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Interior of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Design studio project area of ​​40 square meters was created by order of a young couple, taking into account their wishes.

Thanks to the numerous receptions of professionals, the apartment has space for a working corner, bedroom, living room, kitchen and separate dining area. In this small room there is also a laundry room and a dressing room.

The layout of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Specialists dismantled the wall structures that separate the dining room, kitchen and living room. This step helped to relieve the space and free it to form new zones.

When improving the apartment, designers used the original method - they demarcated the main zones with the help of low functional lockers. One of them serves as a headboard for a chic bed, the other side is a storage system in the living room.

The second cabinet consists of built-in boxes of small size and at the same time plays the role of a support for the desk in an unconventional office of free style.

Interior of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Thanks to the space, freed after the liquidation of the partition, it was possible to expand the living room from the area of ​​the former corridor and install a sofa next to the long wall.

The armchair in the living room is distinguished by an unusual rounded outline, and the sofa has a clear right contour. Designers tried to create harmony between these different forms, using spectacular original decor elements.

Contrasting pillows of mint and chocolate color, turquoise tone of armchair and lockers, rectangular carpet in black and white stripes perfectly placed accents in the apartment.

Sleeping place of a small studio apartment in Moscow

In a stunning studio, a cozy place for sleeping and rest is organized. Next to it is a working area in the form of a multifunctional two-seater table.

At the entrance to the room there is a dressing room and a laundry room, as well as a non-obstructing bathroom. A small bar table with spectacular, colorful chairs on a metal base fits perfectly into the loggia area.

Floorboards of light shade in the bedroom and living room are laid out perpendicular to each other. This design technique helps visually divide the space into the constituent parts of the zone.

The sleeping room is located on the podium. As a result, it was possible to organize an additional storage system for bed linen and other accessories.

Cabinet of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Opposite the bed is a small but functional enough work area. It will comfortably accommodate two young people at the same time.

Cabinet of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Between the living room and the kitchen a small dining room was formed. It consists of a round white dining table on a wooden support and two original chairs.

Kitchen of a small studio apartment in Moscow

On a high wall partition from the kitchen very spicy herbs are harmoniously and functionally located. Some of them are presented in a live fresh form, the rest - in a loose mixture with the use of special containers.

Dining room of a small studio apartment in Moscow

A variety of color palette of spices and spices effectively looks on the background of a large black wall, and also greatly simplifies the process of cooking.

Spice storage system in a small studio apartment in Moscow

The bright background of a comfortable studio apartment helped to visually expand the space. With his help, the rooms were filled with air and light. Blue and turquoise notes turned out to be slightly muted in combination with a gray tinge of some design elements.

The brightest accent of the interior of the studio was the juicy yellow coloring of the armchairs located next to the wooden table in the loggia area. Identical solar shades emit heat and light from the inside of the lampshade in the living room.

Balcony of a small studio apartment in Moscow

The dressing room is a miniature, but quite roomy territory in a small apartment. Opposite it is a spacious bathroom. It has a black and white color scheme. Elements of brown and green shades are used as decoration.

Bathroom of a small studio apartment in Moscow Bathroom of a small studio apartment in Moscow

Autonomous laundry is one of the most compact and stylish rooms of the studio. There is a modern washing machine.

There are roomy shelves for linen, accessories and accessories. The room also provides space for storage and operation of the dryer and ironing board.

And what functional zones should the current studio have, in your opinion?

Laundry of a small studio apartment in Moscow Laundry of a small studio apartment in Moscow