Chests in the interior - photo review of the best modern

At first there was a simple chest, which contained in itself the wealth of its master. With the growth of treasures and the chest grew more and more until the master was unbearable every time to perform acrobatic sketches in an attempt to pull out of the "hero" innermost.


So, in the chest appeared drawer. The chest of drawers began its difficult path to our days. By the way, "chest of drawers" with fr. "comfortable". It was in France of the 18th century that our hero received the name, and most importantly, like the true nobleman-confession. A chest of drawers was certainly present in the palace chambers or in the officer's camping tent.

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In our homeland, he appeared later, having proved himself to be a truly aristocratic furniture, wayward. What is there to say, in the 20th century he did not like it in uneasy Khrushchev or Brezhnevka. Whether the case is narrow, compensating for the lack of width in height, the cabinet. However, not long there was a chest of drawers in exile and during this time continued and continued to evolve until finally appeared to us, prettier, not so cumbersome and even more elegant. How it became visible on the photo of the chest of drawers.

Table of contents of the article:

  • Chest or cupboard? The advantages of the first over the second
  • Chest, as part of the interior of various rooms
  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Entrance hall, corridor, hall
  • Kitchens, toilets
  • A few words about the appearance
  • Photo of modern commodes in the interior

Chest or cupboard? The advantages of the first over the second

I would like to start with the size. The chest of drawers is much inferior to the closet in size. The reason lies in the functional purpose (see Further). Small sizes allow the chest of drawers to make the most efficient use of space, without pulling it down, but, on the contrary, emphasizing the space in this or that room. You can verify this by looking carefully at the photo of the chest of drawers in the interior.

As for the decor, in the case of a chest of drawers it can be brighter, without causing, however, a resonance with the appearance of the room. While the closet due to its size, of course, will be variegated, stick out itself.

 The advantages of the chest can also be attributed to its next property-with a well-chosen interior it allows you to create stunning furniture compositions.

Chest, as part of the interior of various rooms


As a rule, it is used to store sleeping accessories and clothes in it. In this case, the surface of the chest can be used as a base for lamps, frames with photographs, decorating facilities, and in some cases, serve as a real changing table.


The chest of drawers in the interior of the bedroom have, as from the side of the head of the bed, and to the wall opposite, as in the classical arrangement of furniture. Quite often the chest of drawers are placed in the foot of the bed. It is necessary to consider personal preferences. For example, if you want to make it more convenient for you to change clothes, it is preferable to put the chest in the footboard.


Living room

Having passed the way from the object for storing the riches to the household furniture, the chest of drawers became the property of not only the premises of personal, secret (bedroom, etc.), but also living rooms. In the dresser and on the chest of drawers are not only clothes, but also books, photographs, accessories. You can use it as a tabletop or a TV stand.


Due to its great versatility, the chest of drawers is often made part of the central composition of the interior, as a rule, with the classical arrangement of furniture, according to which the sofas and armchairs are located parallel to the axis of symmetry of the center.


Entrance hall, corridor, hall

And here there is a place for the dresser, because it is perfect for storing street things, such as hats, scarves, mittens, shoes. And considering also that a chest of drawers can be used as a table, questions about the appropriateness of a chest of drawers in these rooms fall away.


To store shoes, it is enough to pull out the bottom boxes, thus creating the necessary space. Do you want to create a place for sitting-remove the top boxes or just put on the chest of drawers mattress.


 The chest is ideal for filling empty space and forming a center for composition in these rooms. Suspended above him mirrors, shelves, hooks add to the interior even more comfort.


Kitchens, toilets

A chest of drawers is also suitable for arranging kitchens where it can be used to store kitchen utensils, effectively filling the space at the working wall or near the walls forming the dining area.


In the bathrooms often use a chest of drawers as a basis for an embedded shell. Such a design was given to the people in the name of "moydodyr" for their similarity to the character of the same name. Of course, the chest of drawers does not cease to be a chest of drawers and in this case, performing a number of functions, including the main function, the storage of things.


A few words about the appearance

In conclusion, I would like to say about the design and interior of the dresser. As you understand from the article, the chest of drawers is an amazing means for enriching the interior of the room. So why not use it to the maximum of its quality? The chest of drawers can, or rather, it must be different from the furniture that is standing in the room. An important fact here is that the chest of drawers, with rare exceptions, is detached from its colleagues in the room, so it is worth choosing a chest of drawers that would stand out against the general background, thereby contrasting with the existing situation. And the point here is not necessarily in color.


The chest of drawers can be distinguished by the material from which it is made, by means of decor, by means of decoration. In general, the mass options (see Photos of modern chests in the interior), one of them, perhaps the simplest, is the selection of original drawers for boxes.


Photo of modern commodes in the interior


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