10 unique options for kitchen arrangement in khrushchev -

Small kitchen in white color

the main problem interior of a small kitchen is the lack of space for the storage of household appliances, ceramic dishes and textiles, as well as chairs for the location of guests and countertops for cutting food.

In today's story, we will introduce you to the basic solutions for the development of this area, designed and implemented by the talented master Olga Chernenko. These unique tips will help you in your Khrushchev create a comfortable, aesthetically attractive and concise environment.

Ольга Черненко представляет собой гениального конструктора и декоратора. Она является основателем и руководителем мастерской White & Black Design, которая осуществляет разработку великолепных вариантов дизайна для различных клиентов.

Designer Olga Chernenko

1. Thoughtful planning

For a small kitchen, the linear or L-shaped design of the furniture set is very suitable. However, do not clutter the room with upper lockers, as they can visually reduce the area of ​​the apartments.

Try to equip them to the ceiling, while the oven, washing machine and refrigerator set in the headset. This solution will give you the opportunity to save space in the unusual house.

The sink and hob are located in different sides of the furniture, as a result, you will be comfortable and convenient to prepare meals. If possible, move the sink to the window opening and equip a wide sill that blends harmoniously with the table top. Under it you can install a dishwasher and washing machine, as well as drawers.

Small appliances, such as a toaster, mixer and blender, are placed in closed lockers. They will not clutter the worktop with a headset.

White kitchen with island

2. Soaring and airy kitchen

For registration choose the modern stylish furniture with laconic and simple outlines. For finishing the facades, it is better to use glossy materials. They are like mirror panels to help you visually increase the area. A socle pick up metal with reflecting ability.

Long bar in the kitchen

3. Transformable or modular set

When decorating a modest kitchen, pay close attention to the possibility of accommodating a large number of guests in this room. For the arrangement choose a multifunctional table on wheels, which can easily be moved to any corner of the apartment.

You can use it as a working surface, and at other times - move to the wall. Thus, at the table can comfortably accommodate two people in the morning, and in the evening - a large company of relatives or acquaintances.

Wooden dining table on wheels

4. Color in the interior

Many experts recommend using a monochrome palette for the decoration of modest apartments, as it allows to create a light and airy atmosphere in the space.

Bright neutral and creative accessories and ornaments with contrasting shades: yellow, black or green, will be able to dilute the neutral coloring.

For the finish of the ceiling, a white color is perfect. It will perfectly blend in with the headset.

Bright accents in the design of the kitchen

5. Flooring

Porcelain is one of the most practical building materials. If you bought multi-colored furniture for the kitchen, then for the finish of the floor, tiny, non-patterned tiles will perfectly match.

When snow-white decoration of walls, on the contrary, use a material with creative bright ornaments that can attract close attention.

Small kitchen with island

6. Promising proposal

For the decoration of small apartments, monochrome painting of walls, as well as wallpaper with a geometric pattern and pictures with a perspective are great. All these solutions can perfectly increase the space.

U-shaped kitchen with narrow countertops

7. Illumination system

Light in the decoration is of great importance. It allows not only to fill the room with radiance, but also to focus on certain functional areas - a dining table or working surface. Designers recommend choosing lamps and sconces for decoration of a place for a meal.

As the main source of illumination, install one huge chandelier and several small glass luminaires suspended at different levels. In addition, you can achieve an amazing effect using the built-in LED lighting to highlight certain areas.

Chandelier with a transparent bubble in the kitchen

8. Amazing decorations

Home decoration involves not only the formation of a fashionable and aesthetically attractive design, but also the opportunity to express your imagination.

Distract the guests from the square! Accent the interior with beautiful painting canvases and artworks, as well as other accessories - vases, ceramic dishes, trays and statuettes.

Buffet for dishes in the kitchen

9. The magic of mirrors

Reflective surfaces are an excellent way to visually enhance the decoration. Place on the wall a huge or a few small mirrors - the resulting effect will amaze your imagination. In addition, you can decorate with their help an apron, this will create a magical and magnetic atmosphere.

Mirror in the kitchen

10. Kitchen curtains - the final detail

Textiles are an important element in the decor of any room. You should not choose heavy and massive fabrics for sewing curtains, buy a light and airy tulle. It will help to form an elegant, aesthetically attractive, refined and laconic environment.

Original curtains on the kitchen window