Several ways to increase the living space of a small living

Spacious bright living room

If you live in a small apartment, then you probably really want to increase the volume of living quarters. We will gladly share with you some useful secrets.

Remove one wall

Bright accents in the small living room

A small living room can be expanded by removing one of the walls. So you can connect the living room with a kitchen or another room. This is a universal way. They can always be used to maximize your living space.

Balcony as part of the apartment

Living room with balcony

Do you feel ashamed when there is nowhere to plant a company of friends and there is not enough room at the table? A large table you can not afford because of the lack of free space. Possible solution: turn your balcony into a dining room, connecting it with another room. Clever, yes?

Furniture in the style of minimalism

Bright accents in the small living room

Even if you adore the classic large wooden furniture, then refuse from this idea at all. It will be difficult for you to place it in a small living room. However, you yourself know this. It is much better to buy furniture in the style of modern minimalism (and make such a custom-made - ideally).

Do not use dark colors

Bright accents in the small living room

There is a myth that a room should not be too dark, because it visually reduces volumes. And you know what? It's true. Colors have a big influence on the feeling of spaciousness of the room. Use cream, beige and other light shades.

In addition, use mirrors. One large or two or three moderate sizes is what you need. Mirrors in the interior create the effect of a large room.