Crafts from coffee beans by own hands +50 photo

Coffee beans

A fragrance that can lift out of bed in the morning when you do not feel like going to work. Does not let you fall asleep, because there is still a lot to do in the evening. At business negotiations it helps to establish contacts. Addition to a beautiful dessert in the coffee house next to the house. As you can see, associations with the word coffee are far from the word decoration. But ... The creative vein, skillful hands and small tips from this article will turn the decor of coffee beans into another reason to be proud of the interior of your house.

For decoration, the degree of roasting is important:

LightweightNew England, cinnamon. Cream tone of rich beige.
AverageUrban, American, brown. Juicy brown color, with an oily sheen.
StrongVienna, full city. Dark chocolate with a tint.
MaxFrench, Italian. Almost black.
NoneThe usual vegetable green color.

Coffee beans

Coffee picture

The most difficult thing in making paintings for walls is to present them in detail. Understand which story to illustrate, what color, whether it will be runo or a fully filled canvas. When questions have been answered, proceed to the technical side.

For the basic model, in addition to the main material, you will need:

  • the cloth. The texture is practically irrelevant if there is superglue. Authentic looks burlap, especially with print marks. Choose colors more carefully, without neon shades.
  • cardboard;
  • frame;
  • colorless varnish;
  • additional elements (fur, ribbons, beads, glass, etc.) for decoration.

Picture of coffee beans

Work begins with the preparation of the base: wrap the cardboard with a cloth, seal it from the back. Draw a sketch. A great help for beginners - stencils, take them from the web. And now just glue the grains in the borders of the picture, keeping in mind the density. Cover with a varnish, decorate on a plan, insert into the frame. Easier and more beautiful than you can imagine, right?

Ants  Soroka  A heart  Cat  A cup

Photo frames

It is impossible to count the number of ideas in decorating photos that are dear to the heart, but the classic version does not give up positions: a rectangular frame with a width of 4-5 cm for a photo size of 10x15 cm at the peak of popularity due to the external elegant simplicity. Nevertheless, the base uses a strong material - plywood - which will forever hold the shape of the product. To cut out a wooden sheet measuring 20x25 cm with an internal window of 9x14 cm you will need a jig saw, and probably an assistant with physical strength. With a light corrugated cardboard will cope with any. It is the same size, only the opening inside corresponds to the size of the photo. All glue, dye in the dark, apply glue on top, on the instinct to attach the grain, varnish, cut out the cardboard holder, to fasten behind on the staples. The photo frame is ready, but remove it from the bedside table. Caffeine in a fragrant form under your nose will not let you fall asleep.

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Ringtones in the frame Photo frame made of coffee beans  Beads of coffee beans  Newlyweds  Girl  Photo in the frame of coffee beans

Decoration of candles

An irreplaceable thing for the decoration of candles - twine. It is a thin cord from the fibers of a subtropical jute plant. It used to be used for auxiliary purposes, for example. But designers have erected jute cord in the cult, often using for ethnic and eco-interiors. Twine will help festively decorate the tall candles. They can be ignited, using the intended purpose, if you decorate only the lower part of the paraffin. Apply hot melt in a moderately thick, even layer, tightly wrap the jute, not reaching 2 mm to the base. This measure is designed to ensure that the product remains stable. Carefully fix the end of the twine with glue. Now you can glue the main parts of the decor, and on this background equally stylish look like an openwork patterns with a color gradation from beige to chocolate, and arbitrary order of elements. Complement the hand-made satin ribbon.

Decorating candles with coffee beans Coffee grinder on the table  Beads on candles  Cinnamon and grains decor  Candle in hand  Brewer and cups on the table

Fragrant candlestick

In the New Year's holidays, the warming ray of hope for a good future means a little more than the rest of the days. Symbolism and dancing glare on the ceiling erect candles in the rank of the Christmas miracle. It is especially pleasant to realize that these miracles can be created by oneself. The quickest way to make a candle and coffee - just put them together. In a small beautiful porcelain bowl, fill in the seeds and put a candle in the center in the center, so that it is slightly drowned. It turns out the effect of natural aromatization, warm air streams from the flame will smell a pleasant aroma throughout the room. Depending on the design of the room or festive table, instead of a bowl, you can use any container, except for easily melting. The transparent glass with figured inserts looks spectacular.

Candlestick made of coffee beans

The interior with coffee candles is a natural aphrodisiac for a romantic atmosphere.

Heart with a candle

Coffee tree and fragrant Christmas trees

A kind of "coffee bonsai". Interior mini-topiary from hand maid. What a catchy name you can not think of, it still will not convey all the unusualness of these self-made gizmos.

The fir-tree is made a little easier because of the shape. To build a cone from the paper, color it in cinnamon color, cover with even rows of grains, including the bottom, dress up with bead-balls, beaded garlands. For a special mood, powder the snow with manga. The souvenir for the New Year is ready.

A coffee tree

The elegance of the tree is attached to the fancifully curved long trunk. His role is played by a thick wire wrapped in twine. One end goes into the cup with gypsum (choose high for stability), and the other in the center of the composition - a light ball. This can be a plastic ball, candy box, foam, etc., include fantasy. Before you create a shell on the ball, paint it in a chocolate color.

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Wood from grains  Flower with money  Christmas trees from coffee beans  New Year tree from grains  Christmas tree

A cup of spilled coffee

Direct association with objects for the ceremony of using a favorite drink has spawned a whole trend in decor. A cup in a saucer. This happens in life, only less artistic and then it is necessary to wash the tablecloth. More interesting option, when the cup hangs in the air and the flow pours from the height. The main emphasis is on the effect of surprise, because the picture contradicts the law of gravitation, causing great interest. Of course, after a couple of seconds, the secret of focus becomes evident, and curiosity gives way to admiration for the master's work. We need a solid wire, bent by the letter Z, a very strong glue, a mass for molding and incredible perseverance, with which you first need to methodically wrap all parts of the tea pair outside and inside the jute method, and only apply this layer to the natural material. Place two dried orange slices to decorate the mini-monument.

Cups with coffee, cinnamon and dried oranges A cup of spilled coffee из зерен  Bead Decoration  Hearts on a saucer  Ribbon on the mug  Cinnamon and dried orange on a plate

Christmas decorations

Leadership in the variety of options in this category captured:

  • balls on bright satin ribbons, with brushes and without, ornaments from rhinestones, sequins, charms, keys;
  • five-pointed stars of all kinds, sizes, colors, with the addition of gilding and silvering;
  • Christmas trees with artificial snow, abundantly sprinkled with glass beads, strict and with humorous emoticons;
  • houses with rustic colors;
  • powerful horseshoes for the happiness of the house;
  • three nut-acorns for Cinderella;
  • animal-symbol of the year in the eastern calendar;
  • confectionery cookies;
  • of course, hearts pierced with a stick of cinnamon.

Christmas decorations из кофейных зерен

New Year's crafts are simple to make, but they are good not only with the external impression, but also with the opportunity to create something beautiful with the whole family, it's interesting to spend time together with children to remember their "designer" toy for a year!

Asterisks  Herringbone  Star  Spruce (pine) from grains  Dog


To make a stylized figure of a recognizable animal, first of all, it is necessary to find the basis for the silhouette. It could be an old toy. Specially sewn. The foam plastic model. Folded out of hardening plasticine. This is how smart figures of snakes, elephants, snails or turtles are obtained.

Animals из кофейных зерен

At the master class the craftsmen say that they often use prefabricated structures from improvised materials. For example, for twin-hedgehogs, ping-pong balls perfectly adapt. Cut them in half, here and backs for coffee-needles. From the foam, oblong triangles - spouts - are obtained. Of cardboard - the abdomen. The last two decorate with twine, and then we put together a circle, a half of a tennis ball on it, a nose to it. We begin to put improvised needles from the middle of the back. Filling all, we attach to the tip of the nose a small bead, eyes are also made of beads, several dried leaves from above.


Decor for kitchen

The coffee shop is ready to lurk in any kitchen corner. A box with a butterfly for storage, a tree of happiness in a mug with a food-print, a napkin with a slyly winking kitten. In general, the cat theme is very common in the design of the hand made, and where is the home favorite still, if not in the kitchen. And so as not to interfere, we take him to the place on the refrigerator.

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The magnet magnet must be light not to fall. Suitable ceiling tiles. Draw a sketch, not forgetting the long swirling tail. Cut, paint over dark, glue the elements on one side, with the other magnets. It is better to use 2 pcs. In order to process the end, glue 2 strips of jute on a thin strip of hot melt. It remains only to designate the mustache, nose and eyes. For them, a blister from drugs. Put the seeds in the recesses, seal them behind the paper, cut them along the contour. A very penetrating look is obtained from the seal.

The tree of happiness of their coffee beans

Decoration Clock

These watches always show the time of coffee break! Rebranding the old model in favor of a new interior interior of the house should start with disassembly. All the details are useful, but watch how much stock there is at the run of the shooter, so that when they are freshly assembled they do not cling to the convex parts. On a flat dial, games with a multicolored grain look incredibly impressive. First, lace laying from the waves or geometric shapes, strips, paths.

Decoration Clock из кофейных зерен

You can also give meaning to the design, for example, dividing sectors by hours or half an hour. If the substrate has an interesting drawing, it makes sense to close it not completely. So even more interesting. Or create around a round frame, decorated with additional sparkles, chopsticks, knots, boards and beans. If, for some reason, the substrate should be replaced, use cardboard, covered with cloth, or burlap.

Чашки вместо цифр на цифрблатах  Notifications on cipherblats  Hours from coffee beans  Dial with ground coffee and grains  Watch with Zodiac Signs

Vases, jars, bottles and flower pots

All of the above is most convenient for decorating with natural materials. The set for a universal creative idea, as always, includes twine, hot melt, coffee. Follow the inspiration, remembering that even more detail is given to simple shapes. For example, use a mix of spices. One of them is a bad one. A blossoming flower, as if specially created to complement the handmade vase. This is a bright accent for a homogeneously glued can. Add the globular pepper, small round mustard seeds, spicy cloves looks like small spikes. A longtime friend of coffee is cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks are aesthetically suited to everything. A laurel leaf will replace the herbarium, when you need to decorate the bottle. Do not throw orange peels, they are cute asterisks.

A can of coffee beans

How to be with the blending of fragrances from all this splendor, you ask? "Close" the smell with a clear varnish.

Vessel decor with coffee beans

Hand made articles from coffee beans are a smart accessory for an apartment, where coziness and warmth are appreciated. They are unpretentious, they do not need special care. Dust is gently wiped off with a slightly damp disc of cotton wool. But protect them from the sun, so that the original color of the product does not change. In order to enjoy the pure aroma of energy, do not cover the thing with lacquer, or use acrylic. Do not hesitate to touch up some parts for a better design. With experience, speed in gluing will come, and several ways of washing the glue from the fingers (while the nail file is being piloted). Create, and give your creativity to others!