Roller shutters: modern trends in window design for 30

When the main stages of the renovation of the dwelling are already behind, the question of decorating the room becomes one of the main roles in which window decoration plays. Roll shutters are one of the modern and quite popular types of curtains for window openings. This is a fairly simple and practical option, where, in addition to its main function, roller blinds act as a decorative item. Competently selected for a common interior, they will look pretty harmoniously and stylishly, decorating the window openings of the room or balcony. These designs are easy to handle and take care of everyday, and also take up less space than conventional curtains, which often require modern directions of interior decoration.

Roller shutters on plastic windows: description and their arrangement

Roller shutters - one of the modern designs, which is presented in the form of a dense cloth of material, able to roll up a roll with a simple mechanism with fastening above the window opening. For their production materials with a number of positive qualities are used: they do not burn out, they are not afraid of temperature changes, they do not collect dust and have antistatic properties.

The mechanism, which is equipped with roller shutters on plastic windows, is extremely simple and includes a long roller, chain, holder and mount for installation. In the process of working, the canvas unwinds or is wound on the roller with a double chain, and the lower bar is fixed to the leaf with magnets. The mechanism has two main types: an open system and a hidden one. The choice of this or that option depends on the interior of the room. In the open version, the shaft with the wound cloth is visible to the naked eye, and the hidden version assumes the presence of a box that makes such a curtain more presentable.

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Variants, when there are classical curtains and roller shutters on plastic windows (photos of such decorations can be seen in this article) will also look pretty advantageous if you correctly select the color and texture.

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Roller shutters on plastic windows: a variety of materials

In most cases, roller blinds are manufactured on a fabric basis, but other models can be found on the market. In order to navigate and make the right choice when buying, we will consider in more detail the main materials and their properties.

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Blinds for rolls: photo and main characteristics

Tissue is the most common species. The main advantage of such curtains is a wide range of colors and shades, which includes all sorts of patterns, overflows and gleams. Materials such as silk, fiberglass, nylon, polyester and other fabrics can serve as the fabric backbone. Fabric blinds roll on the windows have different levels of light transmission, depending on which, there are such categories:

  • transparent - their purpose is reduced to the decoration of the window. They are used together with full curtains and curtains;
  • dimout - used to shade rooms. They partially miss the rays of the sun, delaying the warmth;
  • blackout - completely does not let light through a multi-layer opaque fabric. This option is suitable for sleeping rooms, living rooms with home cinema, photo laboratories, in general, where complete darkness is needed;
  • "Day-night" is quite a popular option, when light penetration into the room is regulated by the displacement when the transparent and opaque transverse bands are raised or lowered on the fabric.

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All the fabric material, which is equipped with rolling shutters on plastic windows, is compulsorily processed by antibacterial and dust-repellent compositions.

roller blinds, photo 23fabric roller shutters on windows, photo 24blinds fabric roller photo, photo 25fabric roller shutters on windows, photo 26

One of the most popular trends in window design, to date, can be called the use of curtains with photo printing. At the same time, any picture that can be applied to the interior of a particular room can be applied. With the help of such veils, you can not only significantly transform the room, but also visually expand it.

Bamboo roller shutters, as an element of exotics

Using this model will help to bring a certain element of exotics into the design of the room. In the manufacture of this type of curtains are used lacquered strips of bamboo of different colors and textures, which are intertwined in a certain way. These veils let light in a limited amount, creating a rather soft light in the room. The main advantages of these structures can be called lightness, environmental friendliness, moisture resistance and strength, as well as a pleasant appearance and reliability, since a durable material is used. As far as the roller blinds can transform the room, the photo shows an example of some interiors.

It is worth noting that, thanks to increased moisture tolerance, bamboo models can be used in the bathroom, on the balcony and not in the kitchen. In living quarters, they will look in a good way in combination with wooden furniture and quiet tones of the interior. It should be taken into account that the bamboo roller shutters do not give a 100% obscuration, and if the room requires it (for example, a bedroom), they can be supplemented with more dense curtains or curtains.

In using a bamboo cloth, it is worth considering that this material is afraid of chemistry, so when cleaning, you need to abandon the use of household cleaning agents. Otherwise, it is possible to change colors in some areas and, even, deformation.

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Wooden roller shutters on windows

One of the modern trends in the design of interiors of living quarters is the use of environmentally friendly materials. In our case, as the curtains for windows, the best option will be wooden blinds roll on windows, which are made of varnished wood of different types, different in texture, variety of colors and shades, and elegant appearance. Such barriers are durable and practical horizontal systems. During the manufacturing process, their structures are covered with a layer of varnish or varnish, so they are not afraid of direct sunlight and moisture, which indicates a long life.

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Rollite - a kind of material for roller blinds

Rollout blinds have their own peculiarity, which consists in the fact that the structure is attached to the very leaf of the window. This option is advantageous in that airing the room can be carried out at any time of the day, even with the curtains lowered. Blinds have a huge variety of textures, colors and drawings. At the final stage of manufacturing, they are treated with various special compounds that repel dust and dirt, so they are not demanding in the care.

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Roller shutters on plastic windows: what better to choose for living space

As already mentioned, roll blinds are not only a curtain that protects space from excess light, but also an element of decor, with which it is necessary to reckon and correctly approach the issue of choosing a particular model. As there is already a lot of talk about materials for manufacturing - it is worth paying attention to the color palette, which is most suitable for the interior of a particular room.

When decorating curtains, it is necessary that they stand out from the overall design, so they should be darker or lighter than the decoration of the walls of the room. If the interior is decorated in bright playful colors - curtains should play along, that is, The best option will be the blinds on the rolling windows of different shades. If you need an accent on the windows, you can choose curtains and blinds of such color that it covers the entire color range, and in the case where the room is intended for relaxation - you need to stop on pastel shades.

For single-tone wall finishing, blinds with various patterns will suit, and, conversely, if the walls have a pronounced pattern - windows should be painted with monophonic curtains. Experienced designers do not recommend placing curtains, the color of which corresponds to the wallpaper.

In small rooms, it will be advantageous to look translucent blinds on roll-up windows, as they can visually expand the space, as well as curtains with a pattern of horizontal stripes.

Roller shutters: choose the color

Each color can also bring a certain mood to the interior. For example, blue and gray color bring coolness notes, and yellow tones - heat, red color - activates, pink calms, blue eliminates the negative, purple gives peace, and green pacification. Black color is classical, it looks harmoniously in the interior of any room, emphasizing other colors. For the living room, where friends and relatives gather, or the children's room, the bright yellow sunny tones, which are able to make the room warmer and more joyful, and the bedroom and the kitchen - green and its shades are the best.

To summarize, we can say that roller shutters on plastic windows, whose photos are in our catalog, have a pleasant appearance and harmoniously merge into any interior, becoming a significant part of it. Due to the variety of materials from which they are made and the color palette, it is always possible to choose the necessary model corresponding to a certain stylistic direction of the room interior, and, thus, to equip the dwelling with the greatest comfort.