Oil paintings - enchantment and canvas power

Long ago paintings adorned the homes of rich and respected people. On the walls of castles and estates majestically towered portraits of famous ancestors, hanging landscapes and canvases that captured memorable events. At any time, people had the opportunity buy a picture, written by oil, or order it. This remarkable tradition has not lost its relevance even now. Modern painting has become not just an art object, but an exquisite complement to the interior, reflecting the aesthetic upbringing, taste and status of the owner of the house.

Man's striving for beauty is laid out from above, but not everyone has time to visit exhibitions and spend leisure time in art galleries. To satisfy this "thirst" help paintings that you can admire at home. Unusual canvases improve the mood and reveal the creative potential, especially if their themes are close to the masters in spirit.

Oil Paintings - Enchantment and Canvas Power

A house with pictures is not empty!

What can be sadder than bare walls ?! Even the most refined finish can not make the room "live" and full. When the room is decorated with paintings, it becomes cozy, bright, acquires character, its unique style and color. Pictures perfectly fit in any interior:

  • Arrange the right accents;
  • Distracted from the imperfection of furniture;
  • Emphasize the merits of the interior;
  • Give a stylistic completeness;
  • Fill the room with special energy.

Ready-made canvases make the room unique, because in every work the artist puts a piece of his soul! The pictures of the sea turn the room into a piece of sushi, portraits create the feeling of a good company, still lifes cause appetite and cheer up.

Oil Paintings - Enchantment and Canvas Power

Painting is really a very special art! Paintings written in oil reliably tolerate bright moments of life on the canvas, so they can not be satiated. Such works can be a source of inspiration or a subject of calm contemplation, they can inspire hopes for the best and fill with positive emotions.

Handmade masterpieces from artofrussia.ru

The site artofrussia.ru is a mini-gallery, in which only a small part of the pictures are masterfully written by talented Russian artists. Here are presented unique author's works created by contemporary painters. All the works are original, so they have a hypnotic appeal, strength and energy!

Investing in art has always been considered a noble affair and, although each canvas has its value, these creations are truly priceless! On the site artofrussia.ru you can buy wholesale paintings or at retail, for enjoyment or for investment. Masters, keen on creativity and without a trace in love with their work, write pictures of their own inspiration, as well as to order.

Oil Paintings - Enchantment and Canvas Power

Today, the purchase of paintings has become most comfortable: for the convenience of art lovers, an online store operates and delivery of ready-made canvases to any city of Russia. Art Studio "Art of Russia" offers incredibly low prices for paintings written by skilful modern artists, so that everyone could bring a particle of light to their house!

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