Design of a black and white bathroom + 75 photo

Decor of a black and white bathroom

The combination of opposites, black and white, contains many philosophical overtones and poetic metaphors. Monochrome scale is a win-win and popular option in interior design of bathrooms. With this design it is important to properly balance the tone ratio, then the interior will turn out stylish, elegant, with the effect of high cost and luxury chic. To create a successful design of a black and white bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of combining these two colors that are opposite in the color spectrum. A bright play of contrasts will effectively show the style of the room, make the interior refined and luxurious.

If you use too much black, then the interior will produce a depressing, gloomy, uncomfortable impression. Monochrome design is based on a bright game of contrasts, so plumbing and furniture are placed against a background of the opposite color. If such a design seems strict, it is enough to soften it with warm accents. Even using only two opposite tones, you can emphasize a variety of different styles, from laconic classical to progressive high-tech or industrial loft.

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Which style to contact

The classical color scheme will perfectly blend in with modern minimalism, which has clear lines and minimal decorative elements. Also, in a black and white color scheme, you can draw a historical direction of the Renaissance or Victorian style. Using thematic patterns, details, ornaments, an eastern, Asian, ethnic stylistic design is created. Monochrome palette will perfectly harmonize with modern high-tech or loft. Manufacturers offer a variety of finishing materials in black and white colors, with different patterns, textures, textures, with imitation of a variety of surfaces. Therefore, to create a spectacular, stylish, exclusive black and white design, corresponding to a given subject, with the right approach, it is not difficult.

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Finishing nuances and materials

In the bathroom you need to use moisture-proof materials. Decorating the room in black and white, you can not make a mistake in the installation. Any mistake made will negatively affect the overall appearance of the room. Correctly selecting the ratio, alternation of contrasting hues, you can change the geometry of the room for the better. Correspondingly, incorrect proportions will negatively affect the atmosphere in the room.

Elegant bathroom decor White walls in the bathroom  Long bathroom  Elegant tile in the bathroom  Decor of walls in the bathroom  The combination of dark and light tiles


For finishing the ceiling in the bathroom the following materials are used:

  • paints that resist the effects of moisture;
  • gypsum plasterboard;
  • plastic panels;
  • reechnye, stretch ceilings;
  • expanded polystyrene plates;
  • mirror plates;
  • decorative plaster.

Stylish wall decor in the bathroom Black floor in the bathroom  Marble floor in the bathroom  Oval bath  Round sink  Gray walls in the bathroom

In the bathroom is not recommended to use lime, chalk mixes for whitewashing. Due to high humidity, they will be a favorable environment for the reproduction of fungus, mold. In most cases, the ceiling is made in white, if you use black, then the room will appear lower. The usual painting is easy and inexpensive, it can be additionally decorated with decorative baguettes, stucco molding, other details suitable to a certain style. Finishing the ceiling with expanded polystyrene plates will hide the unevenness. Glossy surfaces of plastic panels, stretch ceilings, mirror fragments, reflect light, visually increase the size of the room.

Dark brown tiles in the bathroom Large shower cubicle  A small window above the bathroom  Beautiful furniture in the bathroom  Mirrors in the bathroom with gold leaf  Black wall in the bathroom


In the bathrooms for wall finishing, paneling is often used. The lower part of the wall is made with one material, the upper one with the other. Or the panels can be selected with black tiles, and the rest of the wall is contrasting white. In small rooms, the whole wall is decorated with a light color, but with different textures. In the black and white bathroom, decorative, patterned inserts, arranged vertically, look spectacular. Also for wall decoration, moisture-resistant wallpaper, wallpapers, ceramic tiles with photo printing, ornaments, mosaic smalt are used. Horizontal lines, inserts visually expand the space, vertical lift ceilings. If you plan to install white plumbing, then it is beneficial to emphasize the black background. Black-and-white shades, pictures, functional zones are allocated. To the classical monochrome scale elements are excellent, inserts of red color, especially on a black background.

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For the finishing of floors in the bathroom using a variety of materials:

  • ceramic tile;
  • artificial or natural stone, marble, slate;
  • Self-leveling floors;
  • moisture resistant laminate.

Ceramic tiles for floors can simulate the stone surface of black, white marble. Design a horizontal plane in the form of a carpet, mosaic. If you lay the tile diagonally, in staggered order, you get a visual effect that expands the space of the room. The mixture is filled with smooth, seamless coating.

Simple bathroom interior Beautiful furniture in the bathroom  Simple plumbing for an apartment  Black curtains for a light bathroom  Bathroom with a large window in the apartment  Marble bathroom decor

Accessories and decor

All elements of decor should correspond to the style of the room and be combined with each other. Furniture is selected in one color solution, especially if it will be installed along one wall. Metal parts need to be purchased in the same color, chrome plated, white brass and bronze look better on a black background. If the black and white design seems too strict, you can mitigate the situation if you add wooden elements, warm accents.

Bathroom in the style of minimalism Flowers from a mosaic tile  Decor wall zig-zag over the bathroom  Large shower room in a private house  Bright lighting in the bathroom  Bathroom in the attic

On a monochrome color background, all other shades are very prominent. Therefore, curtains for bathroom or windows, rugs, towels, should be combined. Jars, bottles with hygienic accessories should be stored in closed lockers, otherwise many small items of different colors will violate the laconic atmosphere. Lamps, frames for mirrors, paintings, candles, flowers, holders and other objects of decor are selected for the style of design.

The Long Mirror

Choice of sanitary engineering

Plumbing is purchased based on their own taste preferences, in accordance with the basic stylistic direction of the interior. For a monochrome bathroom, traditional white, black and white, in rare cases purely black, is perfectly suited. The classical interior is suitable for round, oval shapes, for hi-tech you can choose rectangular, square items of sanitary ware. Victorian style will emphasize the bath on metal curved legs. In shops a wide variety of options, so choosing the right one will not be difficult. Corner baths, shower cabins will save space of the room.

Stylish bathroom fixtures in the bathroom Black walls in the bathroom  Bathroom Decor Ideas  Beautiful wall in the bathroom  Corner bath in the apartment  Black tile

The role of texture and texture in two color rooms

In the design of a black and white bathroom, designers are guided by the principle, when there are matte objects on a glossy background and vice versa.

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Different textures, textures of finishing materials allow you to reproduce any design project. Ceramic tiles, tiles, moisture-resistant wall-papers, decorative plaster can simulate absolutely any surface. For example, brickwork, marble, silk or other textiles, antique mosaics, carpet patterns, ethnic ornaments and so on. Too much reflective gloss will look excessively pretentious, so it's better to alternate with matte, texture fragments.

White tile in the bathroom Vintage Bath  Modern bathroom  Design of a compact bathroom  Black faucet for white shell  Chess masonry

About different areas

The smaller the area of ​​the room, the more white is used. In this case, the opposite black is used in small fragments, small patterns, inserts. In small Khrushchev's bathrooms, you can use the techniques that allow you to visually increase space, save square meters. For this, corner furniture, plumbing, large mirrors, glossy surfaces are used, mostly light colors are used.

Designer bathroom interior

Floorовые покрытия с диагональными рисунками сделают помещение более просторным, вертикальные полосы на стенах зрительно поднимут высоту потолков, горизонтальные вставки расширят пространство. Чем объемнее площадь ванной комнаты, тем больше черного цвета допускается использовать, главное во всем соблюдать меру. Слишком много темного фона создаст мрачную, хоть и дорогую обстановку.

White plumbing Decor of a monochrome bathroom  Bathroom in black and white  Spacious bathroom in a private house  Widespread sink in the bathroom  Chess tile in the bathroom


Black and white interior is built on the game contrasts of completely opposite colors. The classic combination creates an elegant, luxurious environment, in which there is an ideal order, dynamism and mystical beauty. If you want to equip a bathroom in black and white color scheme, then look through similar design for successful design projects. To avoid oversights, mistakes, it is necessary to first develop a sketch of the future situation of the room.

Design a small bathroom in the apartment

It is easier to make adjustments at the stage of project development than to try to change the shortcomings in an unsuccessfully decorated room. Using only two contrasting colors, black and white, you can create an extraordinary, exclusive design, in almost any style. Monochrome color scheme in the interior of bathrooms, for a long time has not lost its relevance and popularity for many years.