Decor bottles with ribbons - beautiful ways to design

Decor of bottles with ribbons

Decorated bottles are a symbolic gift for a wedding celebration, for the birthday of the child, for the anniversary of family life, Easter, New Year, February 23 or March 8. Present not only carefully decorate, but also tastefully choose the contents, so that in a couple of years it can be uncorked and pampered with aged wine. Bottles are made using both original, thematic elements, and to imitate a pair (men and women), which is dressed in improvised "suits" of ribbons and fabric. Ways to decorate glass containers mass. Among them the most popular are:

  • Sharp scissors.
  • Glue that fits well on the glass. It is better to use "Moment".
  • Braid, lace, scraps of cloth.
  • Fittings: beads, beads, buttons, cabochons.
  • Tweezers for creating miniature elements.
  • Tapes.


The main material also has a number of variations:

  • Satin. Most often used because of the suppleness and elegant aesthetic appearance.
  • Silk. Thinner and slippery material.
  • Satin. They have a denser structure, and the pattern of fibers is visible to the naked eye.
  • Jacquard. Decorated with original drawings.
  • Tape from organza. The material is translucent and airy.
  • Cotton. Well held shape, so suitable for creating voluminous compositions.
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Each of the above types is used by needlewomen to decorate bottles, but the most popular material is satin. It combines the optimal balance of quality and price.

We measure the tape

Original compositions of composite materials look original. For example, cotton flowers are surrounded by satin petals or the same background.

We try the segment  We put the dots with glue  We measure the tape другого цвета  Overlay layers  We fix the gold strip on the bottom

Preparing the bottle

Both empty and full packagings must be properly prepared for the procedure. First remove the label and the remnants of the glue along with it. There are two methods for completing this procedure:

  • Soak paper labels in hot water, and then abruptly rip it off. The method is not considered to be the most effective, since often the glue remains on the glass and it has to be scraped off.
  • Heat the label with dry, hot air and slowly tear off in centimeters. As a source of flow can act as a hair dryer, included at full capacity.

Adhesive tape with tension

After cleaning the glass, it is thoroughly washed and dried. Then the surface of the bottle is wiped with a cotton disc moistened with alcohol. Thus, the glass will be degreased, which will ensure a good "grip" with the glue. Tapes are usually pre-cut after measurement.

Seal the seam  Adhesive the edge of the tape and insert it into the slot  Adhesive all tape  Glue the last layers of the tape  We put to dry Ready result

Decoration with ribbons

Decorate a bottle of champagne or wine with your own hands is not such a difficult task. Several master classes with a step-by-step description of the work will tell you about popular techniques and features of their performance, and the beginner can only choose. The simplest version: the creation of a glass coating on the glass "layers". Work begins with a neck. From a piece of tape make a "loop", which is put on the thinnest section of glass containers.

Flowers on bottles  Champagne with bow  Beads on bottles  Decoration from bows  Flowers on the Glasses

Its ends, if necessary, are cut and glued to the surface of the bottle. Then take the next strip, create the same "loop", partially overlap it on the previous layer (so that the base does not look through) and also attach. In this way, a continuous fabric coating is created with beautiful joints (overlapping). Colors and materials combine. Then the resulting background is complemented by other decorative elements.

Decorative cage on the table Heart of roses  Flowers in a vase  Snowflakes on bottles  Candles with hearts  Bows with beads on champagne

Creating a relief

Another technique is to create a relief texture. The effect is achieved by gluing tapes or pieces of textiles onto the surface, followed by their pinching. As a result, wrinkles are formed, which most accurately imitate a thin fabric of clothing. It is necessary to glue the entire piece, not its individual parts. As a basis on the glass, attach paper or other fabric of a neutral shade.

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Bottle with a relief Castle  Couple  Panties  Candle  Fairy-tale character

Technique said

To create floral compositions, the technique of the Cossacks (Cossacks) was applied, which appeared in Japan, where girls decorated their heads with such ornaments. Many saw complex floral compositions with drooping "buds" on long threads, flaunting the high hairstyles of women in the east. The essence of the method consists in the special folding of pieces and pieces of ribbon in such a way that the sharp and rounded ends of leaves and petals are obtained.

Buketik na stolu  Bottle in the technique of the Cossacks  Flowers on the bottle  Champagne with white and gold ribbons  Bottle with a hat

The tweezers carefully collect them, and the free ends are fixed on the surface with glue. The most beautiful look elements with multi-layered flower buds. In technology, the Kazakhs collect petals and impose the same type of workpiece on each other, but of different sizes and colors. Thus, a volumetric effect is achieved. The flowers of the Cossacks are combined with azhur, beads, braid.

Champagne in multi-colored ribbons Bottle in a dress Champagne in the form of fir-trees  Hat on the bottle  Champagne in blue dress  Tinsel on the bottle

The technology is vibrant

Another gift from Japan is Shibori ribbons. Most often they are used for making jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets), but they are suitable for bottles. The ribbon is a "clipped" piece of fabric that is colored in different colors with the ombre effect. When creating a material, it is clotted and tied in knots, so that the result is a rainbow color that opens the way for the master's fantasy. Tape shibori, as a rule, paste on a fabric basis, but in the case of a bottle attached directly to the glass. It is worth noting that the material without additional decor looks at least spectacular, but boring. Tapes are always surrounded by a variety of accessories, among which prevails beads, cabochons and bugles in the tone of the main color. The composition acquires volume at the expense of folds of material and looks festively solemnly.

Bottles in Shibori technique

Suits from tapes

In the most "men's" day a non-trivial gift for a representative of the stronger sex will be a bottle of cognac, which is "dressed" in shape. Of special importance will be a similar present for a military man, a rescuer or a police officer. From satin ribbons make out a jacket, which is decorated with miniature chevrons, shoulder straps, buttons and ties with clips.

Bottles in suits made of ribbons  Dress and frock coat  Dress and waistcoat  Jacket and yellow dress  Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

The costume is created in the technique of overlaying tapes on each other. Near the neck the first white layers are formed, which mimic the collar. Then, in green, black or blue stripes (depending on the kind of troops), decorate the uniform. Some masters sew it separately from the fabric, and then simply put on the bottle. Pay particular attention to the neck and plug. They are adorned with tiny berets, caps, budgets, capes or caps. Sew the elements separately and simply attach the finished miniature headgear to the neck.

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White outfits on bottles Green dress and black vest  Cloak and dress  Ukrainian outfits  Stylish design of bottles  Russian outfits

Bottles for the wedding

The bride and groom are always given two bottles of champagne for the wedding. It is an established tradition, whose roots can not be found. At the wedding, they act as decor at the festive table. After the celebration they are hid and the first is opened after exactly one year, and the second - on the appearance of the first-born couple. As a rule, they decorate tare either in the form of a symbolic groom and a bride, or under the general theme of the wedding. The necks are decorated with doves (symbols of fidelity), rings and satin bows. The costumes of the "bottle" bride and groom try to make it look like the originals.

Making bottles for a wedding  Pillow on the table  Candle in a saucer  Wine glasses with roses  Candles with bows

Men's clothing is a black jacket or a tuxedo, with a ribbon tied with a butterfly, beads and buttons and miniature cufflinks. To imitate the bride's dresses, lace, azhur, air fabrics, tulle, and sometimes even wire crinoline are used. Bottles decorated in the wedding theme wrapped with layers of beautiful colors that combine with artificial pearls, lace stripes, beads, bows and three-dimensional colors. The neck of the "female" container is decorated with a miniature diadem with a veil, and the "men's" is worn with hats or cylinders.

Lace on glasses and a bottle  Pigeons on the postcard  Flowers on candles  Angel on the table  Bows on bottles and glasses

Interesting are compositions with candlesticks and glasses, which are decorated in the same style. Some weddings also use boutonnierees, wicker baskets or paraphernalia around young chairs in the same color scheme and with similar motifs.

Ribbons on the wine glasses Bride and groom  Wedding outfits on bottles  Green suit and white dress  Blue outfit on bottles  Newlyweds


Decor of bottles with ribbons is a popular craft among handmade style lovers. To create simple compositions, you do not have to pore over a handful of beads or perform fine work with "diamond" pebbles and tweezers. A little patience, a little inspiration and improvised materials - that's all it takes to "sample a pen" in this design direction. But later on you will become the donor of the most original gifts, which will be a pity to open.

Bottles with feathers  Champagne in costumes  Bright tapes on bottles  Wedding Champagne  Varied costumes on bottles