Original interior design of a small studio house

Interior design of a small house-студии

Interior design of a small house

Компания Apollo Architects & Assosiates завершила строительство наиболее высокого здания японской префектуры Айти, в котором есть одновременно художественная галерея и комнаты для комфортного семейного отдыха.

Facade of a small studio house

Gaze successfully combines in its walls comfortable living and modern art

The three-story building, called Gaze, is in Obu, south of Nagoya. The Japanese company has developed a design in such a way that as a result, it is necessary to place a small gallery of modern art on the lower level and two floors of living space - higher.

Interior design of a small house

On the ground floor of the building there is a gallery

At the request of the customer, who soon plans to expand the gallery's area, Satoshi Kurosaki, the head of Apollo, created a number of rooms with the most flexible layout.

Outwardly the building has an area of ​​125 sq. M. m looks like a stack of three boxes. Below - a small glass in the frame of concrete structures, on top - two large metal one on the other.

Appearance of a small studio house

The structure is similar to three boxes stacked on top of each other

"In this structure, various designs are organically connected: a podium of reinforced concrete and glass on the first level, and two similar to the wooden floor boxes - higher," explains Kurosaki. "The total area of ​​the building becomes larger when its height increases," he adds.

This technique is becoming increasingly popular among architects trying to achieve increased space on small sites. To achieve this, Gaze designers used composite structures of concrete and wood, combining several consoles.

To create a dark metal effect, the blocks of the two upper levels are lined with Galvalume. It is a sheet of steel, covered with an aluminum-zinc alloy. With the help of this designers have achieved a contrast of the upper blocks with transparent glass and untreated concrete of the lower level.

Entrance door to a small house-studio

Architects managed to achieve a contrast between the levels

Concrete walls, the ceiling, and the floor of the gallery were not finished. The interior decoration of the building is simple and uncomplicated, especially in a loosely planned living room on the top floor, in which the snow-white walls adjoin the dark tiled floor.

Interior gallery in a small studio house

The interior of the gallery was not decorated

The steel staircase with wooden steps of warm tones is one of the few color accents of the building. Stairs in the interior of a small home-studio

The staircase is one of Gaze's accents

"Interior, decoration and furniture of family rooms are deliberately executed with utmost simplicity in monotonous colors. In the future, this will transform the room data from the living space into the gallery rooms, where the customer's collections will be exhibited, "added Kurosaki. Interior of a dwelling in a small studio house

Interior of living quarters is extremely simple

"This will be a viewing room. You can live side by side with art, without losing the feeling of privacy, "- adds the architect.

The free-standing living room occupies the entire top floor. The combined kitchen and dining table are located in one side of the room, and the rest area opens onto the isolated balcony of the other.

Interior of the living room in a small studio house

The free-standing living room is at the top level

Three bedrooms are located on the middle floor, together with a bathroom, toilet and washroom.

The second level of a small studio house

On the second floor of the building there are bedrooms

In order to combine the functions of the gallery and living quarters in the building, there is a second entrance, leading immediately to the upper floors. Skylights provide excellent illumination of the residential area, which, according to Kurosaki, creates a "pleasant atmosphere".

The second exit in a small studio house

To get to the living quarters immediately, you can use the second entrance

Kurosaki создал Apollo Architects & Assosiates в 2000 году. В настоящее время у компании есть филиалы в Японии, Китае и Южной Кореи. Среди других проектов архитектора – дом, который называют Ноев ковчег и дом-студия для модного фотографа.

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