30 ideas for bathroom decoration from pinterest

Following the "30 fresh ideas for decorating the living room" and "40 ways to design the balconies," we present you another collection of ideas for a house from Pinterest, this time on the theme of decorating a bathroom. In this post we have gathered for you:

  • examples of stylish design of small and adjacent to the toilet bathrooms;
  • Ideas for creating a curbstone under the sink with your own hands;
  • New ways of applying old things in bathroom design;
  • original ideas for decorating the bathroom;
  • useful ideas for the organization of storage of bathroom accessories and many others. other

Enjoy watching!

30 ideas for a bathroom from Pinterest:

Decor for the bathroom with your own hands Shower in the small bathroom Useful decor for a washbasin in the bathroom Old things in bathroom design Where to hide electrical sockets in the bathroom Beautiful design of a small bathroom Comfortable shelf on the wall in the bathroom Basket for linen own hands The use of an old staircase in the bathroom Suspended closet for toilet Finishing the bath with a stone Painting an old curbstone under the sink Open shelves instead of the cabinet for the bathroom Transformation of a chest of drawers into a cabinet under a sink An antique chest of drawers as a cupboard for a washbasin Winter Bathroom Decoration Bathroom furniture Old buffet in the bathroom design Wardrobe with mirror for the bathroom Bathroom furniture Old furniture in the design of the bathroom Stylish high shelves for the bathroom Stylish minimalist bathroom furniture Bathroom in rustic style Curtains for the bathroom Bathroom in industrial style Comfortable desk shelf for the bathroom Convenient storage of things in the bathroom Bathroom Towel Rack