Excellent examples of design of small interiors of kitchens

Small kitchen with dining area

Small interiors can be comfortable and in a properly arranged kitchen you can cook even with two.

We offer to see how the issue of space and comfort was solved by some owners of small houses and apartments.

Matt Steinglass with his family lives in the Netherlands. The house was built in Harlem in 1920, and the close kitchen did not allow it to be in it, at the same time two.

During the repair, the wall separating from the living room was demolished and a single space with a cooking area was created. The island with a sink can be used as a working surface for slicing foods and, on the other hand, it is a comfortable bar counter separating the kitchen and dining room.

The top of the room is open, creating a large free space. Equipment and cabinets are located along the wall, leaving plenty of room to move between the equipment.

It turned out a stylish interior design, compact and convenient workplace of the cook and a spacious room where the family can be together, even when preparing dinner.

Small kitchen with island

Sarah Brown and Chad Zentner love animals, so there are three cats in their villa in the Saint-Laurent region of Montreal, Canada. The building, built in 1950, had a close kitchen and little storage space for dishes and food.

The natural light was weak. The refrigerator occupied a lot of space, blocking the passage, and had a small capacity.

Small corner kitchen

Having completely changed small kitchen interior, the designers simultaneously improved its appearance and made the work area more spacious. They removed the side door and the partition, installing a cabinet with kitchen equipment, ovens and a refrigerator in their place.

The space around the window was released, hung open shelves on the sides, at the bottom they set up tables with a glossy white countertop reflecting the light. The dark tile on the floor was replaced with light stone slabs, and a bright rug gave him the elegance.

The combination of the dark bottom due to the black front panels of furniture and white glossy tiles of the walls increased the space, made it lighter and more joyful. Compact placement of equipment has freed up space for people preparing food, and cats are not afraid to get under their feet, checking what they will give for dinner.

Corner kitchen in black and white

In a long kitchen from Salt Dake City, Utah, steel seals were removed, only Interior Design. One wall was cleaned to a brickwork and covered with a transparent varnish. The rest of the surfaces were repainted, replacing the brown color with beige, making the room more visually.

Illumination was increased by removing the door, and widening the opening. Pots and other large dishes were placed on open shelves, made as shop windows. In the boxes smaller objects.

Breadcrumbs and wooden spoons with scoops hang over the stove from the grate. Chopping boards allow you to work anywhere and quickly remove everything.

Brickwork in the interior of the kitchen

In a large hallway, a table was set along the wall and a carpet track was laid, separating this place as a dining area. Clothes and shoes were put away in a wardrobe. To a high rack put bar chairs.

As an ornament put the old cowboy boots. Window-sills are decorated with pots with indoor plants. In the corner is a low chair, on which you can sit down to get a shoe.

Dining area by the window

Chris and Jennifer McCormick had a small and dark kitchen with old equipment in the house in Portland, Oregon. The walls were painted in chocolate and made the room even more tight and tight.

Interior of a small kitchen

When redevelopment removed the partition separating from the living room, and significantly expanded the opening. Now the natural light has more to enter the kitchen.

The island was set up with a stove and created many boxes and closed shelves for storage, the opposite side can be used as a bar counter and a breakfast table.

Dining area behind the kitchen island

The ovens are placed in the built-in closet, setting them compactly and releasing the work surface.

Built-in kitchen appliances

In the Canadian city of Montreal, Marilyn and her dog live in the basement. When the girl moved, she hired masters, and they demolished all the piers, creating a studio Interior Design.

In a large apartment space, the kitchen became a zone in one of the corners, originally highlighted with a wall painted in bright orange.

Over the island hang on the cords of lamps with long relief plafonds. On the ceiling there are built-in lamps. The working area and the sink are lightened additionally.

Small kitchen with dining area

Sabrina and Sasha Kolmakov love their small and cozy apartment in the area of ​​South Kensington, London. They combined the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. It turned out a convenient and functional space. Over dinner, 6 people are accommodated.

Wall sconces gently illuminate the working area. All equipment is installed along the wall. Under the window is white, like a table, a bench. Large pots turned into decor and arranged on open shelves of the bookcase as a ladder.

Small kitchen with dining area

Beige color in the interior background. With it, the darker upholstery of the sofa with a touch of coffee and milk matches well. Upholstered furniture separates the living room, and friends can easily go with drinks to the armchairs.

Small kitchen in the living room

In the East Village, the area of ​​Mathenten, the space and illumination was increased due to the white glossy surfaces of the furniture and the mirror apron and the space above the cupboards. The gray floor is varnished and shiny.

Kitchen with island in white color

Tableware, depending on the demand is beautifully placed on the work surface and under the ceiling. Wall decor is made by a bright poster, matched in tone.

Kitchen with island in white color

Jordan Menzel and his daughter live in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a house on wheels. Externally, a shiny car, lined with polished duralumin, looks like a speed car.

Residential house on wheels

Inside, every decimeter of the area is rationally used. The oval sink is installed at an angle. The chopping board lies on the stove and, if necessary, easily moves to another location.

Kitchen interior in the trailer

The refrigerator is placed at the end of the kitchen near the wall in the closet, serving both as a pantry for food. On the cabinet for things from the side hangs the TV screen. Behind him is a wide sofa that can be used for sleeping. The chairs move under the countertop, freeing the passage to the bathroom.

Interior of the caravan on wheels

The house is located in Athens, Greece. In the old building, designed only for the oven, compactly arranged modern equipment, preserving Interior Design in a rustic style.

A warm tree and a chessboard tiled on the table top. The sink in front of the window and next to the folding table. The hood is combined with a hanging cupboard. The oven is placed in the bedside table.

Wooden furniture set in the kitchen

In front of the dining room window in Seattle, Washington, is a beautiful park. The kitchen was dark and the enclosed space seemed even smaller. Then they decided to increase the opening, removing the door and most of the wall.

Now, preparing food, you can not only admire nature, but also look after the children walking in the courtyard without ever going out into the street.

White table tops and sun lacquered wood made small kitchen interior gentle and light. The table with the working surface is located near the former wall, in the open space and preparing the products Brittany does not feel the stiffness and discomfort of the tight room.

Small kitchen and dining room

The problem of small interiors is solved in different ways, depending on the possibilities to remodel a particular house.