Luminaires in the loft style for the trendy design of

We present you a new modern trend - lamps in the loft style. What they can be and how they can be used to create a stylish interior design - learn more!

Loft interiors are gradually but surely becoming popular all over the world. This style is defined by "male" colors, brick walls, high ceilings and bohemian decor. Bright pictures, green plants and beautiful textiles give warmth and comfort to the rough industrial design of the floor, walls, and ceilings. This contrast is always exciting and interesting, so it's no surprise that loft style today is found not only in lofts and in converted industrial premises (where it originated), but also in the most common dwellings. In addition, the distinctive elements of this style, such as wallpaper and lamps, become fashionable on their own and are used for the original decoration of houses and apartments.

What kind of luminaries can be in the loft style?

For starters, it should be noted that luminaires in loft style and luminaires for lofts are different concepts. In the lofts, luxury classical chandeliers, sconces and hanging lamps are often used, which simply look stunning against the background of brick and concrete walls. But if you buy luminaires in the style of a loft for a modern or eclectic interior, then we will talk about those models that can bring a creative loft atmosphere to your home:

  1. Industrial or industrial lamps;
  2. Chandeliers and lamps in retro styles or vintage;
  3. Stylish lamps on a long cord or in a simple glass plafond;
  4. Some modern and designer lamps in the loft style.

Let's consider each version closer with the following 35 photos of luminaires in the loft style in the design of apartments and houses.

1. Lamps in industrial or industrial style

Industrial lighting is one of the iconic decorative features of lofts, since this kind of dwelling was originally built in abandoned factory and warehouse premises. You can even say that this is typical lighting in the loft style. As a rule, these lamps are distinguished by simple, even rough design, and good functionality (rotary mechanisms, adjustable fittings etc.).

Today, industrial or industrial lamps are increasingly chosen when they want to give a twist to modern interior design. Especially interesting they look in the design of the kitchen and dining area - over the dining table or kitchen island.

Beautiful lamps in the loft style in the kitchen - living room Blue industrial lighting in the kitchen Metal hanging lamps in the loft style Wall sconces in the loft style on the photo of the interiors

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Also pendant lamps in the industrial loft style can successfully decorate your modern or minimalist bathroom, but in the living room and bedroom they are better combined with a bright eclectic decor - so as not to lose the comfort and warmth of the home environment.

Industrial lamps in the loft style in the bathroom Hanging lamps in the loft style in the interior of the bedroomAn ancient industrial lamp in the loft interior

2. Vintage and retro lights

Who kept the plain lamps and plafonds of Soviet times? You can save both money and time using old vintage and retro lights to create a loft style in your home. These antique lamps, hanging lamps and wire structures can be painted again to stand out against the backdrop of brick walls, or to remain in a shabby and rusty form to add to the intrigue of the clean and smooth surfaces of modern interior design.

Kitchen in loft style with stylish lights

Pendant lamps in the style of loft for the kitchen

Beautiful lamps in the loft style - kitchen photo Vintage lights as kitchen fixtures Chrome pendant lamps for kitchen in loft style Bright ceiling lamp in loft style and retro

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3. Lamps on a long wire and glass ceiling

Another fashion trend in 2016! Why bother at all about lighting, if some modern incandescent lamps are suitable for interior decoration? Hang some of these stylish light bulbs on long cords and voila - a stylish loft-style lamp is ready to serve you! For greater effect, the bulbs are made into transparent glass ceiling, and the cords are wrapped around various decorative designs or fixed with hooks on the ceiling.

The idea of ​​lighting in the style of loft for the kitchen The idea of ​​lighting a kitchen island in the loft style A set of suspended light bulbs for kitchen in loft style Ceiling lamp for kitchen of several lamps Brick wall and loft fixtures in the interior of the kitchen

4. Designer lamps in the loft style

Do you want wall-hung or hanging lamps in the loft style to become the main highlight of your house or apartment? Then give preference to design models, as in the following photos, or make them yourself! The first lofts served as a home for creative people and representatives of bohemia, so courage and creativity are welcome.

Geometrical design lamps in the loft style Interesting design of a lamp in the style of a loft for a bedroomDesign of crystal lamps in the loft style - photos in the kitchenWall lamps in the style of a loft of pipes with their own hands Idea for lighting kitchen in loft style with your own hands

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5. Modern design of luminaires in the loft style

A simple and concise modern design of lamps allows them to fit into almost any style of the interior. For example, large pendant lamps in the form of a hemisphere or elegant black plafonds can bring a loft-style note to the modern design of the room, but concrete and wooden lamps that can be manufactured by oneself become an ideal addition to the industrial or minimalist space.

Modern black pendant lamps in the loft style Stylish black lamps in the loft style - interior photo Apartment design in loft style with black lights Large pendant lamp in the design of the loft apartment Stylish loft lamp made of wood and metalSuspended concrete lamps for interior design in loft style

Finally, what about chandeliers in the loft style? What can it be?

As we have already said, in the lofts classical crystal chandeliers are usually used, creating an exciting contrast against the background of rough walls.

Classic chandelier in kitchen design in loft style

But chandeliers in loft style are usually made of metal, pipes and long wires. Devote them the last 5 photos in our article!

Idea for a chandelier in the loft style with your own hands Forged chandelier in loft style - photo of a beautiful living room of a private house Ancient lamps and chandeliers in a house in the loft style Stylish industrial chandelier in the loft style in the interior Loft chandelier in the design of a private house