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Bathroom in the Mediterranean style includes simplicity, elegance, minimal amount of decor and use as much as possible natural materials in the finish. Mediterranean style itself is considered laconic and quite relaxing, and for these reasons it is ideal for decorating a bathroom. After all, this is exactly the place of our home, where peace, peace and relaxation reign. After a hard day, it's so nice to wash off all the negativity and fatigue when taking a hot bath or a warm, relaxing shower.

Pale beige interior

A vivid example of the design of the bathroom in the Mediterranean style. Ceramic tiles of pale beige color - the most suitable option for a stylish Mediterranean bath.

Original bathroom decor

An elegant mirror in an ornate wooden frame and thematic wall lamps that mimic the burning of a candle become the center of the design composition.

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Subtleties of the Mediterranean bath

To plunge into the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast, special attention is paid to the color palette of the bathroom. The predominant shade, which designers maximally use in the design of the Mediterranean interior, is white. Dilute it can be bright details and ornaments in ethnic style. The notices of Greek charm and antique luxury must necessarily intertwine with sunny colors.

The Mediterranean style is quite comfortable and at the same time is not devoid of brightness, it is often used in the design of small apartments with low ceilings.

But even if the whole apartment will be framed in some other style, then for the bathroom experts still recommend choosing the Mediterranean design. Promising that the overall picture he will not break. Separate attention also deserves bright accents, which can best convey the coloring and style features. It can be bright orange towels, reminiscent of the Greek sun, or yellow soap dishes, in color similar to the warm sea sand of Egypt. To finish the walls of the bathroom most often used tiles of milk, white, cream, yellow, olive, terracotta. Sometimes, to dilute and bring a bit of animation, tiles can be with mosaic inserts or with ornaments in the Greek style. In the flooring, a tree painted in the same tones is used, but they must be much darker and more saturated. The floor can also cover the tiles, matte in texture and bright colors in tone with the walls.

Cozy room

An example of the correct selection of furniture and bathroom equipment in the Mediterranean style.

Spacious bathroom

The bathroom in the country house in southern Italy is decorated in a Mediterranean style. An unusually light, airy interior is accentuated by large glass doors to the entire wall.

The snow-white bath is lined with bright blue tiles with a white pattern. Correctly selected ceramic tiles and wooden ceiling finish make the interior light and stylish.

The snow-white bath is lined with bright blue tiles with a white pattern. Correctly selected ceramic tiles and wooden ceiling finish make the interior light and stylish.

Specificity of the bath of this style

Bathroom of Mediterranean design can be easily recognized thanks to ethnic ornaments that are present in a variety of decor elements. One of the features of this style in the interior of the bathroom is the use of natural materials, from decoration elements to towels and bathrobes. Interestingly and harmoniously in this interior look vegetative scenery, such as a vine or olive branch. Elegant and representative furniture looks handmade with forged elements, and it should look as simple as possible. It is not allowed to have any upholstery in the furniture. On the wall you can hang an antique antique mirror or order a new one with the effect of rubbing. A large bathtub is not very suitable for this design, it is much better to give preference to a shower cubicle or a bath in the form of a rounded bowl.

Luxurious interior in the bathroom

A Mediterranean-style bathroom with a bathtub and a shower in the countryside family house. The style is notable for calm, laconic, unobtrusive design.

Light room

Chic Mediterranean style can create the most comfortable and comfortable environment in the bathroom.

An important detail in the Mediterranean bath is the presence of an outdoor vase in which the green plants of the country corresponding to the general idea will look harmonious. A distinctive feature, allowing with an extraordinary ease to immediately recognize the Mediterranean style, is a dividing decorative strip, passing through all walls, with ornaments in Greek or Roman style. In any weather and in every season, the mood in the bathroom should be sunny, warm and summer, so when choosing flooring, it is better to use heated floors. Bathroom in the Mediterranean style does not allow carpets and carpet, only tiles or natural wood, because it will never go out of fashion and will always remain relevant. Wood looks equally well in both painted and natural form. The Mediterranean style is simplicity, laconicism and at the same time elegance, in which there are both smooth calm lines and bright accents.

Mediterranean style

The design project for a bathroom in the Mediterranean style implies the use of white and dark blue tiles for finishing the room. The contrast combination of colors visually expands the space.

Colorful interior

A saturated turquoise color is great for creating an interior in the Mediterranean style. The color of a light breeze brings to mind the warm sea and the gentle sun.

Design apartment in the Mediterranean style. Video

Mediterranean style in the interior of the bathroom