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Modern design of a bathroom with a fireplace

The interior and decor of the bathroom in a modern style of dwelling should correspond to the needs of the household, to please the eye, to give an opportunity to retire and relax. In the process of repair it is important to choose high-quality materials, plumbing. The right choice of accessories will bring life, add personality.

Disposition with bath and shower

The thoughtless unification of the toilet and bathroom area threatens a big family with disputes and conflicts.

The room is expanded by a pantry, a corridor, a bathroom unit with a bathroom. This will require material, physical efforts, coordination in the instances. Repair the bathroom yourself or involve a designer who develops a detailed 3D-visualization scheme.

Walls ванной под дерево Light tiles in the bathroom interior  Tile with bamboo on the wall in the bathroom  Strict bathroom design  Floorки с подсветкой в ванной  Original form of bath and shells

Zoning and expansion of space

The room is divided into functional areas, where the plumbing equipment is located: a bathroom or shower area, a sink, a toilet bowl. When the bathroom is combined, the toilet and shower are separated by a partition. Determine the storage area for towels, household chemicals, cosmetics, hair dryer. The washing machine in the bathroom is also installed in a separate area together with a laundry basket.

In a small square, you just have to dream about squeezing into a given volume. In this situation, one resorts to the following tricks:

  • Competent lighting. The space is illuminated evenly at different levels. Spot ceiling lights and sconces, filled with light niches are spread out space.
  • Walls and floors in light colors. Decoration of the room with white, beige shades with contrasting bright accents of accessories. In addition, dry drops on the darker surface are more visible. Small tiles, mosaic, repeating patterns, creating the illusion of volume. Mirrors in the whole wall, glossy ceiling will give a sense of spaciousness. The only negative - will often have to wipe.
  • Closed storage systems. Towels, jars, boxes and bubbles group, send to hidden shelves or to scrap. Space will not be cluttered and narrowed.

Zoning in the bathroom Partition between bathroom and toilet  Floorки с подсветкой в стене ванной  Wood and stone in the bathroom interior  White and green bathroom interior  Bathroom design with marble tiles

Plumbing and furniture

Modern design of the bathroom involves competent lighting, layout and placement of furniture, quality finishing materials. To the center of hygiene has not ceased to be the center of pleasure, furniture, plumbing are selected one style, color, not forgetting about convenience and safety.

Tile for a tree in the bathroom interior

A practical and rational style for the bathroom will be classic or modern. It looks fashionable room in the style of high-tech, which nicely fit in monochrome, glass and plastic, suspended plumbing, metal pipes. The main thing is not to contradict taste and sense of proportion. Bathroom, except that nothing else fit into the room - a bad decision.

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For furniture, the optimal combination will be quality, functionality, spaciousness. The material from which it is made must be moisture resistant, it is possible to use a stone. Hinges, handles, legs of chrome-plated metal - a sign of quality. Gilding or imitation chrome plating after a couple of months peel off, will spoil the look.

Gray wall in a light bathroom interior A large mirror above the sink  Bath with illumination  Snow White Bathroom Interior  Bathroom with modern plumbing  Dark Bathroom Interior

Bath or shower

If the room is spacious, then you can not deny yourself both options, and if you have to choose, it's worth considering.

Room with bath and shower

Why the bathroom is better

You can luxuriate with candles, foam or salt, isolate yourself from household chores, read, listen to music. Romance for a couple with champagne. For children it is useful and fun. Penka, toys, the sea, or rather, the pool of pleasure. Here they make a laundry of delicate things, bathe a dog or a home crocodile, wash a large pan, dip roses in the water for the night. In the bathroom one can take a shower.

Small print on the minuses:

  • large dimensions;
  • increased water consumption;
  • inconvenience for the disabled and the elderly.

Mosaic on the bath Chocolate tiles in the bathroom interior  Floorотенцедержатель над ванной  Design with corner bath  Floorки со свечами в ванной  Marble tiles on the floor and walls of the bathroom

Why a shower cabin

The process does not take much time. Cost savings. Minimum water flow. For "advanced" users: pressure control, water temperature, choice of feeding method, additional "smart" sensors, functions. Some models provide for the transformation of the shower into a sauna, a mini-salon for spa procedures. For the convenience of the elderly, the nuts are removed, the booth is equipped with a special seat.

About cons:

  • the cabin will cost more;
  • the process is difficult at a low pressure;
  • relax lying down will not work, more strength to clean.

Light wood in the bathroom interior Mosaic on the bathroom floor Dark wall and white shower cubicle  Floorка возле душа  Interior shower with mosaic  Shower cabin with light


Not all types of finishes withstand the harsh conditions of a particular room. Steam, condensate, fungi, leaks do not contribute to aesthetics. The selected materials must withstand temperatures, corrosion, allow the installation of hidden elements and structures.

Such economical options as painting or pasting the ceiling in a room with vinyl wallpaper can not be called stylish and modern.

Vinyl wallpaper on the bathroom ceiling

To a higher class includes paneling. Panels DSP - a material hygroscopic, it is treated with moisture resistant varnishes. With proper operation, ventilation will last a long time.

Ceiling из ДСП в ванной

PVC panels are relatively inexpensive, with a rich color scheme, the installation is simple, there is the possibility of embedding fixtures. Slightly reduce the height of the room, wash easily, moisture is not afraid, fit into any design. Panels-chameleons, mirror ones are popular.

Bathroom with PVC ceiling

Those who are willing to pay more prefer the recent novelty - suspended ceilings. Popular trim of mineral slabs (moisture resistant ones are needed). Fans of the futuristic direction will stop on the metal tile. Color palette is not rich, they are collected by moisture and pollution, but the presence of proper ventilation solves the problem.

False ceiling in the bathroom

Plates from plasterboard are easy to install, with their help make multi-level ceilings. Wet plasterboard lends itself to formation. Moisture resistant sheets hide unevenness and communication, they are easy to care for.

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Bathroom interior with plasterboard ceiling

Roof ceilings made of aluminum at the peak of popularity. The coating has many colors and shades, it can be smooth, with perforation, under chrome, gold, mirror. The material is lightweight, easy to clean, decorates the ceilings of any configuration.

Rack-ceiling in aluminum in the bathroom

The highest class is stretch ceilings. The costs are worth it, the finish looks stylish and cozy, the surface is absolutely flat. Vinyl does not develop mold, condensation does not accumulate. If the neighbors are flooded from above, then such a ceiling retains not one hundred liters of water. Popular glossy and matte options, with photo printing, imitating the southern starry sky.

Bathroom design with stretch ceiling

The original mirrors, glass ceilings, which change the volume of the room. It uses photo printing, engraving, the room is decorated with stained glass.

Mirror ceiling in the bathroom


Painting walls, pasting wallpaper short-lived, only glass pane are allowed.

Painted walls in the bathroom

For a spacious room suitable drywall or plastic panels. These materials are easy to install, easy to care for, a lot of coloring options, minus - it's easy to damage.

Walls из пластика в ванной

There is a tendency to use natural materials. Wood and marble are expensive, but very beautiful. The tree will require special treatment in a humid environment, it will also have to be taken care of with marble.

Wood and marble in the bathroom interior

Ceramic tiles are ecological, durable, have a relatively low cost, it is easy to maintain clean. With the help of styling options, use of all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, textures and shades of the material, designers create unique interiors.

Ceramic tiles on the walls in the bathroom

Another spectacular form of decoration - decorative plaster, only moisture resistant. Apply plaster for outdoor work, which will withstand the loads inherent in the bathroom.

Bathroom interior with decorative plaster


Linoleum and paint discard immediately. Parquet board in a moist environment is also not the best option.

Linoleum on the floor in the bathroom

We admit waterproof (not waterproof) laminate, which is also not the ideal coating, in time, despite the protection and processing, will start to deteriorate.

Floor из ламината в ванной

Ceramic tiles and tiles are the best choice. They are not afraid of moisture, meet hygiene requirements. The tile is durable, does not wear off, does not slip. Bad thermal insulation is a defect that can easily be eliminated by connecting a "warm floor" system.

Bathroom interior with a checkerboard tile floor

The advantage of the floor is strength, resistance to aggressive influences. With the help of this coating, they realize any design idea, create original images with 3D-effect.

The bath in the bathroom

Elite type of decoration - natural stone. The material itself, work with it will entail costs, but to this day nothing elegant has been invented yet. Usually used porous marble, each tile is different. Pick up, lay only professionals.

Floor в ванной из натурального камня

Color spectrum

The first thing in the design of the room is guided by its size, degree of illumination. Large bathrooms are rare, so owners tend to visually expand the space.

White-and-black options are not an option, white is boring, associates with a hospital, flashes. It shows itself in combination with other colors, adding a room to the light. The dark bathroom looks original on the photo, but in reality, where there is always a lack of square meters. m, will put pressure on the psyche. It is advisable to use two or three shades of blue, all shades of light green, ivory. Popular for the bathroom is bluish-green, shades of yellow, sand or pink, lilac with lavender.

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Red-gray walls in the bathroom

If the plumbing is colored or patterned, the walls are kept in one neutral color.

When using two colors, the complement is a tile with a pattern. Bright contrast colors are applicable as inserts, which is suitable for a small room.

White-gray bathroom interior Bathroom design with mirrors  Steps and shelves with backlighting in the bathroom  Bathroom design in chocolate color  TV in front of the bathtub  Shower and bath with a glass partition

Combined with a toilet

If you think about the rational use of space, the tandem is perfectly acceptable. On a limited space, everything is in place. When redevelopment requires additional distribution of pipes, they are hidden as much as possible, so that they occupy little space and access to plumbing elements.

If the pipes are placed in the wall, then let them be plastic. Mount more difficult, but reliability is higher than that of metal-plastic ones.

Bathtub made of wood

The combined bathroom will require the installation of forced ventilation.

The design of the room is maintained in the spirit of minimalism, Japanese style, hi-tech, where everything is strictly and neatly, with possible several bright details.

Painting in the interior Bathroom with toilet  Bathroom interior in red, black and gray colors  Mirror with illumination in the bathroom  Walls под мрамор в ванной  Bath with shower

Bathroom in Khrushchev

A feature of the interior of a room with a limited footage is the unification of many functions in one element. Leave only what you can not do without.

Modern design of the bathroom in Khrushchev

Actual reception - the use of angular models of sanitary ware. Choose miniature models, have a sink not next to, and above the bathroom, at least partially. On the "won" square will fit a washing machine of small dimensions. At worst, the sink is not installed at all, limiting itself to a tap above the bathroom.

Small built-in shelves above the toilet or in the narrow aperture between the sink and the machine, the corner cupboard can accommodate many tubes and bottles, and the brevity of the forms visually spreads the space. Here, as nowhere else, it is important to use the play of light and shadow, to correctly arrange the color accents.

Sink and toilet in the bathroom Turquoise-gray bathroom interior  Bathroom with shower  Toilet bowl next to the bathroom  Washing machine in the bathroom  Bathroom design in light green color

Bathroom in the cottage

A country house gives space for creativity. It may be necessary to spend a reasonable budget, but do not save space.

Often a tree is used that will act not only as a decorative element. It will unite the nature outside the window and decorate the premises in a single whole, add warmth and coziness. Decoration in this case does not make a loud, stand space in calm light colors.

Starry sky on the ceiling in the bathroom

Space provides an opportunity to organize in the bathroom a whole storage system, put the original furniture set. Cladding walls, ceiling with natural materials will bring a sense of luxury.

In a large area, a tile of different shades and textures is laid, and shapes and sizes are played out.

Modern design of the bathroom in the cottage Bathroom in the style of minimalism  Bath with Jacuzzi and lighting  Bath and shower in the same room  Floodlight on the ceiling in the bathroom  Spotlights on the ceiling

A unique style will create the use of fragments, whole panels of mosaic tiles.

The aesthetics of the country interior will be emphasized by the masonry "metro" aged in white. In a spacious room on the floor, a dark wood, a heavy natural stone, is appropriate.