Bathroom tiles - 33 photos of bathroom design

If you decide to renovate your bathroom and turn it into something completely different, then the first thing you should look at is the beautiful modern bathroom tile. Make the floors and walls of this room delight you and your loved ones! In this article you will find 33 ideas for inspiration for this. In particular, we consider the following:

  1. Beautiful tile design in the bathroom (the best tile samples);
  2. Original ways of laying tiles in the bathroom;
  3. Fashionable bathroom tile 2015.

Beautiful bathroom tiles - 11 photo tiles

Tile for the bathroom is designed to serve for many years, and therefore the choice of its design should be approached with special care and caution. Fortunately, today there is a wide choice of tiles for the bathroom, which can make your interior truly unique and stylish. So, a beautiful tile design in the bathroom can please you:

  1. Color - choose the tile of your favorite shade and let it give you the right atmosphere during water procedures. Note that the tile for a small bathroom should not contain more than two colors.
  2. Drawing - patterned floor tiles in the bathroom look very nice in combination with monophonic walls, although tile patterns on walls can also be equally attractive.
  3. The texture - the glossy glossy tile is the most popular, while the matt bathroom tile looks much warmer and more comfortable, and the fashionable 3D tiles create an unusual effect.
  4. The shape - rectangular tile design in the bathroom is the most common, but some models can have completely unique shapes that pleasantly pleases the eye.

In all this you can see further. Beautiful tile in the bathroom photo:

Modern tile for bathroom photo designPatterned tile for the floor in the bathroom:Bathroom tile with antique motifs Stylish tiles in bathroom design photo Bright tile for the bathroom: Bathroom Finish Tiles Photo Design Tile in the bathroom photo mosaic Tile in bathroom photo design tiles with a pattern Ceramic tile for bathroom with bright patternCharming Moroccan bathroom tiles:Finish of bathroom tiles photo design in Moroccan style Moroccan tile design in the bathroom Unusual shape of bathroom tiles:Fashionable 3d bathroom tiles 2015 Blue, blue, turquoise bathroom tiles

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Original bathroom tiles - 11 photos of bathrooms

The design of the tiles in the bathroom can be absolutely simple, even monotonous, but it will look just stunning thanks to the original way of laying. Here are 11 examples of how the creative finish of bathroom tiles can look stylish:

Simple decoration of the bathroom tiles photo designCustom tiling in the bathroom

Tiles for the bathroom in the form of a "penny" or "honeycomb" is very playful, glamorous and cozy. In addition, it opens tremendous opportunities for creating an unusual mosaic. It looks great both as a floor tile and as a tile for a small bathroom!

Tile for small bathroom design photo Creative design of bathroom tiles photo design

Also, beautiful mosaics can be created from traditional small tiles. You probably already know this, we just want to bring you interesting modern examples of laying this tile: "Pixels" and "Ombre."

Tile in bathroom photo design floor Bathroom Tile Finish Photo Design

A remarkable result can also be achieved by finishing the bathroom tiles in different colors:

Bright floor tiles in the bathroom Multicolored bathroom tiles photo design Laying tiles in the bathroom

And some masters when laying tiles in the bathroom were crouched to make exclusive patterns:

Ceramic tiles in the bathroom design photo Tile in bathroom photo design in a cage

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Fashionable bathroom tiles 2015

What is it - a fashionable bathroom tile in 2015? You can find out about all the advanced trends in bathroom design in our article "Fashionable bathroom design 2015", and here we will give 11 examples of the fashionable design of tiles in the bathroom today.

First of all, it is, of course, various shades of gray, unexpectedly knocked out in the leaders of 2015 for popularity in interior design. An excellent choice for those who honor simple but elegant modern style!

Bathroom Design Photo Fashionable Tile 2015

Then comes tile for the bathroom under the color of the sea wave, as well as a mirror tile for metal.

Design tiles in the bathroom Mirror tile for bathroom photo design

It's becoming more and more obvious that man's craving for simple natural beauty, so one of the main trends of 2015 is bathroom tiles for wood and other natural materials.

Wooden Bathroom Tile Photo Ceramic tiles for bathroom under a stone

For a more unexpected effect, you can also choose a floor tile in the bathroom with geometric prints. It is an excellent way to completely transform the soft and quiet bathroom design.

Stylish tiling in the bathroom in a geometric pattern Fashionable bathroom tiles 2015: геометрические рисунки

And the last in our list design of fashionable tiles in 2015 - patchwork tile. Very impressive, original, warm and does not require matching the pattern of bathroom tiles - what more could you wish for?

Bathroom Design Photo Fashionable Tile 2015 пэчворк Patchwork tile in the bathroom photo Unusual bathroom tiles photo design