5 culinary tools that can decorate your kitchen!

Looking for a creative way to decorate your kitchen? Then why do not you get some of the culinary tools to act as a bright and functional decor? In fact: the items that you try to keep on hand for regular use, just perfect for decorating open shelves, countertops and kitchen islands! Here are the 5 best culinary tools with which you can update the design of your kitchen:

1. Stones and pistils

Manufactured from wood, marble and other noble materials, mortars and pistils for grinding spices today, as a rule, are bought exclusively for decorative purposes. Although it is likely that over time you will find this subject much more useful than it seems now. For example, until delicious, a sauce made from different spices, rubbed with garlic in olive oil, becomes delicious! ...

White mortar with pestle in the kitchen Wooden mortar with pestle Marble mortar with pestle for spices

2. Teapots and coffee pots

For most people, the morning begins only after a cup of aromatic coffee or a refreshing tea. Since we are used to daily use teapots and coffee pots, why not turn them into a decoration for your kitchen? Modern metal and glass or amusing ceramic - they equally help to give space the necessary coziness and warmth.

Ancient coffeepot in the interior Yellow teapot as decor in the kitchen Red teapot in kitchen design A beautiful pot of glass and metal

3. Pots and pans

Pots and pans are often hidden from view in kitchen cabinets. But recently more and more gourmets and culinary enthusiasts are proud of their fashionable sets of colorful dishes, which become the main decoration of open shelves and countertops in the kitchen!

Bright pots in kitchen design Copperware as decor in the kitchen Decoration of countertops kitchen utensils Multicolored pots on the shelf Open shelves with kitchenware in kitchen design

4. Chopping boards

Many of the modern cutting boards have such a chic design that it is simply a sin to lock them in closed shelves or drawers! Available in a wide range of materials and colors, they can be hung on walls and create a beautiful backdrop for other kitchen accessories.

Stylish cutting boards Set of knives and boards Beautiful cutting boards in the kitchen Cutting board made of wood in the kitchen

5. Supports for cakes

Last in order, but not in its merits! Cake stands are good because they help keep bakery products fresh, as long as they decorate a festive or just a kitchen table. Tip: choose a product with a transparent lid!

Multicolored cake stand Cake stand with lid Glass cake stand in kitchen design Fruit on a glass stand in kitchen design Wooden cake stand Ceramic cake stand