Bathroom luminaires - photos of the best modern lighting

Among the huge number of lamps, ceiling lamps for the bathroom are quite popular, because they have interesting characteristics that are indispensable for creating unique lighting of rooms.

Lamps for bathroom

Table of contents of the article:

  • Principles of choosing a lamp
  • Which lamp is more economical
  • LED lamp
  • Halogen variants
  • Incandescent lamps
  • Safety of use
  • Calculation of the required number of lamps
  • Spotlights in interiors
  • Photo ideas for bathroom fixtures

Principles of choosing a lamp

In contrast to chandeliers and sconces, it is necessary to choose spot lights in the bathroom based on the design features and characteristics. Fixed (non-revolving) are fixed to the ceiling or in plasterboard structures stably and provide a strictly directed flow of light. Swivel allows you to change the direction of light at will, since this type has a rotating bell.

Lamps for bathroom

It is important to study the instruction and pay attention to the marking. The first figure shows the level of protection from penetration of various solid particles, the second - the protective degree of moisture. For example, bathroom fixtures with the IP55 labeling are not afraid of moisture.

Lamps for bathroom

Various variants of such types are presented by companies from Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom: halogen and standard. Russian manufacturers create models only with traditional incandescent lamps.

Lamps for bathroom

The design of both domestic and imported lamps is extensive, while the models manufactured in Russia will be much cheaper.

Lamps for bathroom

Which lamp is more economical

When choosing it is necessary to focus not only on the price and model, but also the type of lamp, since the financial costs of operation depend on this.

LED lamp

A modern version that offers significant advantages:

  • Good degree of illumination.
  • Long-term operational capabilities.
  • Economical power consumption.

LED lamp

There are some disadvantages:

  • Installation is carried out through a transformer.
  • High price (about 5 times more than other versions of luminaires).

But LED bath fixtures quickly pay off, due to energy savings. They are universal because they have different types of cartridges: G5, G9, G14, G4 and standard E27.

LED lamp 2017

Halogen variants

They are characterized by high luminous efficiency and long service life. Of the shortcomings, it can be noted significant heating, which imposes its limitations. This option is not suitable for stretch and hanging plastic ceilings.


Incandescent lamps

They are popular because of their low price, ease of installation and the peculiarities of the mentality of some consumers who are accustomed to this kind of lighting.

Bathroom fittings

But a small resource, short service life and energy intensity are significant drawbacks.

Bathroom fittings

Safety of use

Safe for household needs are considered lamps with lamps of the order of 12-24 Watt, even if the damage is not large, they will not bring. There are certain restrictions for stretch ceilings.


  • For tissue no higher than 60 watts
  • And no more than 40 watts for PVC for incandescent lamps.
  • Halogen is permissible for 25 and 20 watts respectively.

Bathroom fittings

In addition, it is desirable that the installation involved experienced electricians.

wall_light_for_with room

Calculation of the required number of lamps

After choosing the type of lamp, it is necessary to decide which lamps on the ceiling in the bathroom will be the most optimal. Then it is important to correctly calculate the number of lighting elements. For this, the following is taken into account:

  • Presence or absence of windows.
  • Area of ​​the room.
  • Ceiling height.
  • The need for zoning.
  • Purpose of the room. For bathrooms and residential lightings differ in their characteristics.

Bathroom fittings 2017

For example. At a standard height of 2.80 m, it is necessary for every 1.5 - 2 meters for one lamp. Therefore, for a room of 10 m² it is established 5 - 6 pieces. But everything depends on the availability of chandelier and other lighting sources. At the same time, the ceiling lights in the bathroom can be located only in the washbasin area, and not over the shower cubicle or directly the bathroom.

Bathroom fittings 2017

Spotlights in interiors

To determine the choice, you can consider the photo luminaires in the bathroom. Various options show how you can diversify the design of a variety of lighting sources.

Bathroom fittings 2017

Various principles of location are applied:

  • Small bathroom 3 m²: 70 photos, ideas for lay-out and design
  • Interior of a small bathroom - 115 photos of an ideally designed design
  • Tile for the bathroom - photos of the best bathroom decoration ideas (115 ideas)
  • Oval.
  • Chaotic location, imitating the sky.
  • Cross.
  • Rectangle.
  • A circle.
  • Long.
  • Wave and others.

Bathroom fittings 2017

Photo ideas for bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017



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Bathroom fittings 2017

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Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017


Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

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Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017


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Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

Bathroom fittings 2017

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