Kitchen design with a bar counter - 80 photos of ideas

Bar counter in wood

Kitchen space plays a big role in people's lives. In the warmth and comfort of the kitchen, the family spends time during morning breakfasts, family dinners or weekend meals. The multifunctionality of this special place makes the issue of decorating the kitchen interior important. How to combine all the possible options for caring for food, sharing meals, quick snacks and long gatherings? One of the answers to this question is the kitchen design with a bar counter.

Red and white kitchen interior

But, according to the main version, it is believed that the emergence of a bar counter contributed to the establishment of catering in the US in the 18th century. In the saloons of the cowboy West, the bar counter divided the service area of ​​the hot Irish guys and the service area. With frequent conflicts with the use of force "arguments", the bar counter served as an effective protective barrier for the barman and fragile glassware.

Those times have long turned into a legend, which the cinematography carefully nestles in the genre of "western". But the principles of convenience and functionality of using a bar counter in saloons, is still widely used in public institutions. Today, this design has become a frequent detail of the interior in residential buildings.

White and pink kitchen Black chairs near the white counter  Aquarium in the kitchen  Suspended light in the kitchen  Rack with a decor from a tile under a stone  Swans above the stove

Zoning of kitchen space as a functional necessity

Zoning of the premises is made to divide it into several necessary functional functional areas. For this purpose, separate areas are allocated with the help of different materials, contrasting colors, furniture and lighting. Thus, the general open space of the studio can successfully combine the living room with the kitchen.

The bar counter divides the cooking and storing of kitchen utensils from a well-equipped place where you can sit at a dinner table, calmly take food and chat with family and friends. Note that this approach allows you to maintain the hygiene necessary for the kitchen.

Interesting chandeliers in the kitchen

During the process of zoning kitchen actual use of different types of flooring in functionally shared areas. On the side where food is cooked, the floor is often polluted. It is more appropriate to use floor tiles to decorate the floor. The side where the food is taken will look more comfortable with the laminate or parquet laid.

Advice! When zoning the kitchen with the bar, use the lighting possibilities. Highlight and highlight the zones, consistent with the need for a brighter or diffused light. Place halogen spotlights or a chandelier with a directional light source above the countertop.

Ceiling and bar with light White kitchen with bright decor  Painting over the sofa  Original lamps above the stand  Shelf above the TV  The original chandelier above the table

A luxury item or an essential element?

As an element of the kitchen interior bar counter appeared recently. Once such a kitchen design personified a sign of prosperity, financial well-being, luxury. Not much time passed. Now in many kitchens the bar is applied as a stylish and functional kind of furniture. Thanks to the variety of forms, materials, the proven base of standard and individual design solutions, the kitchen interior option with a bar counter has become an affordable solution for every taste and purse.

Paintings on the wall at the counter

Its use helps to solve a number of practical problems in the organization of space. Particularly important is the solution of this problem in a small area. For example, designers achieve amazing results by combining a small kitchen area with another room. In this case, the use of a bar rack can stylishly and functionally combine the areas of different configurations. This makes the application in the kitchen a must.

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Interesting kitchen design Landscape on the kitchen wall  Metal chandeliers above the table  Kitchen with white furniture  Stand with glass cover  An interesting combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Optimal height

The question of optimal altitude assumes two possible solutions.

The bar counter is set according to the level of the kitchen top. This method allows you to significantly add a working surface for cooking and eating.

To calculate the height in this case, we must take into account the height of the facades, the thickness of the countertop, the plinth, the base. Considering that the standard of manufacturers of standard kitchen furniture assumes an average height of table-tops of 88-91 cm, approximately at this height it is necessary to be guided at selection of an optimum height of a bar rack in an interior of kitchen.

Shelf rack

Advice! This design is very convenient as a dining table. Use a bar of convenient width as a food zone in a small kitchen for a small family. This will make the kitchen space more ergonomic.

The bar stand, installed separately from the kitchen set, has its own function. In this case, it becomes part of the design solution and is selected individually for the growth and needs of the users of the kitchen.

Original stand in the kitchen Yellow cabinets in the kitchen  Blue Kitchen Furniture  Refrigerator rack  Kitchen with furniture from a tree  Small bar counter

Optimum width

Determination of the optimal width is also an important issue when installing the structure. Standards require a minimum width of a tabletop of at least 30 cm so that on its surface it is possible to arrange traditional for this kind of furniture glasses with drinks. Increasing the functionality of the bar requires increasing the width of its countertop. In order to fully use the area of ​​the bar counter as a working surface for cooking or dining table, the width of the countertop in this case should be at least 50 cm or more.

Landscape of the night metropolis on kitchen cabinets

On the other hand, the wider the countertop of the bar, the more space it takes. In the area of ​​a small kitchen, this can result in the fact that this stylish and multifunctional type of furniture will clutter up the whole kitchen, thus reducing all the advantages of using it practically to zero. To prevent such a result, it is necessary to approach individually to each project, for combining convenience and a respectable appearance.

Chairs at the counter in the kitchen Built-in lighting in the kitchen  White and brown furniture in the kitchen  Soft kitchen interior  Antique furniture in the kitchen  Lamp on the nightstand by the armchair

In classic style

Classics are indisputable in all their manifestations. The bet on the classical style is a priori proof of an excellent taste and practical approach.

Luxury furniture in the kitchen

The classic bar counter is similar to its "grandparents" who "served" in saloons, bars, restaurants. According to the established tradition, the height of the classic bar counter is 110-120 cm. Required are high bar stools or stools, sometimes bar semi-chairs on high legs. The use of classical style obliges to take care of the appropriate details and stylish little things. Stylized antique wooden shelves for alcohol, shiny rails, pendants for glasses will complement the atmosphere of the old bar.

The classic bar counter is made of high-quality natural materials. Especially in such projects, the invaluable natural tree is invaluable. Also, materials that simulate the surface "under antiquity" are applicable.

Clock on the kitchen wall Expensive furniture made of wood in the kitchen  Kitchen furniture in light wood  Table next to the desk  Lighting on the ceiling of the kitchen  Patterns on the ceiling of the dining room


Two-level барная стойка по своей конструкции имеет верхнюю и нижнюю панели. Верхняя панель предполагается для использования в качестве обеденного стола и распития напитков. Нижняя панель служит для приготовления еды, закусок, смешивания коктейлей. Подобно классическому варианту для комфортного времяпровождения за двухуровневой стойкой используются мебель для сидения на длинных ножках (барные стулья, табуреты, кресла).

Backlight on the stand

It is very convenient to use a similar design to a large family with young children. In this case, a special convenience is the opportunity to cook and feed a noisy children's company, almost without going from one place. Moms who know what it's like to feed their restless children at the same time and clean up after them will certainly appreciate this convenience.

However, it must be taken into account that two panels of one bar stand occupy a double width. At the minimum dimensions, the width of such a structure will not exceed 60 cm. For small kitchens such a solution may be too cumbersome.

Interesting chandelier in the kitchen Vase with flowers on the rack  Silver refrigerator in the kitchen  Light furniture in the kitchen  Kitchen with yellow furniture  White-gray kitchen interior

From glass

The glass bar can successfully fit into the interior of the kitchen. Glass as a countertop is a very good material in terms of maintaining hygiene due to its density and smoothness.

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To produce a glass bar, the usual sheet glass with a thickness of 10 mm is quite suitable. The thicker the glass, the stronger the product.

Light wood furniture in the kitchen

Also for the production of countertops, laminated glass is used - triplex. This is a durable, durable material with a thickness of up to 30 mm. Existing technologies allow you to lay decorative coatings between the layers with pictures, ornament, texture. This gives wide decorative possibilities for the use of this material.

Thick glass countertops of bar counters look stylish, but a considerable amount of this material requires a solid foundation that correctly distributes its weight. To avoid damage and cracks, when installing bar counters with a glass surface, it is better to consult specialists who are able to mount such structures.

Bar counter in wood и стекла Red lights in a white kitchen  Black and white rack  TV in the kitchen on the table  White stand with glass cover  Orange cups on white table

Small stand

If the kitchen area is very limited, then it is extremely difficult to arrange a full bar in such conditions. No problem! In the design of this cuisine perfectly fit mini-version.

A narrow long rack is enough to place along the wall to comfortably drink a morning espresso or arrange cozy evening gatherings with watching your favorite TV series.

Brown furniture in the kitchen

In order to save space, the folding mini-rack can be attached to the wall, laying it out as needed. Other solutions optimizing the use of space in the kitchen is a retractable bar counter. When you need to increase the working surface, it just pulls out of the headset. When this need is not present, it moves back, freeing up space.

The height of the small pillar varies as necessary from 80-90 cm to the classical height of 110-120 cm. Under its surface, it is possible to compactly store kitchen chairs and stools so that it does not clutter a small room.

Kitchen with white interior Clock on the wall in the kitchen  Oranges on a rack shelf  Backlight in the kitchen floor  White-berry kitchen  Orange shelves and a rack in the gray interior

Combined with a window sill

Another way to increase the working surfaces of the kitchen is to combine the sill and bar counter. The bonus of this decision is the opportunity to cook and spend time at the window. Thus, natural daylight is used, it becomes possible to admire the view from the window during cooking and gatherings.

Interesting wall-paper in the kitchen

For detailed alignment, sometimes it is necessary to increase or lower the base of the window sill. To avoid such worries, it is ideal to plan this design at the stage of designing and repairing the kitchen. The area of ​​the bar and the window sill are covered with one table top. The width of the window sill allows you to plan dining places for 2-3 people.

The disadvantages of this solution include an increased risk of contamination of slopes and window panes. Possible deterioration of heat transfer, if the heating batteries are located under the window, but this problem is solved. To do this, one or two holes are cut in the countertop, which can be closed with venting grilles.

Kitchen with white interior

Interior of the kitchen with a bar counter - "island"

Kitchen island is an excellent example of kitchen ergonomics. The incredible convenience of using this design is ensured by combining storage systems of kitchen utensils and products with extensive working areas. However, it should be noted that the placement of a small but full-fledged "island" in the middle of the kitchen requires a minimum size of 12 sq. M. and more.

Bar counter - "island" is more compact. This gives more options to mobilely fit it into a small kitchen. Therefore, in small kitchens, a chrome-plated pipe and a small surface of the countertop are often used.

Original lamps above the stand

If the kitchen area allows you to mount a full-fledged two-level "island" design, it opens the possibility to remove the sink and hob on the bottom panel.

Modern materials make it possible to fabricate a base and countertops of any shape: round, square, undulating bar counters consisting of one or more levels.

Backlit stand Antique lamps above the counter  Gray furniture in the kitchen  Spotlights in the kitchen  Original lamps over the rack  Strict furniture in the kitchen

Corner kitchen with breakfast bar

Using a corner kitchen set allows you to use the kitchen area to the maximum. The arrangement of kitchen furniture along the walls frees the space of the main room area. This design more than eliminates the shortage of working space. However, if the area of ​​the kitchen is small, the bar counter can perfectly fulfill the role of a dining table and serve as an element of style in the general ensemble of kitchen decoration.

Chess floor in the kitchen

When combining the rack with a corner set located along two walls of the kitchen, it is recommended that it be parallel to the main furniture line, to simulate the layout with the letter "P". This technique optically enlarges the kitchen, arranges the space, leaving the center of the room not cluttered.

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The design of the rack in a single style with a kitchen set will make it a single set of kitchen furniture. Above in the article the optimal dimensions are shown in case of using the bar counter as a continuation of the kitchen set.

Brown-beige furniture in the kitchen

Summarizing information

Types of bar countersHeight, cmWidth, cmApplication
Classical110-12030-50Snack, fast food intake, drinks

With kitchen unit

≈90from 50Cooking, using as a dining table, snacks, other household chores (for example, working with a laptop)
Two-level≈90 — 120from 60Drinks and snacks (upper tier).

Use as a separate table (lower tier).

Especially recommended for large families with young children.

Mini-standfrom ≈90 to 120≈30Used in small kitchens.

Snacks, drinks, partly the cooking zone.

Dining table for 1-2 people.

Possibility of folding or sliding variant.

Bar counter, combined with a window sill≈90Width of window sill + from 30 cmUsed in small kitchens.

Snacks, drinks, partly the cooking zone.

Dining table for 1-2 people

Bar counter - "island"from ≈90 to 120Depending on the formUsed in small kitchens in the minimal version, recommended for installation in kitchens from 12 sq.m.

Cooking, dining table, snacks, drinks.

Cabinets in the kitchen with lighting

Materials for manufacturing

When manufacturing a bar rack, you can use a variety of materials presented in the modern market of building materials. The combination of fantasy, savvy and financial capabilities will create original, unique samples. The main principle of selection of materials for the bar counter should be the expediency of using a certain material in the context of the general style solution. For example, a stand made of wood, perfectly fit into the interior in the style of "loft", "country" or "provence", and it will be ridiculous to look in a glass-metal "high-tech".

List of materials from which modern table tops are made:

  • natural wood;
  • a natural stone;
  • fake diamond;
  • Particleboard (laminated), MDF;
  • glass.

Yellow-gray kitchen design

In the manufacture of the bar counter base, the following applies:

  • Chromed pipe is a classic, often used base;
  • MDF, NGA;
  • plasterboard;
  • natural wood;
  • The lower part of the wall, specially left during the redevelopment of the premises.

The combination of wood and white in the kitchen

With your own hands

The process of creating this type of furniture with your own hands is simple and fascinating. A little desire, skill and imagination is enough, and your kitchen will be transformed in a magical way. An exemplary algorithm for manufacturing an option using a chrome-plated pipe:

  • Select the material of the countertop. Cut the shape of the tabletop with an electric grinder. Peel the edge of the edges and tape with a special tape.
  • Round a nozzle on a drill along the diameter of a chrome pipe to drill a hole in the countertop according to the project.
  • Pass the chrome pipe through the countertop, fix it with fasteners.
  • Mount the joint between the pipe and the table top with flanges. Fasten the countertop to the bracket.

Tile under the stone on the counter

Advice! When creating a bar counter with your own hands, use a durable material for the countertop, which is not afraid of moisture and high temperatures. In stores you can buy a finished countertop. Do not forget about seasonal sales, this will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing components, having received a stylish result for your design project.

Orange cups on a white rack

And finally,

After the story of the bar counters and their use in the kitchen interior, finally a couple of tips that can be useful when installing a bar in the kitchen.

Seven times measure - one cut

It is necessary to carefully consider the location of the bar. Before ordering from the manufacturer or by self-manufacturing, you need to carefully measure the space, providing freedom of movement for cooking and the comfortable arrangement of all members of the family at the dinner table.

Backlit stand на кухне

Without difficulty, you will not pull fish from the pond

Having decided to make a bar counter yourself, tune in to carefully study the project, take time to find the right accessories, accessories, countertops, materials and other things necessary for making things. With a competent selection of quality supplies that look like a successful style solution, the bar in the kitchen will become the pride of the home.