Design of ceilings - modern ideas

Design of ceilings

Modern style is inherent in thinking in several planes at once. If earlier attention was paid to the interior, for the most part, to the walls, now the ceiling design has become a fashionable developing direction. Original ideas are generated, new ways of its finishing appear.

Ceiling with stucco

The trend of recent years is the search for new unexpected solutions by rethinking classical styles. At the heart of the current fashion lies the design of the 1920s, the English style.

Rapid turns gaining the development of eclecticism, manifested by the combination of minimalism and laconic decoration. Special attention is paid to the eco-style, complementing the democratic nature of other trends.

Again, the elements of antique style in the interior are gaining popularity. Texturality of this direction is used as a finishing touch for a laconic and restrained English style. Ethnic motives fulfill a similar function, supplementing the sequence of the main image with the piquancy of pretentious forms.

Bas-reliefs on the ceiling

Types of design

There are many types of ceiling finishes: from the simplest cheap options, to the original expensive combinations. The main ones are presented below.


The simplest and cheapest way to finish the ceiling, definitely, is its color. Despite the emergence of new technologies in the design of this surface, universal coloration in white remains one of the most popular.

Painted ceiling

The disadvantages of this method are:

  • complexity of preparatory work on leveling the surface;
  • labor intensity of painting work;
  • dirty staining process.

Pros of painting:

  • low cost;
  • universality;
  • the possibility of further toning the surface;
  • environmental friendliness.

Ceiling painted in blue

Most often, this method is used for repair with their own hands. Until recently at home, whitewash was used with chalk or lime mortar. But these surface finishes have almost completely replaced the water-based paint. Its peculiarity is the presence of polymers in the composition, which, upon evaporation of water, form a moisture-proof coating.


Another inexpensive way of finishing is to pastel it. It can be implemented in different ways:

  • Oklahoma обоями. Относительно дешевый и не трудоемкий способ. Как и в случае окраски, требует подготовительных работ по тщательному выравниванию рабочей поверхности: при оклейке обоями видны малейшие ее изъяны. Зато оклейка обоями представляет собой менее грязный процесс, чем работа с краской. Еще одним плюсом является широкий ассортимент всевозможных дизайнов готового материала. Для целей отделки потолка лучше всего подойдут жидкие обои. Этот способ однозначно не годится для ванной и кухни, а также любых других помещений с высокой влажностью.
  • Oklahoma плитами из пенополистирола. Как и оклейка обоями, недорогой и легкий способ отделки. Отличается лишь в положительную сторону: плиты устойчивы к влаге, а также более долговечны. Oklahoma плитами не подчеркивает неровности рабочей поверхности, поэтому перекрытие с небольшими огрехами вполне можно не выравнивать дополнительно.
  • Decorating with plastic panels. The method is a cheap alternative to filigree and false ceilings. The essence of the method consists in finishing the surface with special PVC panels. A significant advantage is their thermal and moisture resistance, which allows them to be used in any premises together with spotlights. Plastic panels are distinguished by their durability, well conceal surface irregularities and the presence of communications.
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The ceiling is covered with wallpaper


Suspended потолки носят свое название благодаря лежащей основе конструкции, состоящей из металлического или деревянного каркаса с закрепленными на нем отделочными материалами. В образовавшемся межпотолочным пространстве можно спрятать любую систему коммуникаций, труб, вентиляции или климата, а также устанавливать все виды осветительных приборов на вкус владельцев помещения.

Suspended ceiling with original lighting

Suspended потолки делят на:

  • Cassette type. Represent a system of aluminum or steel plates. In addition to an attractive external fork, this overlap has moisture resistance, does not require complex maintenance and makes it possible to replace individual parts without losing the overall picture.
  • Suspended потолки Армстронг. Представляют собой подвесную систему с использованием на ней минеральных плит. Обладают относительно невысокой ценой, хорошо подойдут для офисов. Пожароустойчивы.
  • Rack-mounted suspension. The design is based on long rails, which are attached to aluminum combs. This overlap is reminiscent of the exterior surface of the lining. The main quality is durability. Good for business and extensive premises.
  • Mirror overlap - is created by attaching the mirror surface to the main structure. Visually expands the space, from which it became widely used in bathrooms, bedrooms, corridors, guest rooms.

Cassette ceiling


Stretch потолки – самый элитный вариант в реалиях современной моды. Заслужили они свое признание не только благодаря стильному внешнему виду, но и за счет своей универсальности и практичности.

Stretch ceiling in combination with gypsum plasterboard

Advantages of tensioning:

  • a wide range of colors and combinations of canvases;
  • masking of any irregularities and surface defects;
  • isolate the room from dust and moisture;
  • the condensate does not settle on the suspended ceilings;
  • absolutely ecological and safe due to the presence of bactericidal film;
  • provide space for fixing heat-insulating materials in inter-ceiling space;
  • heat-resistant, combined with any kinds of chandeliers, lamps, alarm systems, etc.
  • easy to care for;
  • easy to dismantle, can be re-assembled.
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Gypsum plasterboard and stretched ceiling - two-level

Stretch ceiling in the hands of a skilful designer can turn a room into a work of art thanks to the ability to place it at any angle and with any configuration.

Sewn from plasterboard

The type of suspended ceiling that deserves special attention is the plasterboard ceiling. It is a sheet of cardboard with a gypsum layer between them. The design of ceilings from plasterboard can be absolutely any: each work is carried out individually under the order and represents a separate work of design art.

Gypsum plasterboard ceilings in two levels with illumination Installation of this type of false ceiling requires skill, but the end result is worth the effort. Gypsum plasterboard ceilings in the interior have the following advantages:

  • suitable for any degree of processing of the original surface;
  • full masking of wires, communications and seams;
  • the ability to create a combination of several levels;
  • heat insulation;
  • environmental friendliness and safety;
  • accessibility in comparison with other species;
  • perfect result.

As a minus one can distinguish:

  • instability to moisture;
  • loss of 5-10 centimeters of the total height of the room.

Ceilings from plasterboard with LED backlight

Color Solutions

White ceiling - a familiar, but not the only possible color solution for the room. Choosing the color, it should be competently combined with the design of the walls, as well as take into account the features of the room, which he can visually affect.

Green ceiling with spotlights

When choosing the right color, remember that visually increase the height of the room will help light shades, and reduce - dark. Cold colors are more suitable for a room overlooking the south, this will create a feeling of coolness and freshness. For the northern side, accordingly, it is better to use warm colors.

Ceiling with a picture

Few people know that the choice of color in the kitchen can affect the appetite. Using blue-green shades, according to research, can muffle the feeling of hunger. But red-orange colors can be charged with energy and good appetite.

When choosing a color solution for a bedroom, do not experiment with bright colors. This place, first of all, is intended for rest. Suitable shades of dairy, as well as tender pink, purple. The original solution, both for the bedroom and for the children's room, can be overlap with the effect of the starry sky.

Yellow-white ceiling

Attention! When choosing a paint for a children's room, use only materials developed for children's rooms, you can learn about this property thanks to the special marking.

The use of a matte finish for walls and ceilings is not a good idea. To ensure that the room does not merge, it is necessary to distinguish the transitions between the relief planes or inserts from other colors and materials.

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The ceiling in the bedroom


Lighting – это последний штрих отделки потолка. Правильно подобранные осветительные приборы расставляют конечные акценты в интерьере. Все старания по созданию современного дизайна просто не имеют смысла без продуманного падения света.

Figure on the ceiling of the LED strip

There are several lighting options:

  1. The only light source in the room in the form of a chandelier in the center of the ceiling is a classic no-lose option. Hanging at some distance from the ceiling chandelier, can visually hide some of its defects. However, within the framework of the modern style, this species begins to give way to the built-in lighting option.
  2. Spotlights and LED lighting

Caution! Heavy fixtures are incompatible with some modern types of ceilings.

  1. Point lighting is most successfully combined with the design of drywall ceiling. Their combination with each other allows you to create a certain light pattern and adjust the level of lighting. Such fixtures not only do not heat the ceiling around themselves, but are also easy to maintain. Despite the low cost of spot lighting, special rotary models are very functional.
  2. LED strip can become a highlight of the room lighting. Due to their use at the base of the stretch ceiling, you can create bizarre lighting effects. Usually, such tapes are used in combination with spot lighting.

Ceiling with smooth lines and stained-glass windows

Type of premises and design

From the standpoint of both practice and aesthetics, the modern design of the ceiling largely depends on the room in which it is located.

Design of the ceiling with beams painted white

The ceiling design of plasterboard in the living room can be absolutely anything. It is important to show imagination here. The main thing is to combine it competently with the interior of the room itself. A multi-level designer or mirror pendant is suitable. It is important to provide several options for its coverage: from a bright filling the entire space, to a small backlight for watching TV.

White frosted ceiling

Kitchen overlap should be bright and expressive, invigorating at the beginning of the day and charging energy. Scientists have proved that bright tones improve appetite and accelerate metabolism. Absolutely not suitable for the kitchen options for pasting wallpaper or panels.

Ceiling combined in the bedroom

For the bedroom, the best choice will be calm light colors and classic stretch. The surface should not focus on yourself and interfere with relaxation. The glossy overlapping of color of an ivory or a champagne is good.

Ceiling in the bathroom

For the bathroom, as for the kitchen, in addition to the appearance of the surface, there is the question of practicality: the overlapping must be ecological, moisture resistant and prevent the reproduction of the fungus. It would be ideal to visually expand the space of the bathroom with a mirror or suspended lath ceiling.