Luxurious finish of living rooms: trends 2015

In early March, people tend to already very passionately want to expel the remains of a gloomy winter from the environment. Therefore, in the spring always come out the brightest and cheerful collections of clothes and decor, which in the shortest time help to get rid of sadness and create a playful atmosphere around you. It is with this decor we want to introduce you in this article - meet the chic spring ideas for the living room, which are trends of 2015.

Today we will take a look at 4 main trends in the decoration of living rooms, which combine timeless design and the current fashion. Some of them will serve you well for a long time, and others will bring to the interior the bright and exciting accent necessary to accomplish the memorable events in 2015!

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Trend 1: A splash of cozy color

Gone are the days when the top of sophistication was considered a plush sofa of calm beige, cream or gray tones. If you want to buy a sofa in 2015, then try to give preference to the colorful colors that will reflect the overall style of the room.

Given that most modern living rooms are characterized by a neutral background, it's no wonder that interior designers are increasingly turning to bright sofas to create a cheerful accent in the room. The sofa in bright red, deep blue, bold green or even incendiary orange color will easily fit into almost any style of the interior.

Yellow design in the interior Green sofa and blue walls in the living roomFurniture in classical style with modern upholsteryBlue sofa and green armchairs Small chic living room with a red sofaBright blue with a pink sofa in the living room

Trend 2: Exhibition of paintings or photos on the walls

Collections of photo frames or artworks on the walls in the most surprising way turn the room into a cozy space in which one wants to be. It's good that today there are many ways to create your own "art gallery" without spending huge money on expensive collections of paintings. For example, you can use your favorite family photos (black and white or in other processing), monochrome drawings, clippings from magazines, newspapers or books etc.

If you plan to repair, then take care also to provide a colorful background for your collection of wall decor, which will help her to stand out visually.

Mirrors and pictures on the wall in the living room Black wall with paintings in the interior A small gallery of paintings on the wall in the living room Shelves with paintings within the whole wall Idea for decorating photos on the wall Botany on the walls

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Trend 3: Open book shelves

Adding a bookcase to the living room can sound like a very simple and everyday idea. However, in 2015 there is a very special fashion and if you want to be in a trend, you must choose for your living room sculptured hanging shelves built into the wall, or open shelves, installed as partitions.

Regardless of the choice that you make, the bookcase should become an organic and integral part of your living room. To do this, it is not necessary to immediately fill it with a ton of books, but rather alternate small portions of volumes and other decorative products.

Bookcase with open shelves Stylish bookshelf with window seat Stylish black shelves on the wall A bookcase built into the wall Home library at the window Bookshelf as a partition in the living room

Trend 4: Tripod Floor Lamps

And finish our fantastic four with original tripods, which excited the world of interior design at the end of 2014. A similar floor lamp can become a worthy decoration of the free angle in the living room and will set the tone for the rest of the room. Live stylishly!

Торшер тренер в интерьере Торшер штатив Living room design with tripods Trendy tripod floor lamp Beautiful floor lamps for the living room