Decorating bottles with twine with your hands + 54 pics

Bottles with Rosettes

Decor twine with your own hands - simple and original technique for the transformation of old or useless in everyday life items in exclusive decor elements. As a rule, everything that requires such decor twine and glue. And the rest - the flight of your imagination. The object, decorated with twine, can be decorated with lace, beads, sequins, buttons or rhinestones.

  • Decoration with paints;
  • Decoration with twine;
  • Decor with salt and cereals;
  • Use of decoupage techniques;
  • Decor with cloth and leather;
  • Decorating with flowers and fruits;
  • Decor with mosaic;
  • Decoration with beads, salt dough, coffee beans, newspapers, cut-outs from magazines.

In fact, for the design of glass containers use almost any improvised materials. The main thing is to use all your creative potential.

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Step-by-step instruction for twine decoration

Twine - a strong thread, made of natural or chemical fibers (or a combination of them). The decor of the bottle with twine is a rather simple kind of needlework. You can buy a twine of this kind in any hardware store or shop for hand made masters. A few simple manipulations, a minimum of tools, materials and ordinary glass containers turns into an original gift. It does not lose its practical purpose. Such a decorated vessel is used for different purposes:

  • Container for croup. The decor of a can of twine, as well as a bistro with the name of the products (salt, sugar, rice, buckwheat) is a wonderful idea for decorating kitchen shelves.
  • Vase. Simple wildflowers and exquisite roses will look good in hand maid pots.
  • Element of interior decor. Bottles, decorated with twine, can not be better suited for interior in the style of "Eco". Thanks to designers who invented the interior of premises using natural materials and beautifully beat the idea of ​​exquisite simplicity. We still need to supplement their idea with pretty little knick-knacks made by themselves.
  • A beautiful container for drinks. Homemade lemonade, liquid sherbet, juice - all these fine drinks will seem even tastier if served in a beautiful vessel.

Decoration of bottles of different shapes

Council. Decorate with twine, not only empty vessels. Present in the form of a bottle with wine, decorated with twine - another version of the festive souvenir.

To decorate bottles with twine with your own hands, you need to stock up with such materials and tools:

  • Bottle for decoration;
  • Cutting of twine;
  • Acetone or alcohol;
  • Glue "Moment" or thermal glue;
  • Scissors;
  • The glue gun.

This kind of needlework is not difficult. Even a child can do it:

  1. Wash. To begin decor with a twine of bottles it is necessary, preliminary having washed out them, having cleaned stickers and having dried.
  2. Degrease. To glue well on the bottle and the rope on the glue, it is necessary to treat the surface with acetone or alcohol.
  3. Wind. Next is the decoration of bottles with twine.

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How to properly wrap the glass container with a twine?

Decoration of bottles by twine with their own hands is not done in random order. When "winding" bottles you need to follow several rules:

  • You need to start from the bottom. Apply glue on it and simply turn the thread "snail" from the center to the edges of the bottom. Lay the twine must be tight, even, so that it turned out neatly, looked beautiful. On the edge of the bottom also need to impose a thread, so that the capacity does not lose stability.
  • Then the decor of the bottle continues with a twine in the direction from the bottom up to the neck. In this case, the rope must lie parallel to the bottom. If at least one layer "tilts", then the rest will fit each curve. Decor of twine will be a failure.
  • The neck is wrapped in the last turn. Thread must be well fixed, so that it does not subsequently unwind. The decor of the twine is ready.
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Winding the bottle

Council. Do not glue the entire surface at once. It will be difficult for you to work. It is better to spread glass with glue in stages, in parts. Then the glue does not dry too quickly, does not stick to your hands.

The decor of the container, decorated with string, can be supplemented with pieces of lace, buttons, flowers from the fabric. Using glue, twist the circles of threads of different colors, glue them to the workpiece. You will have a wonderful vessel for the kitchen in the style of American "country" or French "Provence". The decoration of bottles with twine and coffee is another idea for the design of glass containers. Coffee threads are pasted over the filaments. Here you can fully show your creative inclinations. Aromatic grains are simply "scattered" on the surface or glued in the form of an ornament, pattern, composition.

Decoration of bottles of different shapes with twine Decor with coffee beans on the bottle  Decoration of jars and bottles with white twine  Bottles with beautiful decor  Decor on bottles of different shapes  Original design of bottles

Decoration of bottles and jars with colorful threads and lace

Simply, but beautifully and elegantly looks the decor of the twine with your own hands, complemented with lace. They are glued strip or squares over the "winding". You can complicate the decor, gluing in turns lace, then wrapping a string. Or to focus on the beauty of glass - wrap only the bottom and 1/3 of the bottom. Over the wrapped part paste a lace strip, tie it with a string of twine, forming a small bow, from above to paste a few beads or a suspension.

Multicolored bottles

Decor twine or twine - not the only reception of registration. To create a colorful, bright crafts use multi-colored thread. And in this case, there is freedom in the technique of winding. A can or a bottle turns round exactly or chaotically, like a ball. For this method it is better to choose threads of different colors. The main thing at the same time is to glue the layers of threads so that they do not lag behind each other.

Bright bottles

Decor of the bottle with twine and salt

Salt is a wonderful material for the "creative workshop" of needlewomen. Decoration of the bottle with twine and salt is done in two ways:

  • Decor salt from the inside;
  • The decor is salt outside.

We decorate with salt from the inside. This simple technique is very like children. It is simple, exciting, develops their creativity, allows you to have fun with your parents. The child will be able to make a colorful gift to friends or relatives.


  • A beautiful bottle or jar;
  • Acetone or alcohol;
  • Salt with large crystals;
  • Multicolored paints. Best is gouache or acrylic.

Bottles of different shapes with colored salt

The master class is very simple, consists of two stages:

  • Step 1. Painting the salt.
  • Step 2. Forming layers.

Salt is painted as follows:

  • A little salt is poured into the container.
  • The top is filled with the paint of the desired color. The intensity of the hue can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the paint and salt.
  • It is thoroughly mixed to make the salt evenly colored.
  • The oven heats up to 100C. It placed a baking sheet with salt painted for 1 hour.
  • After 60 minutes, the pan reaches, the salt is shaken and passed through a sieve.

The blank for the first layer is ready. Now you need to make salt a few more shades for the same technology. Now it's time to start forming layers.

Layers are stacked in different thicknesses and colors. How to create a beautiful gamut, what levels of layers should be you will be prompted by your creative intuition. For the convenience of laying the salt layers, it is better to use a funnel.

Sea theme in bottles with salt

Now it remains only to stop the bottle (jar) with a stopper or lid. The original hack is ready.

Council. The cork and lid can be decorated with a piece of beautiful cloth, coarse burlap, lace, ribbon, foil, decoupage napkin, twine. Everything depends on the color palette and the design idea.

Bright bottles Patterns of colored salt in bottles  Shells and jars with colored salt  Landscape of salt in a bottle  Animals from colored salt in bottles  The combination of layers of colored salt in the bottle

We decorate with salt outside

The decor of the bottle with twine can be complicated if you decorate it with extra salt outside. This design is incredibly refined. There is the effect of white haze, sweat, frost. Best of all with such a decor will look containers of dark color.

What is needed for this?

  • Bottle, jar or other glass containers of dark color;
  • Salt;
  • PVA glue);
  • Brush;
  • Twine;
  • Glue gun;
  • Elements of decor.

White bottles with patterns


  • Step 1. Clean and wash the container. Dry, degrease with acetone (alcohol).
  • Step 2. Use a glue gun and twine to seal the vessel by 1/2 or 1/3 using the instructions above.
  • Step 3. Then apply a layer of PVA on the surface that is free from the filament. Sprinkle with salt, turn the container in different directions.
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Such a decor will become more refined if you use one more simple technique. For this you need additional materials:

  • Sponge;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • Eraser (width - 0,5 cm).

Beautiful design of bottles

Instructions. The first two steps coincide with the previous instruction. After you decorate the bottle with twine, the container is decorated a little differently:

  • A part free from threads is wound with an elastic band. The bands are parallel to each other, crossed, go in a spiral or placed in arbitrary directions.
  • The sponge is applied with acrylic paint where there are no threads and the bottle is wound with an elastic band. Allow the preform to dry completely.
  • The surface is treated with PVA glue.
  • On the paper scatter salt. Drop the bottle in this "powder". It is necessary to make sure that the layer is uniform.
  • When the layer of salt dries, the elastic will need to be removed.

Council. Salt can be used not only white, but also multi-colored. If you lay out her with patterns or stripes, then the coating on the bottle will turn out to be a beautiful ornament.

Christmas decoration of bottles

Decorating with crystals - create a night lamp with your own hands

The idea sounds beautiful, is not it? These bottles look incredibly impressive, especially if you highlight them. Multicolored highlights, many times multiplied by crystals, will paint dull everyday life and create a good mood.

Necessary tools and materials:

  • Clean wine bottle.
  • Multicolored crystals or glass beads. Round glass pebbles are used, which are used by flower growers to cover the ground in flowers. They can be bought in many flower shops.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Drill.
  • The glue gun.
  • LED Christmas lights-garlands.

Lamp from bottles

The instruction consists of several steps:

  • Turn the bottle upside down, fix it in a suitable container. Using a special nozzle, drill a small hole (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the bottle. Through it inside will fit the LED lights.

Important. If you do not have the skills to work with a drill, ask someone to help or put the lights of the garland inside, letting them through the neck of the container.

  • Use sandpaper and a pencil to cut off the cut edges.
  • Using an adhesive gun, glue the crystals, starting from the bottom upward. If you use multi-colored beads, then you can place them with stripes, patterns, spirals or in any order.
  • When the vessel is decorated, leave it until it is completely dry.
  • Spruce the lights inside the container. The luminaire is ready. All you need to do is turn it on and feel the beautiful atmosphere that it radiates.

Such a lamp from a bottle will become a creative gift for friends, beautifully light up the room with soft light, suitable for any holiday.

Lamp-bottle with stones

Decoration of bottles with paints

One of the easiest ways to decor. You just need to paint the bottle to your liking with the help of paints. Better for these purposes, suitable stained glass or acrylic paints. But aerosol cans also fit. After the work is finished, you need to cover it with varnish.

There are two types of painting the bottle with paints - inside and out. We offer several ideas for doing crafts using this technique.

Multicolored bottles New Year's drawings on bottles  Bright patterns on bottles  Bottles with pictures  Patterns on bottles  Beautiful Bottle Design

Idea No1. Bottle, painted outside and decorated with "newspaper tulip"

This is a great opportunity to turn unnecessary bottles from wine into original vases or decor objects for the kitchen and living room. What do you need for this? The simplest materials that you can find at hand. And master class can be mastered by men. Any woman will say thank you, if it gets rid of such unnecessary trash, turning it into an elegant work of art.

Materials and tools:

  • Empty, clean bottles;
  • Paint spray white (well suited to the paint company Rust Oleum);
  • Tulip stencil;
  • Newspaper pages or sheets of the old book;
  • Glue for decoupage;
  • Brush.


  • Step 1. Make sure the bottles are clean, there are no labels on them. If this is not the case, then carefully wash them, remove all paper stickers from the glass. Dry it well.
  • Step 2. Paint the bottle white with an aerosol paint and leave it until it is completely dry.
  • Step3. Find the tulip stencil on the internet, and print the image. You can use any other picture (butterflies or birds, for example). The main thing is that it should fit in size.
  • Step 4. Take a sheet of an old, unnecessary book or newspaper, a magazine. Using a stencil, draw a tulip, cut it out.
  • Step 5. Using a brush, apply glue on the "newspaper tulip", glue it to the painted bottle.
  • Step 6. Top with glue (a small layer) to fix it. After the glue dries, there will be no trace.
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Idea No 2. Bottle, painted from the inside - "purple lace"

Glass containers look no less beautiful if they are painted on the inside. The vase in violet color, decorated with a ribbon of lace, will adjust to a lyrical fret. A bouquet of lilac will complete the beauty of the vase handmade.


  • Bottle (white color);
  • Purple paint;
  • Wide lace ribbon (white, beige, brown - optional).


  • Step 1. Thoroughly wash the bottle, remove the label, remove the glue under it. After this, boil it for 15 minutes.
  • Step 2. When the vessel is completely dry, pour the paint inside.
  • Step 3. The bottle is rotated in different directions, rotated at different angles, so that the paint completely covers the inside.
  • Step 4. Turn the bottle upside down, place above any container, where excess paint will flow. It is important to fix it well.
  • Step 5. After the first coat of paint has dried, you can apply the next or several other layers. Depending on the desired result. When all the layers dry, the hack is ready.
  • Step 6. We decorate the resulting blank for the vase from the outside with lace. We measure the segment of the desired length, glue along the circumference of the bottle. Decor can be supplemented with flowers from fabric, ribbons, beads, beads. Vase for flowers is ready. Such a gift will be exclusive, because it is made by own hands.

External painting of glass bottles and jars with acrylic paints

This technique also does not require large investments and will not take much time. The vessel is painted from the outside with acrylic paints with a brush. If there are no artistic talents, then a stencil is used. Outdoor decoration with paints is done like this:

  • The container is pre-washed, degreased.
  • A coat of paint is applied with a sponge, usually white.
  • On this basis depicts everything that your heart desires - patterns, flowers, landscapes, inscriptions, congratulations.
  • After the pattern dries, it needs to be lightly sanded with fine-grained sandpaper. Then cover with one or more layers of varnish.

Drawings on banks

Important. Do not apply the next coat of varnish until the previous one has dried.

If the stencil is used for painting, then it is attached with pieces of scotch on the glass, paint is applied with a brush or a sponge. Allow it to dry, carefully remove the stencil, sand it, then cover it with varnish.

Bottles with bright design Patterns on the bank  Flowers and butterflies on cans  Fruit on the bank  Flowers on the bank  Winter landscapes in pictures

Decoration of bottles - decoupage

Decoupage - handmade machinery, has long been loved in the whole world. It looks like an applique. It consists in transferring a paper image to almost any surface. With the help of decoupage impersonal objects become real objects of art. Old, unnecessary things get a second life. The same reincarnation concerns empty glass containers. Transparent or painted vessels, bottles, decorated with a flax harness half, will become much more attractive with elements of decoupage.

What will be needed to decorate the bottle with decoupage?

  • Clean bottle;
  • Napkins for decoupage;
  • Acetone, alcohol;
  • Acrylic paint is the base for priming;
  • Decoupage glue or PVA;
  • Synthetic brushes;
  • Multicolored acrylic paints;
  • Varnish (acrylic);
  • Elements of decor;
  • Small scissors (you can take a manicure).

Drawings of ships Champagne with New Year decoration  Roses on bottles  Making bottles for Western reasons  Bottles with original design  Sunflowers on bottles


  • Priming the surface with acrylic paint using a sponge. This will be the background for the future composition. If you want to make it more saturated, do several layers. We leave it to the final drying of the paint.
  • Cut the picture from the napkin. We remove the part from above (the one with the image).
  • Put the picture on a dry surface. We cover with decoupage glue with the help of a brush from the center to the edges. It is important to ensure that there are no bubbles left under the napkin. If PVA glue is used, it is previously diluted in equal proportions with water.
  • When the picture dries, we put a varnish on top of it. It will protect against damage, as well as the effects of water and moisture. Apply at least 3 layers. Only in this case this capacity will last a long time.
  • Crystals, decoupage elements, painting, burlap, jute, twine - ideas for decorating bottles are truly inexhaustible. Using improvised means, craftsmen managed to turn unneeded glass containers into an extravagant element of decor. Now this design transformation is under the power of everyone who aspires to make their life cozy and unordinary.