Hallway design in popular styles - 40 best photos

Need ideas for creating a beautiful interior of the hallway? Here you will see 40 very inspiring photos of the hallways, including:

  • Narrow and small hallways;
  • Design of the hallway in the apartment;
  • Hallways in the corridor;
  • Photo of the hallway in a private house.

We tried to collect the most interesting examples of design of hallways in such popular styles as Provence, Art Nouveau, loft, country, as well as classical, Scandinavian and modern styles. Beautiful and functional furniture for the hallway, hangers, banquettes, decor, lamps and even the original wall decoration in the hallway - in these photos you will find great ideas that will help to impress the guests of your house. Let your hallway go beyond the typical idea of ​​this room! Be inspired by these amazing hallway designs and take your best ideas to memory.

Often the hallway receives undeservedly little attention. Photos of the design of the hallways in our today's collection clearly demonstrate how profitable the interior of the whole house or apartment can be transformed, just giving due attention to the design of this type of room. You can make sure of what was said above right now.

Hallway photo design in Moroccan style

Provencal and country hallways

For what we love country style, this is for the warm feeling of rural comfort, which he gives us through the abundance of a shabby tree and ornate textiles. Style Provence, also French country, is becoming more popular every year and conquers our hearts with light pastel colors, bright floral patterns and ornate old-fashioned decor.

Hallways in the style of Provence:

Blue interior of the hallway photo style of Provence Interior of the hallway in the style of Provence Blue and blue hallway in the style of Provence photo Built-in entrance hall in Provence style Green hallways in the style of Provence in the photo

Hallways in country styles:

Design of a hallway in country style Beautiful hallways in the corridor Beautiful wall decoration in the hallway Small hallways photo in country style

Hallways in loft style

How to create a unique loft-style hallway design?

Кирпичные, бетонные и другие «сырые» стены являются визитной карточной интерьеров в стиле лофт. Учитывая, что данный стиль зародился на старых заброшенных фабриках и складах, то идеальным дополнением к нему являются промышленные светильники, старые ящики, трубы и другие детали в стиле индастриал. Но не стоит забывать, что первые лофты были убежищем поэтов, художников и других представителей богемы, и они придали лофтам шарм с использованием ярких тканей, картин, скульптур и других предметов декора. Hallways in loft style на фото:

Loft-style hallway photo design Design of the hallway in the house in the loft style Bright and original hallway in loft style Creative hallways photo A small hallway photo in the loft style Design of an entrance hall in an apartment in a loft style

Hallways in Scandinavian style

Hallways in Scandinavian style отличаются теплыми природными тонами на фоне общего светлого выполнения комнаты. Кроме того, следует отметить минимализм и строгий подбор декора, при котором сложно обнаружить в интерьере хоть одну лишнюю деталь. В скандинавских домах они идеально дополняют друг друга. Благодаря всему этому, прихожие в скандинавском стиле кажутся чистыми и будто залитыми солнечным светом, что не может не дарить радость.

Design of a hall in Scandinavian style Hallway in the house photo in Scandinavian style Hallways in the corridor in Scandinavian style Photo of the hallway in a private house in Scandinavian style Scandinavian small hallway photo Modern hallways in Scandinavian style Scandinavian vestibule in a private house

Hallways in Art Nouveau style

Стиль модерн или ар-нуво знаменит своими изгибистыми линиями, напоминающими стебли растений, а также изобилием деревянных, позолоченных и других роскошных деталей, отсылающих к классическому стилю. Hallways in Art Nouveau style часто имеют богато украшенные зеркала, кованую или деревянную мебель, а также яркие картины, скульптуры и другие элементы декора.

Hallways in Art Nouveau style на фото:

Narrow hallway in the corridor Modern modern hallways photo 2015 Forged furniture for an entrance hall in a modernist style A small hallway in the corridor in the Art Nouveau style Modern hallways in the Art Nouveau style on the photo Photo of the hallway in modern art nouveau style

Classic style vestibules

Eternal classics in the design of modern hallways ... As a rule, it is expressed in the use of expensive art objects, antique wooden furniture and lamps with gilding. The following photos will tell you more: we represent the hallways in the classical style:

Hallway photo design in classic styleHallway-in-classic-styleSmall hallway photo in classic styleClassic style vestibules фото White hall in the classical style

Hallways in a modern style

It is difficult to establish any framework for modern style. It can combine elements from all previous styles combined, but at the same time look like something completely special. The hallway design in the modern style can be both strict and elegant, and bold and bright. Minimalist or richly decorated - modern style is free, which means it is the easiest to observe.

For your inspiration - here are beautiful halls in a modern style on the photo:

Entrance hall in a modern style Photo of a hallway in a modern style in a private house Beautiful modern hallway design photo Modern hallways photo 2015 Modern furniture for hallways photo Modern hallways photo in the apartment Modern hallways - a vivid photo of the hallway in a private house

The hallway in the modern style can also be fully complemented with a wardrobe compartment. First of all, such furniture is very practical because of its spaciousness and convenience. The compartments of the compartment in the photo we collected for you in the publication by reference. There we tried to present the most interesting options for your inspiration.