30 examples of using recessed luminaires from pinterest

Built-in lamps are traditionally used for additional lighting of rooms. At the same time, few people know that they can play a major role in the zoning of space and its architectural transformation. For example, lighting multi-level ceilings, floors and skirting boards, wall shelves and niches sometimes gives a stunning effect, while in rooms with dark walls built-in lamps create an intimate and even mystical atmosphere.

Here we have collected for you 30 examples of the magnificent application of recessed lighting fixtures in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even children's rooms. The best ideas on Pinterest - to your attention!

Built-in lamps in the design of the bar Built-in lighting fixtures in the decoration of the wall and windows Ceiling lighting with built-in lights and LED ribbon Stylish interior design with built-in lamps Built-in lighting for floor lighting Illumination of paintings and niches with built-in lamps Mirror light in the bathroom Built-in lighting for staircase lighting Interesting ways of using built-in lamps Built-in lighting for creating a creative space Entrance hall with built-in lights Stylish living room with built-in lights Wall decoration with built-in shelves and lights Comfortable lighting in the bedroom for reading Warm backlight in the black bedroom Ceiling with built-in lights in the kitchen Built-in lamps in the children's room Children's design for 4 children Built-in lamps above the sinks in the bathroom Brilliant tiles and built-in lamps in the bathroom Backlight in niches on the wall Built-in lighting in the kitchen Stylish toilet design with built-in lights Stylish ceiling design in the living room Built-in lighting as the main light Built-in lighting for stage lighting Stylish built-in shelves with backlight Built-in lighting in wooden beams Shower with built-in lights Two-level ceiling with lighting in the kitchen Stylish lighting with built-in lights Built-in fixtures in window design The wall in the living room with built-in lights Built-in lamp and low ceilings Bathroom with built-in lights and candles Beautiful lighting in the bathroom Classic chandelier and built-in lamps in the bedroom design Beautiful wall lighting in the living room