Design of modern curtains for the living room + 100 pics

cushions on the couch and on the floor in the room

Any hostess at some point thinks: will not I change the interior of the living room? But it's expensive to do repairs, I do not want to buy new furniture, and pictures and other decorations are boring. Then the help comes the change of the design of curtains for the living room. You will be surprised, but this little trick will help radically change the style of not only this room, but the whole house as a whole.

A certain kind of curtains is suitable in different situations. The task at a choice not to be mistaken not to spoil the general view of a picture. After all, in a modern apartment or house, the curtain functionality is not only to hide the life of the tenants from prying eyes, or to protect them from sunlight, but to complete the image of the room and add details.

Candlestick on the window

Types and materials

It's no secret that the correct selection of curtains for windows should begin with an analysis of the overall color scheme of the room. It is also necessary to take light into day and night. The choice is to incline to the curtains without reflux. They look the same at any time of day. Design tricks for visual enlargement of the room or its clarification can be found further.

A small flower creates the effect of increasing space. Curtains with a bright abstraction or stripes should be used to lighten the room.

Table with a vase of flowers

Let's consider some variants of kinds of curtains:

  • classic curtains: they are mainly made of soft fabric in order to form vertically falling down shuttlecocks. Fastenings are carried out with the help of rings-holders. Drapery will complement the created interior and create a luxurious style.
  • Roller blinds: A simple design used to protect against sunlight. Easy fixing and corner fasteners allows you to fit snugly against the window and do not miss the rays. The only nuance in choosing this type, you need to carefully measure the height and width of the window opening, in order to pick up the ideal for the size of the curtains.
  • blinds: all known kind of curtains on the windows. Multifunctional, comfortable, durable. Allow you to adjust the level of lighting the room or remove it altogether.
  • Roman curtains: they are somewhat similar to roller blinds, but when assembled they form folds that can be adjusted in height. Thick fabric and ring design are perfect for Art Deco, country and high-tech styles.
  • French curtains: dense in texture, they fall flat folds. A wide variety of colors distinguishes this type of curtains. Collect them in the day you can pick up or garters with tassels.
  • Austrian curtains: the original appearance of the curtains, however, gives the exquisite style of the room due to its rich color shades. Mounted on the ceiling or wall cornice, and rises thanks to the side rope mechanism.

The choice of fabrics for curtains in the modern interior is rich, and for an optimal solution one should analyze the overall stylistics of the room, according to which it is already determined.

Cream curtains in the interior

Classics for ages

More people make repairs without using the services of a designer. And, not to "pereudrrit", choose a classic style. After all, then the interior will wear a touch of chic and serve as an indicator of the good taste of the owners. In this case, the windows are decorated with thick curtains and a light organza tulle. This allows the day to preserve the penetration of sunlight, and in the evening hide behind an opaque cloth room from prying eyes. Due to such elements as lambrequins, brushes and laces, you can give the interior a special atmosphere of refinement. And add it with antiques and antique furniture. But it is important at the same time to maintain a common color scheme, consonant with the rest of the decor. Otherwise, there is a chance to destroy the whole atmosphere, as curtains are the main accent in the classical style.

Antique clock over the fireplace Luxurious furniture and fireplace in the living room  Candlestick on the table in the living room  Antique furniture in the interior  Brown curtains in combination with wallpaper in stripes  Piano and coffee table in front of the fireplace

Hi-tech - a modern manifestation of design

There is nothing superfluous here, only simple forms, so as not to be distracted by anything. Modern man does not have time to think about additional details. He does not have time to look at the decor. A convenient style for offices and work is gaining more and more admirers among the designers of living quarters. Thus densely enters into our daily life. In another way, it can be said that the high-tech style is a kind of minimalism. For a man who has been running all his life, he would like to come home as much as possible to relax, without unnecessary pretentiousness and a lot of details. Therefore, curtains in this style should be simple, from quality material. The main hues in the hi-tech framework are strict, restrained with metallic luster. Roll or Roman blinds are suitable.

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It is noteworthy that this window decor is appropriate only for this style.

Modern furniture in the living room Furniture and curtains of lilac color  Black armchairs with white pillows  Painting with a backlight on the wall  Table in an empty room  Skin on the floor in the room

Country motives

The style of Provence is different, rustic, reminiscent of country with notes of France. What can be understood from the title. Modesty and lightness are the leading qualities in it. Elements of decor are made of wood, as in a rural house. And the curtains on the windows are usually weightless, like a breeze blowing. The atmosphere in the room should remain light to remind of the summer day, haymaking and country life. Drawings on curtains - mostly flowers and motley ornaments. Fabric - natural fibers, such as linen, cotton or cotton. The main color of the Provence style is blue, this must be remembered when selecting decor elements.

Interior with elements of natural wood

Ancient sideboard and floor lamps in the interior  Vase with flowers on the table  Pictures and candlesticks on the fireplace  Bright curtains and furniture in the living room  Candles in the fireplace

Less is better?

As in the style of hi-tech, in the style of minimalism, curtains serve not as decoration, but more as a functional object. A distinctive feature of hi-tech is that in minimalism a cozy, homely atmosphere is preserved, precisely due to the fact that the curtains are more light in color. Without cold colors and metallic shades. In the style of minimalism, restraint is welcomed, but the window decor also must preserve the transmitted light capacity. Filling the room with light allows you to keep a warm atmosphere. No lambrequins, the maximum of the eyelet without decorations, no ornament and bright colors. Subtle matter on the floor - this is the key to successful design in a modern minimalist style.

Strict style room with bright red decor elements

Table and TV in front of the sofa  An unusual chandelier on the ceiling  Unusual armchair opposite the sofa  Suspended chandeliers in the interior  Huge table lamp on the floor

East is a delicate matter

Each of us saw the decor in oriental style in restaurants and hookahs. But not many people decide to apply this style at home. But in vain. After all, bright colors and floral motifs attract absolutely everyone. When choosing such a design, it is important not to overdo it. If you have a bright color solution on the walls, the curtains are better to choose beige or light shades with some detail. A distinctive feature in the oriental style is the long, wide curtains in the floor. Such curtains help to preserve the atmosphere of the East and sustain a general picture. As a decor use braid, laces, tassels and bells, which according to legend drive away evil spirits.

A room with oriental furniture and curtains

Unusual dishes on the table  Multi-colored sofas in a round room  The combination of white carpet and wooden floor with illumination  Eastern pitchers and furniture in the interior  Blue and gold curtains in oriental style

Style without style

There is an unusual style - eclecticism. Combine incompatible things together. By style, absolutely different furniture and painting of walls, curtains and flooring. All the decor items do not correspond, are randomly arranged in relation to each other. But still there are some rules: all together should look harmonious. Otherwise your creative chaos will look ridiculous and stupid. In the selection of curtains there are no special restrictions, the material and color can be any. In the decoration of the curtains, not only the usual elements are often used, but also feathers, beads, embroidery or printing on fabrics.

Unusual combination of interior elements

An unusual combination of colors in the interior  Variety of colors in the room  Unusual floor lamp in the interior  Mirror in the form of a star above the fireplace  Multicolored carpet on the living room floor

Curtains, like my grandmother's - style

As they say: everything new is a well-forgotten old. Here is the "new" trend in the decor - the vintage style. The idea is that we take the best decor items, interesting ideas and beautiful things and use them in the design of curtains in a modern interior. This does not mean that it is worth taking away from the grandmother old tulle, stored in the attic for many years. We'd better take a quality new fabric and depict what was possible in the past, and maybe the year before last. To create warmth and a cozy atmosphere - this is an excellent choice. Curtains should fit the general style, if it is made in a vintage style, then also the era that it conveys.

Table with books in the interior

StylesColor spectrumthe cloth
ClassicA variety of colors, not limited to any oneDense types of materials for curtains and light tulle
High techMetallic cold shadesTransparent or dense (roll or Roman)
ProvenceLight colors, mostly blue-blue or ocherNatural fibers, such as flax, cotton or cotton
MinimalismUniform colors of light shadesTransmitted light, transparent
OrientalUnlimited choice of colors (depends on the color scheme of the walls)Silk, brocade, thick fabrics and transparent organza
EclecticismUnlimited choice of colorsUnlimited choice
VintageUnlimited choice of colorsDense multi-layer fabric or tulle with embroidery
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A figurine, a photo and a box on the window

Vase on the table in the form of a harp  Antique table with armchair, lamp and curtains  Table with a book in the interior  Interior with chandelier and floor lamp  The combination of gray curtains and wallpaper in a gray strip

If there are more than one window?

There are several rules for decorating rooms with two or more windows:

  • if the curtains hang on the cornice - the difference in material, color and shape is unacceptable;
  • the fabric of all the curtains must be the same, it is not allowed to have a different shade or texture;
  • if the windows are separate from each other, rather than side by side, the decor should be completely identical - all the elements, the way of fixing to the cornice are the same.

The choice of curtains for two windows is complicated by the fact that they will overload the interior too much, or, conversely, look too boring.

Ancient sideboard in the interior

Sofa, armchair and table in the living room  The original combination of colors in the interior  Fireplace in living room  Lilac palace and curtains in the interior  Bright interior with a glass table

Window decoration with balcony

Balcony or loggia is always a plus in the apartment or house. But this is a great test for curtains. Since the balcony door is always in motion, tight curtains will interfere with this, and a light organza can catch and tear. There are several options for how to beat the decor of the balcony.

  • jalousie

Удобный вариант. Очень практичный материал jalousie позволяет не деформироваться при постоянном обращении. Но интерьер сразу теряет весь уют.

Blinds on the balcony

Wood Wall Decoration  Яркие jalousie на балконе  Table on the balcony  Room flowers on the balcony  Blinds with a picture on the balcony

  • sliding curtains

Light fabric on the eyelets or rings is easily moved, which reduces its deformation, and its weightlessness allows you to effortlessly move the curtains to the desired position.

Bright curtains on the window

Different types of curtains on the loggia  Purple curtains on a glass door  Bedroom with access to the loggia  Curtains on the door  View of the balcony from the room

  • lift curtains

Japanese or Roman curtains are suitable because they are always used separately for the window and balcony doors. Moving will not hurt or spoil the fabric, and the passage will not be difficult.

When choosing curtains in a room with a balcony, do not forget about the overall design of the room. It will not look very good if the Provence style curtains are hung in a minimalist interior.

White curtains with black fringing on the windows

What is lambrequin?

This "scary" word only means a decorative element of curtains used to hide the eaves. Soft and hard lambrequins allow you to visually expand the window opening, raise ceilings and adjust the size of the room.

Curtains with patterns from fabric

Hard is more suitable for thick fabrics, while soft is suitable for light, airy materials. In fact, lambrequin is suitable for all styles, but for minimalism it will be somewhat inappropriate.

Quite a lot of people continue to use this kind of decor curtains. But do not forget that now there is a huge variety of spectacular cornices. I do not want to hide an interesting piece of decoration behind a cloth. Moreover, if the curtains themselves are made of a unique, very beautiful material, which should not be covered with something from above.

The interior in the antique style

On what does length depend?

Short curtains are usually used if there is furniture near the window. Or the window sill is wide, and there are some additional decor items on it. Most often this situation occurs in the kitchen, so short curtains are used there.

There are several options for short curtains:

  • curtains "cafe"

They got their name from the fact that they were originally hung in cafes to give them a more cozy and homely look. To hang a cornice is taken to the middle of the window, due to which the room will be exposed to sunlight. This adds extra comfort to the living room. Good fit in the style of eclecticism or Provence.

Curtains in the middle of the window

  • Roman

The Roman curtains were mentioned above. There are options for small, narrow windows. Due to its design, the length is adjustable.

White curtains with black stripes in a light interior

  • French

Also, the kind of curtains described above has a shortened version, half the window. Lightweight, air curtains impart a refined style to the room while at the same time keeping the light in the room without the use of artificial light.

Interior with chic curtains and a sofa

  • color block

As it is clear from the title, these are colored fabric cloths, which are hung on parallel cornices, due to which they can be swapped. The game of color and materials is all in your hands. Create your own creative space.

Long curtains are used everywhere, in all rooms of the house. In the living room and bedroom they protect from prying eyes and excess light. And in the kitchen they give extra windows to large windows. Due to the length, you can beat the size of the window, add an accent to the interior.

Several curtains on the windows

What curtains in length to choose you decide, but in both versions there is always room for imagination. Additional decor, lambrequins and unusual pick-ups, even the way of fastening to the cornice can be beaten differently. We will discuss this further.

Two-color curtains in the interior

Rings or eyelets?

What is the ring is clear to all. This method was used by our grandmothers in different variations - a hook, a ring or stripes on the tulle. All this was attached to the curtain and clung to the cornice. The last time the fashion included eyelets - it's metal or plastic circles that are sewed into the fabric and through it the curtains are fastened already to the cornice. They are absolutely unnoticeable, due to what the material looks more elegant, refined. Streams with light folds. A wide choice of color solutions allows you to choose the eyelets tone in tone to the curtain. Or, on the contrary, you can beat them as additional decor. If we take, for example, the red eyelets to the black curtains. Looks very stylish.

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The combination of black and red curtains

How to decorate the bay window in addition?

The eraser is a bulge in the wall, usually round or trapezoidal. The windows are placed along the entire perimeter of the wall. Beautiful curtains perfectly complement the overall style.

In order to pick up the curtains in the bay window, you need to follow several rules to preserve the functionality of the room:

  1. If the bay window is in the kitchen, then most likely next to the window will be located the working surface. The best choice will be short curtains or roller blinds.
  2. In the office, you need to use a dense fabric in order to eliminate the interfering light.
  3. For the living room, the curtains can be used as an insulating element. Separate space is very convenient muslin.

Decoration of the living room in beige-lilac tones

What to consider when choosing

Curtains are always a special emphasis in the formation of the interior. Any person always wants guests to come and admire the new repair and taste of the owners. How to catch up with the latest trends? And what is fashionable this year?

Сочетание штор и jalousie на окнах

Analyzing the literature on the design of living rooms, it becomes clear that there is no single most fashionable solution. But there are several common points:

  • the material is better to use natural, without the use of excess synthetics;
  • restrained color gamma is a priority, and bright accents can be added due to decor: glass threads, embroideries, ornament, prints;
  • at the peak of fashion, now Japanese panels with a printed pattern on them.

Do not forget that when choosing curtains, we, first of all, focus on the overall style of the room, rather than on fashion. Therefore, if you have a country style, then you obviously do not fit Japanese or bamboo panels, or in high-tech add a huge amount of embroidery and decor.

Chocolate curtains in combination with white furniture

Hand-made or with your own hands

On the Internet there is a large number of curtains of modern design. But not always the model you like can be found on sale or ordered. What can I do if I like the option, but it does not look like the shops. Or is, but does not fit the color scheme of the room.

Ordering sewing curtains from a tailor is quite a costly affair. But you can always make curtains with your own hands. For this, you do not need to have a professional profile education. It's pretty simple.

In the cloth and furniture stores, the materials are presented according to texture and colors. Also there you will find additional items for decoration.

Pillows on the sofa and curtains from one fabric

Information on sewing curtains you can find on the Internet or additional literature. Here we will tell you how you can sew a Roman blind with your own hands.

  1. First we need to choose a thick fabric. There are those who make this kind of curtains made of lightweight material, and it looks pretty attractive. But it's more convenient and practical to take a thin curtain fabric.
  2. Then take the linen for the lining.
  3. Pencil and protractor (special for dressing, but you can take the usual clerical).
  4. Velcro tape.
  5. Wooden round pins (diameter 7mm) and wooden slats (3 to 2.5).
  6. Plastic rings (2 on 1 kulisk)
  7. Nylon cord.

Patterns are pretty much presented in the network, we will not go into this. Then make the hem along the 2.5 centimeters of longitudinal sections on each side and stitch them.

We make transverse deflections for 5 centimeters already, we repeat the same procedure with them.

Original lighting fixtures on the wall

For ease of sewing, iron the deflections and secure them with pins.

On the upper edge sewing the tape tape secret seam. Cut the lining by 8 cm and make double folds of 4 cm, as with the main fabric. The main folds are sewn only to the lining. It is necessary to attach it to the main tissue.

Rake should be 2 centimeters shorter than the width of the fabric. We put it into the kulis, which we left when sewing the deflections. The holes are closed. We repeat the procedure with the whole cloth.

To the racks we sew rings and stretch through them a nylon cord cut in half. Firmly tie and tighten.

Yellow curtains with black stripes on the windows

The Roman blind is ready. Now you can attach additional decor to it. Such a curtain will look beautiful in any room. You yourself can adjust the illumination by it, and if desired, replace it with another color.

The choice of curtains is fascinating, but time-consuming. Pick up the perfect option, which will suit all the household is difficult. The texture is suitable for furniture, the color for the walls, and all together to the style of the room will be combined with the help of our article.

Identical curtains and pillows  Antique sideboard and chic curtains  Patterns on the filling floor  Blinds and curtains on windows  A bright picture in a strict interior The combination of blue and gray tones in the interior  Yellow bouquet in a vase on the background of a coffee interior  A bright picture above the fireplace  The original table in the living room  Armchairs in a strip in the interior The original interior of the living room  Curtains with patterns and flowers  Interior of the room in Arabic style  Chocolate curtains and light furniture in the interior  Antique chairs and multi-colored chairs Decorative pumpkin in the middle of the room  Red curtains, pillows and carpet in combination with white walls and furniture  Interior in violet and bardovye tones  White furniture and a picture above the fireplace  Curtains on the window in black and white stripes