Amazing design of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​40

Living room in bright colors

The design is designed in a muted smoky palette

Not all of us live in a spacious and luxurious apartment. Many have to settle for a small one-room apartment with a view of the garage or patio. But, what if you want to live in a beautiful, comfortable and aesthetically attractive house?

Do not delay the repair for a while. Do not wait, when you can afford to move to a more spacious apartment. Act now. In today's story, we will introduce you to a unique and impressive interior of a small apartment with a total area of ​​40 square meters. Look, maybe you will be inspired by this creative project.

1. Optimal zoning of space

If you want to enjoy a pleasant pastime, a quiet quiet rest and a meal in your own room, then you should think about the possibility of dividing the room into different functional areas and areas. You can perform this action using simple partitions or screens.

These structures occupy a minimal area, but at the same time they allow you to form in one room a cozy guest cabin, a comfortable boudoir, a rest corner and a home office. At the same time, pay special attention to the choice of materials for their manufacture. At present, the possibilities in this field are unlimited.

For a tiny house, sliding doors and partitions made using transparent or semitransparent glass are great. They not only clearly identify the boundaries of different zones, but also form a light and airy situation. You can separate the bedroom from the rest of the living space with an opaque screen with a decorative finish that stylks the textured wood.

Use new ideas in design and non-trivial solutions. As a result, two people will be able to live and rest in such a tiny apartment with pleasure.

Kitchen in gray

Smoky facades of the kitchen set perfectly combined with raspberry accessories

2. Hue Shade

With special care when decorating modest apartments, one should approach the choice of the color execution of the decoration. Neutral muted tones can visually enlarge a small room. Do not forget about the rich colors, they also have a place in the interior.

For example, you can use soft pads, plaids, flowing drapes or tablecloths with an original pattern in bright brown or black to create a fascinating design. Also, think about the performance of the head of the bed, the headset for the bathroom and other items of decor.

Do not overload the room of a tiny apartment with a large number of dark decorations. They must perform in the decoration of a secondary role, rather than attract close attention to themselves. The main emphasis is on the illumination system. It not only needs to fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort, warmth and charm, but also to emphasize the neutral gamut in the finish.

Use светлую краску для оформления fashionable designer furniture, wall and ceiling coverings, carpet in the living room, as well as small accessories - vases, statuettes and lampshades.

A soft armchair in the corner for reading

A cozy armchair with luxurious bright upholstery animates a monochrome space

Gentle accents in the bedroom

The epicenter of attention in the bedroom is a bed with a high cloth headboard

Bed with a high headboard in the bedroom

Luxurious bed linens and colorful pads create a pleasant atmosphere

Bathroom in brown color

Brown shades in the design of the bathroom look very stylish and original

3. Adjust the contrast

When decorating a house, look not only at the choice of the optimal shading palette, but also on the possibility of using the drawing. Currently, among many designers and decorators, very popular are light wallpaper with floral or floral prints. They can give any room authenticity and expressiveness.

For each room in the house, select interesting wallpaper models to create a certain mood in different rooms. For example, you can decorate a bedroom in light colors, and a bathroom - in brighter and cheerful, while for the kitchen choose a scale that promotes the activation of appetite.

For interior of a small studio in this project, specialists used a rich and expressive shade of fuchsia for the decoration of walls in the dining area. This original decor was supplemented with textiles and chairs with a seat of pink transparent plexiglas.

For убранства будуара они подобрали более нежные и приглушённые оттенки, способствующие расслаблению и безмятежному отдыху.

Vintage table lamp on the bedside table

Vintage table lamps decorate bedside tables

Dining table by the glass partition

Bright and expressive corner for a meal

Remember that when transforming a tiny room or apartment with special attention and caution, it is necessary to approach the choice of a shade palette and building materials. Experiment, find new solutions and ideas, do not be afraid to show your imagination and imagination. The result you will be satisfied!

The layout of a small one-room apartment

Apartment layout and location of main areas

Neutral scale, colorful accents and functional zoning - these are the three main ways that you will help create an optical illusion in modest housing.