Kitchen decor - the rules of beautiful design (75 photo

For each woman, the kitchen, cute and unusually decorated - it's like a study, where masterpieces are born, inspiration is not lost, and therefore it is worth paying special attention to what exactly is the decor of the kitchen.


Some varieties of decor should be planned at the stage of repair work, and there are varieties that are embodied in reality can be in the process of exploitation.

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Kitchen Decor Ideas

The ideas considered by us are most often embodied in reality by their skillful hands, although there is no need to create all the elements manually, because the combination of cool purchased items for decoration and crafts with their own hands with a soul, love embedded in them looks more harmonious.


Нередко как декор используют предметы, что несут некую функциональную нагрузку. Речь идет о бра. Photo of kitchen decor ниже показывают реализацию в реальность весьма интересных абажуров. Все варианты, сегодня предлагаемые, могут быть куплены в магазинах, реализующих работы хенд-мейд.


If there is a desire, then according to the master class, you can make such a lampshade with your own hands. The lampshade can be made with the usual grater - no need to make any holes for it.


What kitchen does not have a clock? Probably, there is no such kitchen, because by the hour they do not just recognize the current time, but also time to prepare a particular dish. Of course, the boring and banal hours are not in vogue. Most often choose some design models, and those models that you can diversify with your own hands.


For example, the clock, as if sticking out of the wall. For their creation, a mechanism is bought. Inside the partitions from the plasterboard are placed arrows.


Kitchen decor with own hands

Do-it-yourself decorations do not have to be useful. So, the decor of the walls in the kitchen simply fills the space, which is empty after a new repair.


Underline the individuality of the kitchen various photo ideas, compositions made with elements of kitchen utensils. All elements are beautifully placed on the panel, as a composition, replacing the tiles as decor.

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The panel in the form of wall paintings - inside it are not standard ornaments, because there are cutlery on it, that are tied with a bow, cereals and pasta that are scattered in cells of wood. A lot of master classes on the manufacture of such panels.


To decorate the kitchen decor elements, you can not do without hot glue. To make small pieces of chips, it is better to use bulk technology. The site is smeared with glue, and then groats are poured on top. After all has dried up, the surpluses are getting chilly. If the article on the wall is without glass, then it should be opened with a varnish.

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To come up with a very original kitchen decor, it is worth turning to the traditions of ancestors. Previously, it was accepted that at hand should be all the utensils, in sight, and because each housewoman was proud of the arranged kitchen boards and frying pans on the wall. This stylization is actively used in the style of country or Provence.


As the decor is often used and the composition of the plates of different colors. The compositions from the plates are used not only as a kitchen decor, but also as the decor of other rooms, but it is in the kitchen that it is original, unusual. Use for compositions as special plates, and ordinary, that can be bought in the store.


If you have a noble collection of dishes, there are nice decor elements, then they can be placed on open shelves.


To decorate the kitchen was inspiring, you should think about filling the kitchen with plants, potted flowers. If you do not like the indoor flowers, then you can use fragrant herbs.

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A very trendy trend today - words and interesting letters, made with plastic and natural wood, cloth. In this way, you can express how you see the kitchen space.

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