm bath with foam after a week of work under light music. Classic style is considered an ideal option for owners who have a delicate taste and a heightened "sense of beauty".