50 practical ideas for expanding space in small interiors

Interior of room in light green color

Many people for various reasons and life circumstances have to exist in small apartments. Some move to a confined space quite consciously, to separate from the family or deceived by a smaller rent.

It will be interesting for our readers to see how, with the help of our recommendations, it is possible to make new housing more comfortable, without significant financial injections and making hard adjustments to the way of life. Of all the tips and many ideas it is enough to choose those that suit you.

1. If you plan to use curtains, then choose them in the tone of the walls, it is better that they "merge".

Chocolate accents in the interior of the bedroom Blind on the wall in the bedroom Four-poster bed Interior of a drawing room in a green palette Bedroom in lilac color Bedroom in the bronze palette Curtains on the windows in the dining room

2. If there are large windows with a beautiful view of nature, it is advisable to bring shades of fresh greens to the apartment. This visually combines both spaces and will expand the size of the room.

Bedroom interior in light colors Colorful accents in the interior of the bedroom Species bathroom in white color Bedroom with access to the terrace Bamboo furniture in the living room Glass walls in the bedroom High window in the office High window in the living room

3. It is desirable that the room from the side of the street is illuminated as best as possible, a minimum of fabrics and objects cluttering the window.

Wicker furniture in the living room with fireplace Glass walls in the living room Interior of living room with fireplace Bright accents in the design of the living room Living room in white Cabinet in white color Interior of studio apartment in white color Living room in black and white with bright accents Interior of the living room in warm tones

4. Selecting options for upholstered furniture, it is better to give preference to low sofas and armchairs. If the room is very small, then you have to choose one or the other.

Interior of the living room in a warm palette Living room in bright colors Interior of the living room in pastel colors Flower motifs in the interior of the living room Black and red accents in the white living room Living room in cream color Living room in milk color

5. Try to equip the hidden storage systems and racks. Do not buy extra accessories and furniture, just because you liked. Approach the issues of decoration with a maximally cold head.

Large shelving in the dining room Shelving rack Organized space in the garage Shelf at the front door Storage rack in the pantry Racks in the hallway A rack in the room for creativity

6. For a better effect for adjacent rooms, a uniform color palette and floor coverings for the same texture are selected. If for some reason it does not work out, then it is advisable to do everything possible to make their color shades similar.

Spacious living room with fireplace Bedroom in pastel colors Glass walls in the living room Spacious studio apartment in pastel colors Interior of a spacious dining room Bright accents in the design of the living room Living room in the attic room