How to make a topiary? step-by-step instruction for

In every woman, at the instinctive level, there is a desire to give your home warmth and comfort. Fortunately, the owners, the creation of the topiary with their own hands - this is a beautiful, original and budgetary way to decorate the home.


The term "topiar" has been known since the time of Ancient Rome and means giving various interesting forms to living trees. Having gained popularity all over the world, this technique has reached our country. Typing in the search engine "topiary step-by-step photo" or "topiary with their own hands step-by-step instruction", you can see a lot of variations in the decoration of these neat miniature trees.


In the opinion of our ancestors, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, the topiary brings to the house spiritual and material well-being, luck, and also is a guardian against bad weather. Thanks to such useful qualities, it will be an excellent gift for a loved one.


Depending on the reason and purpose, it can be decorated with hearts, live or artificial flowers, coins or even sweets. This universal piece of decor perfectly complements the New Year's interior, will help prepare the house for any holiday, be it Easter or birthday.


To understand how to make a topiary, you need to decide on the materials for the job. Nowadays, there are a lot of shops specializing in the sale of handicrafts, so finding the right materials will not be difficult.


A classic decorative tree consists of several parts:

- Foundation. As a rule, the preparation of a spherical shape is taken as a basis, but everything depends only on your imagination. On the Internet, you can find many photos of the topiary of asymmetrical forms or in the form of hearts, letters and numbers.


- The leg. It can be either natural wood, wire, plastic or metal. For beauty, the leg can be wrapped in threads or ribbons, decorated with a bow or painted. Do not think that the trunk of your tree should be strictly vertical, very interesting look and options on the curved leg. Decor of the rope - photos of fashionable novelties in the interior


- Coating for the substrate. The most important part of the topiary, on which the whole composition depends. Glue the round base with edible elements, such as berries, fruits, coffee grains, grits or sweets. For greater durability, beads, sea shells, dried buds and leaves of flowers will do.


- A pot. There will be a leg in it. It is easiest to use for this purpose flower pots, but if you let the fantasy fly, you can come up with a more original stand, such as decorative cups, plates or wicker baskets. If the initial view of the pot you do not like, then you can paint it, wrap it with wrapping paper or satin ribbons.

A brigade commander

- Filler for the pot. To keep the stem steady and not collapse, the pot must be filled with earth, with mounting foam, put a sponge or foam in the inside. In order not to damage the aesthetics of your composition, you can sketch small pebbles, shells or beads from above. Again, everything depends only on the imagination of the needlewoman.


At various workshops on topiary, it is clearly seen that this art has an almost inexhaustible potential, and if you want to create your own decorative tree, you should not wait. As they say, "appetite comes with eating" and, perhaps, in the process you will learn to look in a new way at the banal things with which you can decorate the topiary.


Photos of beautiful variants of topiary with their own hands


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