Arrangement of a place for an animal in an apartment

Contain a pet, especially a dog, in an apartment is much more difficult than in a private house. They continually get confused under the feet when we are cleaning, carrying garbage all over the house, scratching the furniture and stopping to sleep, hopping onto the bed. At the same time, these creatures are part of our family, so why not arrange for them a specially designated place where they can rest and feel themselves masters? You see, and some of the troubles associated with them will be resolved by itself. Moreover, the arrangement of a place for a pet does not require large investments and can be done by one's own hands.

For example, there is nothing easier than sewing a large and soft floor cushion, which can easily be moved from room to room. After all, pets like to be close to their owners and in the living room while they watch TV, and in the bedroom when they rest!

Another reliable way to wean a dog or a cat to climb to your bed is to remove the door from the bedside table or pull out the bottom drawer from the dresser. Animals in fact love to hide in boxes and other secluded places, so they should like it! In our selection of photos you will notice that the old furniture in general is beautifully transformed into animal beds.

And maybe you want to not only equip a shelter for your pet, but also get an opportunity to get rid of it for a while, for example, in order to priestsosit? In this case, you can build for him a comfortable design with a closing door. Just do not forget that this door should be latticed or have large holes, otherwise your pet will be afraid of his own house.

After the main recommendations, you can now start viewing photos!

30+ ideas for pets (photo):

Cat house in the old TV Beautifully decorated place for a dog in the apartment Bed for a dog from old furniture Furniture for pets Place for the dog in the kitchen cupboard A room for a dog in the house Place for a big dog in an apartment Wall shelves for a cat Unusual cat lodges with their own hands Bed for a dog from an old chest Koshkin House with his own hands from the closet Dog house by own hands Remake of the curbstone under the house for the dog A place for a cat in an apartment Pillow in the role of a place for a dog Suspended shelf in the role of a bed for a cat Remodeling the bedside table under the place for the dog Old chest of drawers as a dog bed Bed for a cat or dog from a chair Cage for a bird with your own hands Cots for animals in the apartment Bed for a cat own hands Coffee table in place for a dog Wooden bedside tables with a bed for a dog Sofa for a dog in an apartment Homemade house for guinea pig House for rodents own hands Wooden house for a cat with their own hands Homemade dog house Cozy house for a dog in an apartment