12 ways to decorate the interior with floating shelves

Floating shelves make it easy to update the walls of the house and beautifully demonstrate your favorite souvenirs, books, dishes and accessories. Check this with our new collection of 25 photos representing different ways of including floating shelves in the interior design!

1. Floating shelves in a small space

If you need shelves for storing things in a small room (for example, in a bathroom, a hallway or on a balcony), then narrow and light floating shelves placed strictly under each other are just what you need! They make the room look much more spacious than it actually is, and at the same time it is convenient to arrange a large number of objects.

thin-floating-shelves-in-the-bathroom white-floating shelves

2. Unique wall design

Floating shelves of dark wood simply look amazing on the light and fresh color of the wall, and vice versa. At the same time, the asymmetric way of hanging these shelves gives the room a cheerful dynamics and uniqueness.

Disain Wall-with-Floating-Shelves a unique-wall-with-floating-shelves

3. Floating shelves in the kitchen

Installing the floating shelves is the easiest way to make the kitchen seem more open and airy, and besides this is one of the latest trends in kitchen design! Open shelves create a sense of extra space and make objects stored on them more accessible.

kitchen-with-floating-shelves Floating-shelves-in-the-kitchen

4. Decoration of a wall over a sofa

Strengthen the design of your living room by hanging a couple of long floating shelves over the sofa. They will be an ideal place to display your favorite photos, works of art and other decorative things, such as candles or houseplants.

living-with-floating-shelves floating-shelf-over-sofaDisain-interior-with-floating-shelves

5. A simple solution for the corner room

Since the floating shelves can be of any size and are fairly simple to install, they can be used in any free space, for example, in the corner of your living room or bathroom.

floating-shelves-in-the-corner-rooms Floating-shelves-in-the-corner

6. Ideal addition for furniture

With a choice of the same wood color as the rest of the furniture in the room, for example, near a standing cabinet, the floating shelves are the perfect complement to the room, giving it a more interesting structure.

Floating-shelves-in-addition-to-the-cave Floating-shelves-under-buns

7. To strengthen the central element

If your wall has a fireplace or any other central object (mirror, picture or the like), then it will look even better if you place unobtrusive floating shelves along its sides.

Floating-shelves-and-fireplace televisior-and-floating-shelves stylish shelves

8. Asymmetric focus in the interior

The following photo shows well how floating shelves can be the main element of a room's design. Take away all electronics and other unsightly things in a closed cabinet and let your favorite vases and other decor come to the fore with stylish floating shelves!

asymmetrical-floating shelves thick-floating-shelf-in-the-interior

9. Low shelves for raising the mood

If the floating shelves are suspended not high above the sofa or under the ceiling, but much lower than the eye level, they will create a more comfortable and light feeling, simplifying access to the items standing on them.

low-floating shelves low-floating shelf

10. Combination with wall patterns

A simple form of floating shelves can nicely focus on the wall pattern, allowing it to appear more neat and warm in appearance.

Floating-shelves-and-trash-on-the-wall floating-shelves-and-rubbish-walls

11. Wall for mountaineering

A simple bookshelf suddenly appears in a new light with the addition of several floating shelves that rise up the wall. A clear contrast between the color of the shelves and the walls adds an interesting effect to the room.


12. Floating shelves for narrow walls

If you add a vertical row of floating shelves to a narrow section of the wall, for example, between windows, you can create an original open unit to store almost any items. Sometimes floating shelves provide the same capacity as a bulky cabinet or rack.

Floating-shelves-on-the-wall-wall floating-shelves-in-niche-rooms