The original techniques of visual enlargement of space: the

Kitchen interior in white color

Many owners of the kitchen, which is very limited in size, are saddened by this fact. On such a meager space it is impossible to locate even the very minimum of much-needed household appliances.

The combination of light colors and metallized inserts in the finish helps to visually expand the area. Panels made of noble mahogany create a beautiful visual contrast. Smooth, shiny stainless steel countertops give a more spacious feel by reflecting light.

Modern interior design of a small kitchen Kitchen in white color Original chandelier in the kitchen Modern oven in the kitchen

A big role is played by the duo of functionality and practicality. The use of niches, grooves and every free centimeter gives amazing results.

Then it turns out that it is not at all difficult to arrange all household appliances and a variety of shelves on several square meters of the kitchen.

And even there is a place for decorative installations and other attributes of the kitchen decor: individuality and creativity.

Drawer in the kitchen Hob in the modern kitchen Hidden cabinet in the kitchen Hidden cabinet in the kitchen Cabinet in the closet in the kitchen Sink in the closet in the kitchen