How to decorate a bird feeder with your hands - step by step

All people are capable of making a bird feeder. And even small children. A child needs a plastic bottle or a cardboard box for the most common forgery. Professionals create plywood and boards. The most important drawback of self-made adaptations for birds is a nondescript appearance.

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Table of contents of the article:

  • Feeder decoration
  • Smart appearance of the trough
  • Wooden feeder
  • Feeder of edible elements
  • Extraordinary ways of decorating
  • Photo of beautiful ornaments for the trough

Feeder decoration

For designers, the main indicator is fantasy. After all, only it will help transform the shelter for birds into an aesthetic fake and serve as a decoration for the yard.

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But how to decorate a bird feeder? There are many variations of design tricks. To begin with, a house of unusual shape is made. Further it is colored, pasted. Usually use colored paper and different shapes. But it is worth considering the fact that if there are many brilliant, rustling details, then the birds will be frightened. Elements are arranged so that you can easily feed the birds.

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Smart appearance of the trough

The use of paints will not only change its appearance, but also affect the storage of street factors for years to come. The picture is chosen under the theme of winter.


Decorate the bird feeder with your own hands can be quite simple and fast. Sold a lot of different stencils, which are completely suitable for reincarnation.


Wooden feeder

This design is much stronger than made of plastic and cardboard. Ideal for street decor.


With the correct selection of details in general, you can get a small house for sheltering birds. An interesting variant of design solutions is a bird feeder. He must have a small miniature of a mill or a hive.

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The maximum effect will be if the design is externally completely similar to the real buildings. The work is very scrupulous and will require the skills of specialists.


A beautiful wooden feeder is built with real wood. Using small twigs, the forest house will become a charming sight.


Feeder of edible elements

Usually they use cereals, dried fruits, cones, seeds. But to create such a decor is only possible by specially trained designers.


You can hang a fruit garland at the entrance to the house, which is ideal for birds. In some cases, huge cones are hung.


Cropping the middle part with a lace to hang on a tree. Coniferous fruit must be smeared with honey and sprinkled with any croup. Not a single bird will refuse such a treat.

The first one is the first one

Unusually, the feeding troughs look like stars or rings. From the dense cardboard, two identical figures are cut out. From flour make glue and lubricate fakes. And then pour the seeds or dried fruit. Bond the elements together. When the structure dries, with a string it is hung on trees.


Extraordinary ways of decorating

For this, you do not need to spend huge sums of money. To make an unusual feeder will help household items that will never be used. For a good example, an old cup with a saucer is suitable. If you think about all the details, there will be an original place for feeding birds.


On the edges of the saucer 4 holes are drilled. It is, they should be at the same distance. Through the holes stretch the rope, glue the cup saucer and you can hang such a fake in any convenient place.

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Photo of beautiful ornaments for the trough



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