Amazing ideas for the design of comfortable small apartments

Interior of comfortable small apartments

Currently, the most popular type of housing for many people is a small apartment with one or two rooms.

However, in conditions of limited space and low financial possibilities, you can create in your apartments a comfortable, aesthetically attractive and incredibly functional environment, which is great for recreation, life and leisure.

This house in the Williamsburg area in the city of Brooklyn was renovated by specialists of the General Assembly for a family without children. A small living area is used by the hosts for cooking, eating and relaxing. These functions are clearly delineated in L-shaped space.

To the left is a sitting area with a sofa, a coffee table, designer chair and the storage area. At the same time on the right side was equipped with a magnificent kitchen and dining area.

The window of the window was accentuated by an unmatched banquet, as well as green indoor plants, which give the apartment atmosphere freshness and natural charm.

Dining room and living room of comfortable small apartments

The dining area was complemented by a large wooden table, chairs with plastic seats, a voluminous artwork on the wall and an original ceiling lamp with a glass lampshade.

Dining room of comfortable small apartments

From the rest of the unusual house this space is separated by laconic pendant shelves, which are used by the owners to store utensils, products and accessories.

Shelves under the ceiling in comfortable small apartments

Another project, developed by the masters of the engineering bureau of the General Assembly, is characterized by incredible practicality and high functionality.

Specialists equipped a small room with a modular furniture set made with the use of textured wood. It was painted in a white tint, which helps create the illusion of volume in the room.

Cabinet of comfortable small apartments

The opening table allows you to create a space that is used as a home office and work corner.

Cabinet of comfortable small apartments

Creative furniture was also equipped with a Murphy bed. It is ideal for small apartments and makes it easy to turn a bedroom into a comfortable guest cabin.

Bedroom of comfortable small apartments

These apartments in the Mexican city of Mexico City were developed by the specialists of the agency vgz (a). They appear visually more voluminous and free, as engineers used translucent glass panels instead of blind screens.

Living room of comfortable small apartments

The bedroom is just a few steps from the kitchen.

Bedroom of comfortable small apartments

In this glass sliding door with a pattern of branchy trees and blinds allows you to form a confidential environment in the boudoir, which is remarkably suitable for sleeping and resting.

Bedroom of comfortable small apartments

The work area was also equipped practical table with a glass surface.

Bedroom of comfortable small apartments

Multifunctional bed with a lifting mechanism easily turns into a cabinet, creating an open and voluminous home office.

Office of comfortable small apartments

The last unusual element in this Mexican apartment is the swivel stand for the TV. Thus, hosts can enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the guest cabin and bedroom.

TV with swivel mechanism

This apartment in the Slovak city of Bratislava was decorated by the masters of the bureau Gut Gut, who managed to emphasize the unusual architecture of the structure and create a comfortable decoration. The design was sustained in an industrial style with a predominance of a light toning palette.

Interior of small apartments in industrial style

The kitchen was equipped with a high rack with numerous shelves for storing utensils, cooking utensils and household appliances.

Kitchen of small apartments in industrial style

We presented to the view of our regular readers great options for designing small rooms, as well as giving them comfort and incredible warmth.

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