Gray curtains in the interior +50 photo

Gray curtains in the interior

The overall impression of the room to a large extent depends on a harmonious combination of colors of its main elements: walls, ceiling, floor, textiles, wallpaper, furniture. First of all, you need to choose the base color, then only proceed with the selection of the remaining color combinations. Guided by this rule, you can easily create the desired atmosphere in the room, such as calm and soothing, or vigorous and energetic. Thanks to the curtains, the owners of the apartments emphasize the elegance, respectability, elegance of the interior. Their main advantage is universality. With their help, you can create a neutral background, which provides unlimited possibilities for decorating rooms. In addition, there are several types of curtains - roll, Roman, thread, tulle, French and so on.

When choosing gray curtains for the hall it is worth to look closely at elegant fabrics: velvet, satin, satin, other materials that are decorated with drapery without problems. Curtain on the eyelets will be an excellent option for creating aesthetically beautiful folds. Dimensions draperies are determined by the rings, used as a fastener. Velvet products are best in harmony with furniture upholstery, deservedly enjoying great popularity. If you can not figure out how to achieve a perfect combination, it's worth decorating the room with various trifles. Whether it's a tablecloth, a rug, plafonds, ordinary napkins - this will help you achieve roomy harmony.

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Modern living room design

Graphite tone is absolutely not suitable for the living room because of its excessive saturation.

For a bedroom

Gray curtains in the interior of the bedroom, made in soft light shades (pearl, ashy and others), contribute to physical relaxation. Such a bedroom can make you sad, therefore, you need to change the atmosphere in the room a little, adding bright soft pillows, choosing bed linens of blue shades. You can also resort to real live flowers, put them in a vase.

Large window in the bedroom with gray curtains Bedroom in gray tones  Yellow walls and gray curtains in the bedroom  Cozy bedroom with gray curtains  Blue walls and light gray curtains in the bedroom  Translucent curtains in the bedroom

Through curtains from the opaque blackout you can achieve complete darkness in the room, which will be especially relevant for those people who are able to awaken even from one beam of the sun. If the sun is not a hindrance, you can choose a gray veil that will look great in almost any bedroom. Those who are not supporters of monotony in design, can safely dilute the palette with a couple of additional colors.

Luxury bedroom decor with gray textiles Curtains in a cage for a bedroom  Bedroom in Art Nouveau style  Solid gray curtains in a beige bedroom  Bedroom in the attic with gray curtains  Bright bedroom with gray curtains

Curtains with ornament and strips must be selected in such a way that they do not get out of the picture, attracting increased attention.

For kitchen

Many monophonic cuisine, combining different shades of one tone, otherwise how dull and ordinary it is not. If you have a desire to make the decoration of the room really beautiful or even luxurious, you need the right combination. The kitchen located on the sunny side is decorated with white, gray, blue, blue or green shades. It is appropriate to use purple and blue, combined with gray - here everything rests on a common scale and style. If desired, lightly scatter the sun's rays using tulle or muslin. If the windows face north or north-west, to create a warm, cozy atmosphere will come in handy all the same white or gray shades, accompanied by red, yellow or pink.

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Modern kitchen with gray curtains Gray textiles in the kitchen  Light kitchen with gray curtains  Gray textiles in modern kitchen  Small kitchen in gray color  Light gray curtains in the kitchen

Shades of gray

The palette of the color in question is so wide that it can be successfully applied literally everywhere. The light curtain is universal, it can be used in rooms with different lighting, combined with silver and chrome elements of the environment, which compares favorably with products of black color, completely unsuitable for small rooms.

Curtains gray for large windows

Dark in tone curtains - this is the best solution for solar rooms, which, in addition, are combined with light walls and furniture, such as the colors of bamboo. Mostly in the interior use products of ash, gray-violet, slate, silver, pearl shade. They perfectly fit into any style: from classics and baroque to modern and high-tech. Products made of natural fabrics with a floral image applied will fit even in the Provencal design.

Cozy children's room with gray curtains Textured gray curtains in the living room  Modern bedroom with gray gray curtains  Dark gray curtains in the kitchen  Roman gray curtains in the living room  Curtains silvery for a bedroom

Dark gray curtains can be selected if the living room has a thoughtful lighting with a sufficient level of illumination.

Combination with interior colors

The whole range of colors can be easily combined, taking as a basis a number of general rules:

  • Any cold metallic version is diluted with a traditional warm background.
  • To give a greyish color a warm mood, on the contrary, cold tones are added;
  • By means of white, black, brown, an optimal combination can be achieved;
  • Smokey option should be combined with orange, raspberry and red. It perfectly matches with colorful, neon tissue.

Studio apartment with gray curtains Gray curtains in the nursery  Hall in an apartment with gray curtains  Large window with gray curtains  Brick wall and gray curtains in the bedroom  The cozy interior of the living room in gray tones

  • ash color is recommended to supplement with golden and cream;
  • acid pink, lemon, orange variations will perfectly match the pearl shade;
  • gray-pearlescent colors combine with any green tone: from a salad and the brightest emerald to the darkest khaki;
  • Ashen products should be supplemented with white, beige, cream, gold tones;
  • bright surfaces are harmoniously combined with blue, light green, turquoise, crimson, scarlet;
  • the curtain to be examined must be selected in several tones brighter than the basic color of the furniture or the walls of the room;
  • Silvery tones can be emphasized by various glossy accessories;
  • To exclude overload of bright shades on a background of curtains, it is necessary to reduce their quantity;
  • Anthracite slate shades are used for high-tech style rooms.
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The combination of wood and gray textiles Interior in the style of minimalism  Spacious room with monochrome curtains  Gray combined with yellow in the interior  Bedroom with gray curtains  Gray tulle in the living room

The best combination is achieved with white, or neutral pastel tones.


Thanks to gray curtains, you can get the desired effect of unobtrusiveness, which sometimes lacks the finish. They look noble, stylish and to some extent luxurious. In addition, such curtains are able to live in one room with bright and even distinct from them in perception tones, which provides a wide scope for experiments with contrasts.

Green walls and gray curtains in the decor of the room Black and white living room decor  Bright lighting in the living room with dark curtains  Light walls in the living room with gray curtains  Kitchen-living room with gray textiles  Corner curtains in the living room

Do not forget about additional accessories: beaded threads, openwork frills, fasteners and podhvaty. The main rule when designing a room that should be kept in mind is a careful introduction of expressive accents, as they do not rarely cause the lack of consistency in the appearance of the ensemble of the room. Gray curtains - a material that is contraindicated to save, because the texture is very clearly displayed.