Application of feng shui at home (tips and photo interiors)

Is there a feeling when you wake up already tired? Thoughts about problems at work or in relationships persistently pursue you, pouring out into inner dissatisfaction with yourself and disappointment with life. If so, then it's time to change something. Change in the environment can be a good new beginning. Feng Shui is not magic or strange foreign beliefs. This is a practice based on the idea that our houses and apartments are a reflection of what is happening inside of us. The purpose of Feng Shui is to bring the dwelling in line with our inner world and plans for life. In other words - to harmonize your energy with the energy of the house.

How can this be done? Feng Shui at home is aimed at a careful organization of space, which will allow energy flows to flow freely through your home. From the correct arrangement of furniture to the selection of the ideal picture - here we have collected fundamental rules design of a house or an apartment for a hair dryer. Save them for your reference!

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The design of the bedroom and the location of the bed by feng shui

From the point of view of feng shui, your bedroom is almost the most important part of the house, because it is here that you gain strength before each new day. The location of the bed on the feng shui is what it is worth starting the transformation of your home when you want to get better sleep and feel throughout the day.

Feng Shui Bedroom - the location of the bed by Feng ShuiThe picture on the left shows how to put a bed on a feng shui:

  • A is a good position for the bed. The bed is located away from the door and there is space for 2 nightstands along its sides. Also, the bed can ideally be located in front of the window, provided that it is covered with blinds or the like.
  • B - the bad location of the bed, because in this case it is on the same line with the energy coming through the door. In addition, the bedroom does not have a second bedside table.
  • C - poor bed arrangement. The energy coming through the bedroom door simply "cuts" the bed in half.
  • D is also a bad arrangement. The bed is too close to the door, because of what a person will experience anxiety in a dream and on waking.

The way the bed in the bedroom is located by feng shui, plays an important role in attracting good luck. The foot should not point to the door, and the headboard can be placed next to the window only if there is good support from behind - a high bed back, blinds or the like. In addition, the bedside tables should stand on both sides of the bed, as this balances the flow of qi energy in the room. Ceiling beams in bedrooms cause a wave effect of chi energy, and her pressure from above can badly affect not only the person's sleep, but also his health. If your bedroom has such beams, then they must be painted in the same color as the ceiling, or balanced with hanging crystal spheres.

The practice of feng shui also advises not to overfill the bedroom with extra things and decor. TV, laptops, simulators and other equipment are better placed in the other rooms of the house. They bring in the interior only bad energy - stress, bad mood and anxiety.

Feng Shui Bedroom in a modern private house Bed in the bedroom by Feng Shui - photo 2016 How to put a bed on a feng shui in the interior of the bedroom Large bed on the feng shui in the bedroom in a classic style Correct placement of the bed on the feng shui photo

The role of the mirror in the interior of the bedroom on Feng Shui

If you are having trouble sleeping, you should avoid having mirrors in your bedroom. When a mirror is needed, it should be placed so that you can not see yourself lying in bed, or use a blanket for it. Do not put a mirror directly in front of the bed, because according to feng shui it can attract a third party to your relationship with a partner.

Feng Shui rules 2016 - a mirror in the interior of the bedroom

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The best colors in the interior of the feng shui

Each of us, returning home after a hard working day, wants to get into a warm, loving and beautifully decorated environment. In this feng shui at home does not mean that it must necessarily be bamboo, a fountain and other decor in the Chinese style. However, he suggests the need to connect the spirit of man with his natural habitat - that is, nature. Therefore, red, green and blue - the main colors in the interior of the feng shui. How to use them correctly? Here you will understand the fact that each color symbolizes 1 of 5 elements - wood, earth, fire, water or metal. The color that you choose for a certain zone will feed it with the energy of this element. Moderate use of all the basic shades will bring to your house a balance, harmony and a healthy atmosphere.

Private house for feng shui - photo of the living roomTips on feng shui with a photo of the living room and other rooms Feng Shui furniture arrangement in the red living roomHouse for Feng Shui - photo advice for the living room and other rooms Location of the sofa and other furniture for the living room by Feng Shui

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Order throughout the house

When we clean our house of junk and unnecessary things, we literally open the way for inspiration and good energy. The presence of confusion in any room, including on the balcony, can block the flow of qi and even the movement of your life forward. Remember: getting rid of the old always frees up space for something new.

Modern interior of the feng shui - photo of the apartment

First of all, according to feng shui care is about the freedom of movement around the apartment, the perfect order in the kitchen and the cleanliness of all windows. Windows in general play a very important role in our unity with the world around us. Fresh air, penetrating through them into your homes, clears their atmosphere from all negativity. Ventilate the house more often!

Design of private house kitchen by feng shui The location of furniture in the kitchen is Feng ShuiLuxury fan club fan kitchensFeng Shui kitchen in industrial loft style Photo of the kitchen, equipped with hair dryer, 2016 Modern colors in the interior of the hair dryer Sample Kitchen Feng Shui photo 2016

Bathroom Design by Feng Shui (photo 2016)

The bathroom is designed to cleanse of all unwanted and renewal of one's own strength. With the help of feng shui, you easily turn your bathroom into a source of vital energy. Here are the top 10 tips on how to apply feng shui in bathroom design:

  1. Your bathroom should be free and comfortable for rest (use headrests, chairs, etc.);
  2. It welcomes the presence of good ventilation and flavors (candles, herbal mixtures etc.);
  3. Lighting should be qualitative, but not too bright;
  4. The best colors for the bathroom on the hair dryer are: green and blue;
  5. Indoor plants help to purify the air and bring vital energy into the bathroom interior;
  6. We welcome the use of different images as a metaphor for cleansing and renewal: trees, flowers, meadows, seas, rivers etc.;
  7. Keep all doors closed and lower the lid of the toilet;
  8. It is also recommended to close drains when not in use;
  9. Adding wooden elements will help balance water, and faceted crystals - enhance energy;
  10. Try not to put pictures of your family members, friends and relatives in the bathroom, as well as any images related to your personal passions, career etc. Otherwise, you will simply wash away all the energy that is sent to them, into the sewer!

Arrangement of furniture in the bathroom by Feng Shui Bathroom interior design by feng shui - photoFeng shui house - photos of a small bathroom Simple tips for feng shui for home Feng Shui in a modern bathroom photo

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Design and layout of furniture on feng shui

According to the basic rules of feng shui, furniture in any room should personify a mixture of yin and yang. Dark and light colors should balance each other, as well as angular and rounded forms of bodies. The arrangement of furniture should be uniform throughout the area of ​​space, so that neither side visually "outweighs". Sofas, chairs and other seating furniture are recommended to be placed closer to the walls and away from the doors, tk. it is believed that when behind a person there is a solid wall, then he is protected from misfortunes.

Kitchen interior in a private house by feng shui photo Feng Shui furniture location in the modern living roomLocation of the sofa and armchairs by feng shui - interior photoHow to put furniture in the living room by Feng Shui - tips with photosLuxurious living room with furniture on feng shui

Please note that at night all doors and doors in the house must be closed, including the doors of kitchen and wardrobe closets, a shower cubicle etc. Thus, you will allow nutrient flows of energy to strengthen your health, as well as your relationship.

Feng Shui paintings and other decor for the interior

When you choose furniture, statues, works of art and any other decor for your home, you should always listen to the feelings that this subject is causing you. Try to avoid buying things that cause you sadness, nostalgia for the past or a keen reminder of loneliness. Instead, give preference to a picture or desk decor that will depict what you want to get in your life. Different images can carry very powerful energy. For example, a person walking uphill represents growth, stability and passion.

Location of furniture and decor in the interior of the feng shui Tips for the interior of Feng ShuiSimple advice on the design of the house by fen shuyu feng shui-deor-for-home decor-Feng-Shui-Fish-Happiness-Joy

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In fact, feng shui at home - this is a very broad topic that you will not consider in one article. Here you learned about some simple things that can be a good start for transforming your home and lifestyle. If you have any further questions about the topic, please leave us a message in the comments below and we will be happy to answer them!