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The native land of the Scandinavian style is Sweden and Finland. The climatic conditions of these small northern countries had a serious impact on its formation.


Beautiful landscapes, harsh conditions, non-drowning people, absorbed in work - all this could not but leave its imprint.

At present, the Scandinavian style has gained immense popularity all over the world, so the study of its concept is of particular interest. Before embarking on the design of your living room, you need to consider the features of the style.


And it will be useful to get acquainted with both the description and the interior of the living room in the Scandinavian style.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Basic concept
  • Relation to excesses
  • Lighting
  • Spaciousness and order
  • Materials
  • Simple forms
  • The secret of style
  • Photo of living rooms in Scandinavian style

Basic concept

In contrast to the interiors of the living rooms, which prevailed for many decades, in which the main emphasis was on pomposity, decorativeness, even some theatricality, the design of the living rooms in the Scandinavian style is notable for its practicality and lack of frills.


The main desire in the development of design is the creation of the most convenient for the owner of space. And here it does not matter at all whether the room will have an effect on the guests.


Relation to excesses

In the harsh environment of the northern countries, everything necessary for life is extracted by hard work. In this regard, the Scandinavians do not have a propensity for extravagance, and there is the ability to especially appreciate comfort.


In their interior there are no excesses: unnecessary things, expensive furniture. The main component of the living room in the Scandinavian style is a cozy sofa, it is also desirable to have a fireplace and a chair next to it.


There are no expensive textiles and wallpaper, rather attention will be paid to a pleasant carpet that warms your feet.


Consider the basic principles inherent in style. They are clearly visible in all the photos of the living rooms in the Scandinavian style.



A small amount of light, inherent in the north, makes him pay special attention. Scandinavians prefer windows that do not have bindings, which not only serves to better penetrate the rare sun rays, but also allows you to freely enjoy the opening landscapes.


Curtains are rarely used and mostly serve as a cover for a not too picturesque view from windows or bindings, which are forbidden to clean due to the style of the facade of the building.


Much attention is paid to artificial lighting, which is a combination of a common and a point. Floor lamps are very popular.


Spaciousness and order

Living room to perform its functions should be quite spacious, so sometimes for this purpose it is combined with the kitchen. To create space is also important to the minimum number of things, that is, in the design of the living room in the Scandinavian style, in addition to the sofa, little table, armchair and shelves, almost nothing is used.


But the sofa, as the central place of the interior, should be large enough to provide a cozy accommodation not only for the owner, but also for a large company of friends. Sometimes they even put two sofas and supplement them with ottomans.


Cabinets are not available, as things are stored in closets and cloakrooms. Even the shelves remain half-empty.

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The decor is presented in a small amount, it can be either author's work, or a good design from mass production.


All this completely does not give the impression of clutter, which is further reduced by the predominance of white in design.


It is also important for visual expansion of space and contributes to the allocation of furniture and interior items, which nevertheless are manifested by bright color spots, which make it possible to clearly feel the perspective and space.

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In the interior of the Scandinavian countries, natural materials such as wood and granite are very much appreciated. An obligatory element of decor is the presence of wooden parts in furniture and accessories. The floor is also mostly wooden, and can either remain in natural color or be painted white.

With a smile

Stone floor is rare, this material is used to decorate any interior elements.

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Textiles are also natural, there can be bright handmade carpets. Often you can see skins of deer or bear on the floor. The skin is used in the upholstery of sofas and armchairs.


Simple forms

The interior is extremely laconic and functional, there is no place for carving, stucco molding and other types of decorations. As an exception, only emphasizing the rules, a traditional chair can perform.


The secret of style

Scandinavian style combines practicality and economy, while it is very convenient for living and represents the personification of modern preferences. So it turned out that luxury is not in a variety of different decorative elements, but in genuine values ​​that are necessary for humanity.

living room02-03

Photo of living rooms in Scandinavian style




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