The layout of the dressing room: 30 photos of large and

In the arrangement of a dwelling, whether it is an apartment or a private house, an important role is played by the layout of the cloak room. It is much more convenient to try on an outfit in one equipped room, where there is a large mirror and a variety of clothing items are collected than to assemble them in separate cabinets. In small apartments, with a competent approach, it is possible to plan a small dressing room, which can be placed in the hallway or bedroom. In order to understand how to properly allocate space for the organization of a dressing room, and how best to organize it internally, we will consider various possible types of its location in large and small rooms and the basic principles of the arrangement.

Planning of the dressing room: choosing a suitable place for the arrangement

Reflecting on the arrangement of a convenient compact storage for clothes, it is necessary to choose an option that can not significantly reduce the parameters of a particular room by its presence. The layout of the dressing room has several basic forms, namely:

  • corner, which will fit into any type of room and besides it will be a convenient design for placing personal belongings for two people;
  • Linear, reminiscent of the closet on the wall;
  • U-shaped - quite capacious design, but it requires additional lighting;
  • Parallel, where two storage systems are located opposite each other. In this variant, it is necessary to take into account the space between them for the free opening of the swing doors.

The layout of the dressing room, photo 1Wardrobe room planning, photo 2The layout of the dressing room with the sizes, photo 3Wardrobe layout photo, photo 4Wardrobe room planning photo, photo 5Wardrobe layout options, photo 6Bedroom with wardrobe, photo 7The layout of a small dressing room, photo 8Small dressing room, lay-out, photo 9The layout of the dressing room, photo 10Wardrobe room planning, photo 11The layout of the dressing room with the sizes, photo 12Wardrobe layout photo, photo 13Wardrobe room planning photo, photo 14

A great advantage for the organization of the dressing room are apartments with large living space and private houses, where there is a lot of room and the location of the dressing room depends only on the personal preferences of the owners. In this case, a separate room can be allocated for the clothing store. In private houses with several floors, often under these purposes, space under the stairs or under the bevels of the roofs is used.

Owners of small apartments should not despair. There can also be a small dressing room, the layout of which will require a more thorough and thoughtful approach. Several square meters can be identified, for example, in the hallway for the design of a corner wardrobe. Particularly successful option will be the arrangement of a dressing room in the end part of a narrow corridor (in older buildings, as a rule, in these places are pantries or niches).

Angular version of the dressing room can be arranged in the living room, and in the bedroom will help to rationally use the space of the U-shaped structure, in the niche of which there will be a bed. In small apartments, you can also use the square meters of the balcony. In this case, for the safety of things in the winter period of time, it will be necessary to conduct additional heating. This will require some financial costs, but the space will be useful.

The layout of the dressing room in a private house

When building a private house, it is better to provide a room for a dressing room in advance, but if it was not taken into account during the construction, you can always find a space for its arrangement. For example, a wardrobe room will be a good one, the layout of which, as seen in the photo, provides for its placement under a staircase leading to the next floor. In this case, the slope of the ceiling can be useful for beautiful placement on different levels of fastenings for things. This layout of the dressing room can be either open or closed, that is, which has doors that will need to be made to order.

Quite a spacious layout of the dressing room, as can be seen in the photo, can turn out in a private house in the attic under the roof slopes. The main thing in such arrangement, correctly create conditions for storage. Mansard windows will perfectly play a role as a lighting system (additional lights will be needed in any case), and airing, which must be present in the dressing room. At the same time, enough heat is supplied through the windows to allow air to dry out to prevent the formation of mold. An obligatory element of any wardrobe is a mirror. It is very important to take care of the heating and cooling systems to maintain the room temperature for better preservation of things.

The layout of the wardrobe with large dimensions can give flight for unlimited imagination - here you can place a lot of shelving, drawers, shelves and other elements. If the dimensions of the space are small - you can use hidden racks and pull-out bars with clothes hangers. The dressing room in a private house can be equipped in a spacious corridor, as well as in one of the rooms, in particular, in the bedroom.

Wardrobe layout options, photo 15Bedroom with wardrobe, photo 16The layout of a small dressing room, photo 17Small dressing room planning, photo 18The layout of the dressing room, photo 19Wardrobe room planning, photo 20

The layout of the dressing room in a spacious apartment

The layout of the dressing room in the hallway is the most compromise option for any living space. This room is easily accessible to every member of the family and does not have to invade someone's private space, in order to pick up the necessary suit or shoes.

The advantage of large apartments is the possibility of organizing in the hall a spacious room for storing things of any configuration. In addition, sometimes a large hallway can seem empty and cold, and, as best you can, in this case the wardrobe will save the situation, the layout options of which may be angular, radial and linear. For the most part, such constructions make a closed type, and the facades of doors are decorated with mirrors, photo printing or it can be sliding doors made of tempered frosted or transparent glass.

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In a large bedroom room, you can create a dressing room in various ways, mainly, it depends on the shape of the room and the style of the interior. If the room has a square shape, the wardrobe layout (photos show different combinations) can be corner or radius, in a rectangular bedroom it is more convenient to place a linear one, fencing some space along one wall with a screen or door-coupe.

You can also place two symmetrical dressing rooms in different corners of the room, and you need to allocate a sufficient internal space for convenience in using the storage. A spacious dressing room allows the installation of a large mirror, ironing accessories, as well as various accessories.

It is also possible, for comfort, to place in the cloakroom a couple of ottomans and a small bench. If this is a linear version, in the center there may be rods with hangers, on the sides - shelves for clothes, underwear, bathrobes, towels. Under the headdresses, there is often a place in the upper part. The lower part is equipped with shelves for shoes.

The layout of the dressing room with the sizes, photo 21Wardrobe layout photo, photo 22Wardrobe room planning photo, photo 23Wardrobe layout options, photo 24Bedroom with wardrobe, photo 25The layout of a small dressing room, photo 26Small dressing room planning, photo 27

Small dressing room: lay-out in small apartments

In a small apartment, there is always a place to set up a separate room where personal belongings of all family members will be stored. The dressing room, the layout of which, as shown in the photo, provides a linear form, can make a more elongated room more correct if you separate the distance along one wall. This option is more acceptable for living rooms.

In a small square bedroom, the space under the wardrobe can be defined in a free corner, and in the hallway it is better to organize a radius room, which will save considerable space, but at the same time it will be quite capacious. The layout inside the small dressing room should be thought through to the smallest detail, so that every centimeter is used as functionally as possible. For this use rod-pantographs, tissue pockets for various trifles, special cases for storing handbags, drawers and so on.

Since we are talking about the placement of a dressing room in a small apartment, where the design of the interior involves the desire for visual expansion of the space, the facades and doors need to be chosen in light colors, you can resort to glass structures, as well as to decorate the doors with mirrors and photo printing.

The presence of a dressing room in a small apartment can become a real object of pride of its owners.

The layout of the dressing room, photo 28Wardrobe room planning, photo 29The layout of the dressing room with the sizes, photo 30

In conclusion, I would like to say about some advantages of having a dressing room. First, all things are in order and in sight (you do not need to go through cabinets in search of something). Secondly, all personal clothes and shoes are hidden from prying eyes. And, of course, the dressing room equipment can become a successful organization of unoccupied space, transform the interior, add to it another functional area.