Carpets in the modern interior +70 photo examples

Nowadays many different decor elements have been invented in the interior. Fantastic design solutions will help create the desired kind of room in any desired style and decorate it with a "twist". Variable fashion always dictates different options, but carpets in the interior as were, and will be a popular element of the decor.

Brown table and white armchairs and sofa

A carpet in a modern interior can become that most amazing "highlight" for a room. Correctly matched carpet enlivens the room, makes it more comfortable and comfortable, and also performs the function of soundproofing and floor insulation, which is also an important advantage. Therefore, more and more often connoisseurs of comfort in the house wonder: how to choose a carpet for the interior?

Bright carpets in the hallway

White sofas and Turkish carpet  Red and gray interior of the living room  Veranda with glass walls  Bright decor in the room  Candlesticks on the sofa

Criterias of choice

Choosing the right carpet is not as simple as it seems. To meet all the requirements you need to take into account a lot of criteria:

  • Material. Now in a wide range you can find products from a variety of materials. When making carpets use artificial and natural fibers. The composition of the pile depends on the softness of the carpet, the service life and the price of the product.
  • The length of the pile. It affects the softness of the rug, its appearance and, most importantly, the complexity of care.
  • Colour. It is necessary to choose a carpet of the right color, so that it does not look tasteless, but combined with surrounding objects. For example, bright colors are more appropriate for a living room with a general wall decoration in homogeneous pastel colors.
  • The size. The general appearance of the room depends on the size of the carpet.
  • The form. Now you can find rugs of different, even sometimes bizarre forms. It is better that the chosen form is combined with the design of the room.

When you go to the store behind the carpet, try to take into account all the listed criteria.

Colorful carpet in front of the fireplace

Interior with colored armchairs and carpet  Sofa in front of a decorative fireplace  Flowers on the carpet  White armchairs and a green table  Carpet with flowers at the couch

Types of materials

In the crazy variety of the offer of carpeting it is difficult to understand what is right for you. First, be attentive to the choice of material. On the product from the wrong side there is a tag with the marking on which information about the composition and characteristics of the pile and the substrate material is indicated. Depending on the materials, carpets can be:

  • Carpets made of propylene are produced with the help of synthetic synthetics, obtained as a result of refining petroleum products. This is the most inexpensive type of coatings. It has low wear resistance and is poorly cleaned by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Carpets made of strong nylon - have greater elasticity and strength. The products on a knitted basis have a long service life due to the technology of simultaneous weaving of the base and pile.
  • Woolen carpets - expensive, but natural and durable, can retain useful properties up to fifty years. Suitable for any room, however, there are disadvantages - quickly get dirty and afraid of moisture.
  • Silk carpets will hit your wallet much more, however, such luxury will justify the costs. These wonder-carpets have the most exquisite patterns, they certainly will be a chic decoration for any room.
  • Viscose carpets resemble silk: soft to the touch with magnificent patterns and patterns, but much more affordable.
  • Nylon mats are a very interesting kind of carpet products. Nylon produces durable and durable coatings, resistant to fire.
  • And, finally, polyester carpet products. The most beautiful models with a long nap, durable, but easily deformed with damage or washing.

Bright interior of the living room

More details about the materials - in the table.

ViewPrice categoryBenefitsdisadvantages
WoolenHighWear resistance, long service life, naturalness of the material, combination with any kind of interiorQuick contamination, danger of moth and mold damage
SilkHighStrength, beauty, clarity of patternsIt's a pity to lay on the floor
ВискозныйAverageClearness of patterns, durability, similar to silk, almost does not crumple
NylonAverageBrightness of drawings, wear resistance,, strength, elasticity, fire safety
PolypropyleneLowSmoothness, brightness of picturesShort service life, poorly cleaned by vacuum cleaner
PolyesterAverageSoftness, wear resistance, heat preservationQuickly deformed, electrified

Choose products based on your financial capabilities, and consider how often and carefully you are willing to take care of the carpet. I do not want money to be wasted, so expensive material requires more complex care. And if you have children at home or pets, there is a high probability of spoiling expensive cover.

Pictures on the wall by the fireplace

Wooden furniture near the sofa  Pictures above the sofa  Candles in a decorative fireplace in the room  Carpet on the floor by the fireplace  Sofa in front of a decorative fireplace

Determining the size

To give the room an aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to correctly determine the size of the coating. Think about the purpose for which you are going to use the carpet: to completely close the floor or just to decorate with it a room. The required parameters of the rug depend on this.

Room with glass walls

When full coverage of the floor is recommended to measure the total area of ​​the room, then take away 25-30 cm from the walls and pieces of furniture, presumably surrounding the carpet, and get the desired parameters. If the old carpet is already lying on the right place, it's easiest to just measure it, correcting the desired length.

If the rug will serve as a decorative element, such a decoration of the room, choose its dimensions at your discretion. The main thing that the product fit into the interior, looked elegant and beautiful. Usually, small decorative mats decorate the floor under different furniture items: a bedside table or a coffee table. Consider the size of the furniture when buying a rug: it's best when it is slightly larger than its parameters.

Orange chair in a white room

White sofas and an orange carpet in the room  Bright carpet in front of the sofa  Carpet of white and gray circles near the sofa  The decor in the form of bottles in the living room  An interesting carpet in the hall

Selecting a form

No matter what forms of carpets modern designers invented! You look and marvel at you: oval, round, square, triangular, rectangular. There are in the form of animals, snowflakes, heels, fir-trees and other bizarre objects. Such products strikingly accentuate their attention, look very original. Fantasize! However, do not overdo it - an unusual object in the room requires one to bring a note of unpredictability, and somewhere even negligence.

Living room with a strict design

Coverings of rectangular shape are used mainly for complete flooring or partial. If the design allows a little freedom, put in the room immediately two or three carpets in different parts of it.

For example, if in the interior of the living room there are, for the most part, red and green colors, get small carpets of both colors: a red carpet for one part of the room, and a green carpet for another. Allow yourself to experiment! If you approach the matter creatively and tastefully, even an old Soviet carpet really attachs somewhere.

Carpet in the shape of a flower

Round carpet at the couch  Semicircular room with furniture and carpet  The combination of white, black and green colors in the interior  Interior with striped carpet  An unusual carpet in the hallway

Color matching

The subtle point of choice is the selection of the color scheme of the carpet, patterns and patterns on it. Everyone has their own preferences: someone loves brightness and extravagance in the interior, and someone - calmness and uniformity, somebody's freedom and courage, and someone - an ideal order and "correctness". As they say: "There is no dispute about tastes".

However, some recommendations must be followed to avoid bad taste. For example, if in the general interior of the living room there are three primary colors, you should not buy a bright carpet of another color to put in the middle of the room: it will look alyapisto and ugly!

Black and white carpet in the living room

Consider the color scheme of the room when choosing a carpet. It is better that the coating is suitable for a general color scheme, but sometimes you can use a bright color and catchy drawing to play in contrast. In this case, it is necessary that the design of the room included several elements of the same color or shade.

Coverings of pastel calm tones from beige to chocolate will perfectly fit into almost any interior. Choose a universal palette if you are afraid that brightness can spoil the impression.

Bright mat in the bedroom

Pink carpet near a white sofa  Work desk by the window  Bright carpet at the couch  Pictures in the living room above the sofa  Walls with a brick decor

Tips for selecting

As you know, carpets can be designed not only as a flooring or an element of decor on the floor, but also cover the walls, if it is provided for in the design of the room. In modern times, design solutions have become so bold and interesting that you can expect anything from them.

Red carpet in front of a white sofa

New design advice touched and carpeting for the floor. If you decide to pick up a rug to your home, know that it is recommended to close no more than a third of the room to observe external harmony. That is, there may be different options: one carpet in the middle of the room (round or oval will look more advantageous), two or three - in different parts of the room or on opposite sides of the bed or sofa.

As for small rugs for decoration, according to the classical standards of design, they were supposed to repeat the shape of the object under which they lay. However, the latest tips of modern designers allow violating this strict rule. Therefore, fantasize and be bolder!

Sofa, table and armchairs by the fireplace

Luxurious furniture in the room  Kitchen with white furniture and brown table  Braided mat on the parquet  Carpet with bright colors in the white interior  Multi-colored carpet next to the sofa

A choice for a living room interior

For carpets in the living room there are almost no restrictions. Importance is only a combination with the decoration of the room, furniture and other elements of the decor. In the living room can be used carpet with any length of pile, it depends on the owner's preferences.

Living room with white sofas and colored carpet

Long pile is heavier in care, so if the living room serves as a dining room, it is better not to put a carpet there with a long pile: it will need constant cleaning or it will soon be covered with stains. Well, if for you the living room is just a place for rest with the whole family, feel free to place a soft, foot-friendly rug there. Products with a long pile - the most gentle and fluffy to the touch.

For the living room, the carpet can perform both the basic function of the floor covering and the focal center of the room. In the first case, the main thing is to choose a neutral calm shade of the carpet, perhaps with a simple design, by placing it in the center or on one side of the living room. And as a focal point, it is advisable to use a bright, colorful palette of colors that stands out among the rest of the room's interior. By the way, the variant of the focus center for the living room is even useful. If there, in your opinion, there are blunders or shortcomings, the rug as a focus center will distract attention from other trifles.

Pictures above the sofa в гостиной

White sofa with black cushions in the living room  Original table and chair in the interior  Sofas and a table by the fireplace  View на море из окна гостиной  Cabinet behind the chairs in the living room

Options for bedroom interior

The bedroom needs an atmosphere of coziness and warmth for a sound and healthy sleep. The best variants of bedroom carpets are soft coverings with a long pile, which it is nice to tread with bare feet, and such coatings are good for soundproofing.

Usually the bedroom "begs" monochrome colors, soothing after a hard day. A light beige or white fluffy rug is a great option. You can use other shades at your discretion (for example, a black and white carpet).

White carpet on the dark floor

To create a unique bedroom design, use color contrast. For example, walls and carpet in pastel beige tone, and furniture - chocolate shade. Or vice versa - covering the floor in dark colors. This approach will visually expand the space and fill the room with new colors. You can choose different shapes and sizes of carpets. The main thing is that in the morning the legs should not stand on the cold linoleum, but on a soft and warm mat.

For those to whom pastel colors are uninteresting and boring, the mat with colorful bright pattern will perfectly suit, and the bizarre shape of the carpet will lift the mood, and will raise the level of vivacity at the beginning of the day. The most interestingly bright coatings are combined with a calm shade of the walls.

Carpets in the bedroom do not need careful care, because they are not used as often as in other rooms.

Bordeaux carpet, an armchair and a picture in the bedroom

Original chandelier above the bed  Pistachio-white interior of the bedroom  Salad and orange carpet in the bedroom  Paintings on the wall in the bedroom  White carpet on the wooden floor

Features of choice for the children's room

Children want to give all the best, so the design of the children's room is given special attention. In the children's room a cheerful bright design is created, so that the children always have an upbeat mood.

As for the flooring, it is especially important for the children's room:

  • Heat so that the legs do not freeze.
  • Security. Children run and play a lot, so the option of a slippery coating disappears. The carpet is an ideal variant in a children's room: on it it is difficult to slip and fall.
  • Softness and comfort. Children love not only to run, but also to sit on the floor, so it is so important to put a comfortable carpet in the children's room.
  • Design. For children, a carpet with geometric patterns or an image of your favorite cartoon characters is perfect. There are products depicting children's games (for example, classics).

City on the carpet

Railway on the carpet  Carpet near a child's bed  Children's room with a bright interior  Carpet with multi-colored squares in the nursery  City story on the carpet in the nursery

When purchasing a carpet in the nursery, make sure that the dyeing of the coating is done with dyes safe for children! Information on dyes is reflected in the certificate on the carpet. Employees of the store must provide it on demand!

Figures on the carpet

Additional useful tips when choosing a carpet:

  1. If, after buying a new carpet, villi fell from it, it's not scary. The case in the transportation and storage of the product, a few days must pass. If the carpet continues to crumble, most likely, it is defective. Keep a check after shopping!
  2. When purchasing a handmade product, pay attention to its wrong side: there must be a signature of the author of the work, and the pattern and color must coincide with the front side.
  3. Carpets made of wool must be treated with special means, which protect them from moths.
  4. Coverage should not give off an unpleasant smell!

Carpets are truly a real home decoration. Choose the right carpet is not easy in a rich assortment of modern shops. First, determine exactly what kind of carpet you need. Remember that you need to consider: the size, color, material, combination with other elements of the interior. Go shopping with a ready-made "picture" in your head, then it will be much easier to decide the choice!