6 important points to consider when converting a garage into

Garage arrangement

Among us, there are always those who are interested in the need to accommodate children and aging parents who returned to their homes. Earlier we considered the alteration of lofts and cellars into living spaces.

But there are many houses without basements (for example, in Florida), or lofts that could be adapted for living for a number of reasons (for example, the roof slope too sloping).

However, there are a lot of buildings with attached to them or standing separately garages, which can easily be converted into good rooms.

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Spacious garage in white color The owner will probably want to make sure that in the converted garage there will be enough light and space that the redevelopment is done in accordance with local regulations and building codes and regulations. 

In fact, many houses built 40-50-ies of the twentieth century, having boxes for one car, can be successfully turned into something more functional. Such premises are ideal for building an additional bedroom, home office, music salon, craft workshop, play area or any other living space.

It is important that it was warm in winter and cool in summer. As always, it is necessary to consult with specialists before starting work and draft a reconstruction project.

1. Sex

The garage turns into a bright and spacious living room. A new base of concrete is elevated in relation to the street for a free drain of water.

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A spacious garage project Most often on the ground here are concrete slabs, which have a slope, cracks and are located below the level of the entire house. Therefore, the alteration begins with the installation of a new floor covering. There are several options for this.

One of them is a skeleton wooden flooring, which is leveled in accordance with the overall level of the building. Another way is to pour concrete, this gives an advantage when laying the heating system directly inside the base.

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A spacious garage project

2. Login

When re-building a garage in a residential area, there is always the question of what to do with opening the gate. After all, garage doors have a great influence not only on the functionality of space, but also on its appearance. A good solution is to save the gate, as shown in the next photo.

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Cozy interior of the garage

Standard doors can perfectly match the interior of the room and at the same time look great outside the building.

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Large panoramic windows instead of gates in the garage

Another approach is to replace the gate with large panoramic windows. It will be something like a huge transparent door. Provided that this is consistent with the overall aesthetics of the image of the building, this option can be very successful.

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A spacious garage project

3. Windows

As a rule, in the garages there are either absolutely none, or their number is not enough. This is an important aspect for passing the construction expertise of the premises.

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A spacious garage project

4. Additional plumbing

Addition of kitchen or bathroom can be associated with a large number of difficulties in placing plumbing communications. This does not mean that such an alteration is impossible, because additional conveniences are always useful, especially in a house with a large number of tenants.

In this case, it is necessary to study the ways of placing water pipes under the concrete floor and the compact arrangement of sanitary ware for the bathroom.

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Windows from ceiling to floor in the interior of the garage

In some transformations of the construction using glazing from the ceiling to the floor, there is no reminder of the original image.


Interior of apartments on the site of the former garage

These chic apartments with bathroom are located on the site of the former large garage. Adding a gas fireplace produces a stunning effect. A bathroom adjoining the bedroom makes the space an attractive option for guests and household members.

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A spacious garage project

5. Ceiling height

Of course, the type of mounting of metal bearing profiles used in the roof of the garage will dictate the possibility of increasing the height of the walls. This can be done in case the building does not have a second floor and is located separately from the house. The vaulted ceiling, as in the next photo, adds a spacious room.

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Dining area in the garage

This design makes the room easy and simple, while the decoration of the ceiling with decorative elements can show the true nature of the altered space.

Bud Dietrich, AIA

A spacious garage project

6. Temperature control

Do not forget that the new residential area should be equipped with cooling and heating devices. Depending on the size of the converted premises, decide whether it is possible to connect the common engineering systems at home. Otherwise, the option with the installation of mini-split can be very successful.