Design of a small apartment with an original tiled

Design of a small open-plan apartment

The original design of a small apartment

Specialists of the Madrid studio Zooco designed the design of a small apartment of 36 m2. The space with the original geometry and a lot of interesting architectural details is ideally suited for the embodiment of an unusual idea, consisting in decorating with mosaic tiles almost all surfaces in the interior.

The authors of the project set a goal to evade the standards, to present typical for any dwelling zone in an unusual form and at the same time to improve the functionality of the premises.

The alternation of protrusions and niches gives dynamism to space, creating conditions for the most effective use of each centimeter of the area. The scheme is extremely simple: a filled perimeter and an empty center form a comfortable living environment.

Zoning in the design of a small apartment

Each wall is endowed with a number of functions corresponding to the purpose of the zone of a nearby zone. Vertical surfaces are actively involved in meeting the daily needs of apartment tenants.

So, the structure of the apartments includes: a recreation area, formed by a wall, behind which there is a bedroom; bathroom adjoining the external wall; comfortable kitchen and dining room; and finally a "green" corner imitating a patio or terrace.

Design of a dining room in a small apartment

Developers of the project suggest to perceive this apartment as a set of necessary in daily life zones and spaces. The concept of design, for all its originality, puts the practicality and comfort of the inhabitants in the first place. Glass mosaic tiles covering most of the surfaces are made by special order of the local company Hisbalit.

The intention of designers was to create a unique and unique space with the use of exclusive materials: light wood for finishing the floor, and mirrored panels - for the ceiling lining.

Kitchen design in a small apartment Interior design of a small apartment Small living room Plants in the design of a small apartment

It seems to us that the ideas proposed by Spanish specialists should interest many owners of small apartments. Do you agree with this?