Small space: how to visually enlarge a room?

Compact furniture and visual tricks, given in this article, will help you visually increase the interior of any room in the house. You will learn how to save space, visually expand the area, raise ceilings and make a small room as bright and bright as possible. We bring to your attention 7 secrets how to visually enlarge the room!

1. How to save space in a small room: smart furniture

When buying furniture for a small room, you can save a lot of space by choosing a smaller depth of cabinets (especially for the kitchen, bathroom and hallway), narrow armrests and thin legs. The latter will not only visually increase the room, but also simplify the cleaning process, while furniture without legs will look much more massive and accumulate dust.

How to visually enlarge a room with compact furniture

Another thing - multifunctional furniture and transformers:

  1. Sliding or folding table, which can be expanded when visiting guests. Just stock up additional folding chairs that can be hidden off the wall or in the closet. Choose a model of the table on wheels to make it easier to move.
  2. Bar counter, which can also act as a narrow dining table, kitchen island, window sill or even a partition between the kitchen and the living room.
  3. Sofa with a lifting mechanism and a place for storing things. It is convenient to hide bed linens, bedspreads and various old things. Armrests can be equipped with additional shelves for decor and accessories.
  4. A folding bed-wardrobe that solves the problem of decorating small one- or two-bedroom apartments along with a bed attic.
  5. Bancettes and ottomans with a hinged lid and cavity inside.

How to visually enlarge a room with the right furniture The best ideas how to visually enlarge a small room How to increase space in a room - furniture transformer

Finally, the built-in and corner furniture allow maximum use of the available space. Angular hallways, a reading chair in the living room, a built-in wardrobe above the head of the bed and similar solutions will make the interior of the home more comfortable and interesting.

How to increase space in a small room: built-in furniture How to decorate the interior of a small room - photo of the living room

2. Obfuscation: transparent and mirror interior objects

Transparent acrylic and glass tables and chairs serve their purpose, but remain visually invisible. Cabinets with transparent doors visually make the interior more, especially in combination with the interior lighting of the shelves.

How to visually enlarge a small room: transparent acrylic furniture The best ways to make a small room visually more How to increase space in a small room - photo of the living room Transparent interior items or how to make a room visually more

If we talk about adding depth to space, then mirrors can be very effective. How to visually enlarge a room with mirrors? Place the full-length mirror in the hallway or a small dressing room, use cupboards with mirrored doors or optionally add a mirror to the wall, adding it with beautiful lamps on the sides to enhance the effect.

How to visually expand the space in the bathroom How to increase space in a small room with mirrors Mirrors in the interior - how to visually enlarge a small room How to visually enlarge a room - a photo of a bedroom with a mirror

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3. How to visually expand a room: horizontal lines

Choose a wallpaper with horizontal lines or wall-cover with wooden boards to visually expand the narrow room. The striped path will play the same role in the hallway or corridor. In general, in small rooms it is better to abandon the use of carpets, as they visually break the space and make it already.

How to visually expand a room with horizontal stripes How to visually expand the space with wallpaper for walls How to enlarge and visually expand a room How to save space in a small room and make it wider

4. Increase the space with lighting

The lighting of every dark corner and the rejection of massive pendant lights are another way to visually enlarge a small room. Use oversized ceiling lights, floor lamps behind the sofa and armchairs, sconces over desks, built-in point lights and led lights that will not steal your space.

How to increase room with correct lighting How to visually enlarge the room - photo of the living room What light will make the room visually more

5. What color expands the space of the room: choose wallpapers for walls

Which wall color is best for a small room? And how to visually increase the room with wallpaper? We offer several ideas with photos!

For a free and fresh atmosphere choose light, natural and pastel shades of beige, gray, green and blue tones. A perfect choice will be the trendy olive and mint tones. Combine them with white and different textures, which will make the design more expressive. Note that wallpaper for walls is better to choose with medium and large, but not small patterns that can make a small room look crowded.

How can I visually zoom the room using wallpaperWhat color expands the room space - photos of ideas and examplesLight blue color of the walls in a small room

A good option is to decorate walls and furniture in one color. The interior will look holistic and spacious, and colorful accents can be introduced with vases, indoor plants, sofa cushions and other accessories.

Color of walls and furniture in a small room - a selection of ideas with a photo How to enlarge a room using wallpaper

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6. How to raise the ceilings and make the room visually higher

High shelves, shelving and cabinets to the ceiling will help you make the most of the space, and also make it visually higher. As the horizontal stripes expand the room, so the vertical accents help to "raise" the ceiling. Therefore, instead of one wide cabinet in the living room, it is better to put two narrow, but high. Two tall showcases for decor, kitchen cabinets under the ceiling and shelves with open shelves are also suitable for this role.

How to make a small room visually higher How to increase space in a small room How to increase the space in the kitchen How to visually make a room higherHow to enlarge a small room and make it higher

7. How to visually enlarge a room with curtains

A small room needs good natural light. Therefore, the curtains here should emphasize the windows, leaving them open. For this purpose, the usual long curtains, which can make a room higher if they are decorated in bright colors (like vertical stripes), are good. On the other hand, for a small room you can safely choose curtains for wallpaper, stripes and transparent tulles of simple cut. From the fluffy French curtains will be better to refuse, as well as from any decor on the windowsills.

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How to visually enlarge a room with curtains Beige walls and curtains in a small roomHow to visually make the room wider - striped curtains in the interior How to visually expand a narrow room with curtains

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