How to add an interior light and a magnificent style with a

A chandelier is commonly referred to as a branched ceiling light with two or more light sources. In the Middle Ages chandeliers were made from wooden beams, usually in the form of a cross with metal candlesticks on top. To lift this structure to the ceiling a very thick rope or chain was required, but that was a necessity. Somewhat later, chandeliers began to decorate with beautiful crystals and stones to make them worthy of luxurious royal palaces and other rich houses. Today they are used in a more decorative way, to give the interiors a luxurious and prestigious look.

What were the chandeliers in the Middle Ages Beautiful chandelier in a huge hallway

Features of interior decoration of chandelier

The right chandelier can add a wonderful atmosphere to any room. It can serve as a central object without occupying much of the space, but attracting attention like no other subject of the situation. When choosing the perfect chandelier, you need to consider several important points, including the dimensions and materials of the luminaire.

Choosing the right size chandelier

The size of your chandelier will directly affect the visual perception of the room. Too much height and / or diameter of the ceiling lamp can be suppressed, whereas a small lamp may seem out of place or inessential. In addition, these same parameters affect the height of the suspension of the chandelier itself. So, the overall chandeliers, which take up a lot of space, should be suspended 5-10 cm above the standard height. Here are some general rules for choosing the size of the chandelier that you need:

  • if the room size is less than 3 × 3 m, choose a chandelier diameter of 40-50 cm;
  • if the size of the room is about 3.5 × 3.5 m, then you would prefer a chandelier with a size of 60-70 cm in diameter;
  • if the room size is about 4.5 × 4.5, choose the diameter of the chandelier from 60 to 90 cm.

Luxurious bathroom with chandelier Living room with fireplace and round chandelier

Another way to choose the right chandelier size for a room is to add dimensions together. For example, if your room measures 360 × 510 cm, add 360 plus 510, and get 870. Thus, the maximum chandelier size for you is about 870 mm.

If the diameter of the chandelier depends on the length and width of the room, then the height - from the distance between the floor and the ceiling. The lower part of the luminaire should not hang lower than at a distance of 2.1 m from the floor. If the chandelier is suspended above the table, then the distance between them should be 75-90 cm, and not to touch people's heads, when they get up or sit down, it should be 30 cm too narrower than the table.

Chandelier over the dining table Large forged chandelier in front of stairs in the hall

Creating a stylish interior with chandelier

Since the chandelier serves as a focal point in the room, it is important to choose materials that will emphasize the beauty of the rest of the decor. Shining crystals can create the most beautiful kind of lighting and create a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. Crystal and glass lamps are very popular and represent an amazing combination of romance and wealth.

Luxurious chandelier in black glass Crystal chandeliers in the interior Black and white room with a crystal chandelier

Other chandeliers are made of various metals, such as copper, iron, silver and steel. Chandeliers of wrought iron can have just a great appearance.

Beautiful forged chandelier in the interior Forged lamps in the traditional interior Stylish interior with bronze lights Chandeliers of shiny metal in the interior Ultra modern chandelier in the living room Unusual chandelier made of metal

Even more unusual chandeliers are made from elk or deer horns and are ideal for country-style interiors, in particular for chalets. But for rooms with a traditional style, the best choice is the lamps with complex and intricate patterns.

Chalet with chandelier made of deer antlers Unusual room style with a horn of a deer antlerBlack chandeliers in an eclectic interior Two chandeliers above the island in the kitchen Crystal chandelier in a room with wooden furniture

Simple and minimalist chandeliers can perfectly match the modern style of interiors. But if the room has a formal and elegant appearance, then it is better to equip it with a more impressive chandelier.

Modern chandelier with spotlights A simple but interesting modern chandelier Dining area with luxurious chandelier Luxurious modern chandelier over the tableLuxurious chandelier in a neutral bedroom

Classic chandeliers with pendants look the best in combination with furniture and other elements of the decor "antique".

Kitchen in classical style, combined with the living room Bedroom in Provence style with crystal chandelier Magnificent chandelier in classic style The bathroom is in classical style and with a chandelier

There is another method of choosing the right chandelier material: with a focus on color or other elements that play a major role in the room. A matt bronze, black, silver or even gold shade of the chandelier can act as a neutral tone, which will correspond to most decor schemes. If you have an abundance of wood or some other warm textures in the interior, the shiny color of bronze or gold will emphasize their beauty in the best way. The silver shade of chandeliers is most appropriate in rooms with cool tones, such as blue, blue or white.

Living room with chandeliers and gold-tinted decor Black and white bedroom with two chandeliers Beautiful interior in Asian style The color of the chandelier as the main accent in the interior

For many years now, chandeliers have not only given us light, but they also provide such a majestic appearance as no other lighting device. In the living room or hall, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom - it can become the main decoration of almost any room in your house. We hope that our article will help you make a good choice!